COVID cases continue to climb

LIHU‘E —The Kaua‘i District Health Office Saturday reported two new positive cases of COVID-19. The current number of active cases now stands at 7 as several individuals were recently released from isolation. The cumulative total of cases to date is 40.

Both new cases are residents, one adult and one child. They are unrelated to each other and have no known connection to the recent outbreak on Kaua‘i.

The state Department of Health (DOH) continues to gather more information, but at least one case appears to be travel related.

Both cases are in isolation and contact investigations are ongoing. Close contacts will be identified and notified directly by DOH personnel and offered a test. Updates on new positive cases will be announced as they are confirmed.

As a reminder, officials urge the public to refrain from large gatherings with people outside of your immediate household. If you must go out, wear a mask, keep your physical distance from others, and stay outdoors as much as possible.

  1. nobody July 5, 2020 7:55 am Reply

    Enjoy Kauai for the moment. Almost Covid free. Huge July 4th parties with strangers and no masks or social distancing.
    As soon as we spike I hope Derek has the sense to require masks, close bars and reimpose the 9 pm curfew. Hopefully that will be enough to keep our heads above the water.

  2. CoVid lab July 5, 2020 9:48 pm Reply

    Know nothing about the virus so fear it, fear it big !

    Know nothing about the vaccine, love it, crave it, get 2, get an injection in each arm, just to be sure of what you do not know anything about, the vaccine, knowing nothing except for your blind Faith in the media.

    The Virus Is a virus, fear it out of media hype and crowd frenzy, vs. the Vaccine, which is a virus disease, love it out of media hype and crowd control.

    On the other hand Know Scientifically that our Natural internal virus Response comes with, or really causes, our body’s own immune response, and the byproduct of which is a welcome side effect, which is immunity to the virus that can last for a lifetime. Our bodies are capable of and are naturally genetically coded to, and along with our nervous system, to coordinate the production of a lifetime of antibodies against the virus.

    On the other hand the coming vaccine is a synthetic, possibly, maybe probably made from oil, that is, carcinogenic petrochemicals, that are as near as possible a lab created and duplicated disease of the real virus, which in this case investigations claim the Covid19 virus may also be a synthetic laboratory man made Virus. This CoVid19 virus is alleged by some doctors to be of sinister origins claimed to have started its CoVid19 virus development in an east Coast US Military Base virus lab, and taken to Wuhan, China, to complete the process and then was released internationally, bringing on the pandemic (worldwide) that we are confronted with now. Further allegations are that our own tax dollars paid for the final development of the virus in China, genetically modified and potentIzed with Eboli, MERS, and SARS viruses. Sounds like an independent investigation needs to clarify these allegations.

    Vaccine Exposure, by injection or any other body entrance otherwise, provides some immunity but only Immunity to the vaccine Itself; and no immunity to the actual CoVid 19 virus itself. The vaccine is a disease they will inject into you for $Trillions of dollars in patent Ownership profits as it becomes the new annual flu shot.

    The vaccine is not only a waste of time but an additional burden on your immune system, lowering ones defense capability against the actual pandemic virus. From what we hear from so-called experts, we are being told incorrect information if not downright lied to.

    People need the virus exposure to develop their own natural immunity, these recent days of people swarming the beaches and holiday gatherings is expecting spike in Covid19 cases, it remains to be seen if there is to be associated elderly deaths. It’s OK to get the virus, as it has been to get other virus infections over the past millennia and more. Even the (some) other vertebrates get Infected by viruses and rely on their own God given immune systems to “squash” the viruses and let those animals live normally.

    We can assume there is plenty of End of Life diseases and prescription drugs to go around with the elderly because we know 80% of Americans are on 1 or more prescription drugs per day, and 55% take 4 or more prescription drugs a day. That makes for a sick nation seeking Health but instead being sold prescription drugs Instead, drugs that only manage ones accumulative and continuing End of Life diseases, and do not restore health or wellness, however providing less signs and symptoms of disease but allowing the End of Life diseases to rage on internally.

    One Pharmaceutical company claims that they already have 1 Billion dosages brewing in their “disease cauldron” in the lab, waiting for you and your left arm.

    Why left arm? So if you get a bad reaction, that is a rejection of the disease injection, it won’t ruin your right arm and your writing and working hand, since over 90% of us are right handed.

    You fear the virus, but you ignorantly welcome the disease carrying vaccine? You can’t fix stupid !

    Vaccines are also claimed and alleged to cause severe lifetime diseases in infants and children. While there is wide denial, the coincidence of vaccines followed by just autism cases alone is cause for concern.

    While about 99% of those who become infected with the CoVid19 virus have zero to mild symptoms, or need only bed rest, sadly some micro amount of people, compared to total people infected, end up dying, something all people eventually do. Statistics show 0.00002% of people die worldwide, about the same Amount who die with the regular seasonal flu each year. These are predominantly elderly people with multiple end of life Diseases and multiple toxic prescription drugs.

    The individual Common chronic degenerative diseases kill millions annually in America alone, yet no one is shutting down our economy for those regular untimely deaths, why does CoVid19 enjoy special treatment.

    When you are elderly living an extra few years is a wonderful and valuable time in life especially if you are active and have a semblance of being healthy, amd communicative.

    So why the big deal over the new, perhaps manmade, CoVid19 virus ? Because there’s gonna be a change of ownership, of the Patents, associated with the now 100 or so vaccines being developed right now, vying for first place for public use.

    The Vaccine’s new ownership patents are worth $Trillions of dollars with billions of dosages as the new annual flu shot, until the fake scientists make new patented competitive viruses to privately own and sell every year. Soon you will have several vaccines to choose from each year. That’s Capitalism for you. Do what you want so long as you make money, large money.

    But to die before your natural time to die, even from or when you have the virus, requires being qualified to die.

    Statistics clearly indicate that the qualifications for seniors to die they first need to have 1, or usually more than 1, pre-existing conditions, a polite way of saying, Chronic Degenerative Diseases, which is also a polite way of saying End of Life Diseases; and which are in almost all cases being treated by a cocktail mixture of End of Life Prescription Drugs. Usually there are 2 or more prescription drugs for each End of Life diseases. People with just 4 End of Life diseases, often are tasking 8 to 12 End of Life prescription drugs.

    Why 2 or more drugs for each disease ? Because each drug has at least 2 side effects. The first side effect is the one that makes you falsely think you are getting well. Like blood pressure medicine. The toxic effect of the drug forces your blood pressure, and numbers, down.

    But the secondary long term side effects of the Blood Pressure drugs, causes other diseases in your body due to the lowered blood pressure, and lowered blood flow, caused by the drugs’ toxicity.

    Less blood flow equals less oxygen and nutrients delivered to your body’s organs and that loss causes accelerated degeneration to your organs. So you need a 2nd drug to treat the new secondary diseases caused by the drug’s latent secondary side effects, and so on and so forth with more drug complications.

    The use of both the prescription drugs and the secondary diseases are already an enormous burden on the immune system, and so the addition of the virus tips the scale towards death. Keep in mind though that 99% of the “Straw that broke the camel’s back” are the pre-existing diseases and drugs, the virus, by analogy being only 1 seat in the over loaded plane that falls out of the sky.

    Well hold on, we know the where from and the why of the prescription drugs, but what about the End of Life diseases?

    End of Life diseases are caused by the accumulation of ones Life Style abuse, mostly in the categories of diet and other bodily insult intake such as 1.) day to day same foods, 2.) alcohol, 3.) tobacco, 4.) street drugs, and 5.) Prescription drugs.

    The latter 4 are easy to identify, but apparently difficult to refuse, by the weakness of ones habits.

    But #1, The FOODS, without education, that is, knowing which foods burden the body and/or immune system, and which foods bring nutrition to the body, are hard to decipher without reading the labels or observing them at face value, and having an education about same.

    Animal flesh, especially with greasy white fat content, animals being drug fed or injected, whether from factory farms in pools or warehouses, are known to accumulate their deadly effects over many decades of your life until the prescription drugs that have been waiting for you, are now in your one hand, the other with a glass of water to wash them down. Yes it takes a few initial life decades of putting garbage foods into your body as Phase I, accumulating negative disease effects accumulating towards End of Life diseases.

    Phase II of End of Life diseases, comes usually after 3 or more additional decades of eating junk, etc., when you develop symptoms or medical signs that are found on annual check ups, check ups intended to finally start you out on the End of Life prescription drugs you will be encouraged to take for the rest of your life, as if you were born incapable of living a natural life on earth without chemical drugs, drugs that “mask” your symptoms but do not restore you to normal or well, or healthy.

    A few more decades of Personal Lifestyle abuse, about ages 60 to 70, and you are fully Into End of Life diseases and End of Life prescription drugs.

    So when a mosquito comes along and bites you on the arm and you die, the mosquito (or in this case the virus) is blamed for your death, when in fact your body is already well saturated with End of Life diseases and End of Life prescription drugs.

    Sort of like seeing an old dead horse on the side of the road and it is covered in flies, and the veterinarian says the flies killed the horse. Some scientists just aren’t all that scientific. More lIke Sci-Fi.

    Our Supermarkets have become Snack Bars on most shelves in most aisles in every store. Synthetic food really, filled with chemicals, carcinogenic petrochemicals, numerous sugars, fake colors, flavors, aromas , preservatives, and corporate farm pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides, some proven to be cancer causing while others waiting to be proven to be same.

    These snack foods burden the immune system and render the immune system and excretory systems too busy or overwhelmed with the daily what’s called antigenic garbage food, and one cannot readily nullify the virus once infected because ones immune system, etc., is already overwhelmed by toxic foods, and one loses their life from the accumulation of End of Life diseases and End of Life prescription drugs, while the virus just may be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    If no virus available, then the accumulation of the End of Life diseases and the End of Life prescription drugs finish the job anyway with the final loss of ones life.

    And just when you thought a food was nutritious, when you read the labels you find it has many of the same ingredients as the snacks, ingredients that also accumulate into causing End of Life diseases and if medically treated result in End of Life prescription drugs.

    What can you do to avoid the accumulation of the End of Life diseases; and have the immune system, etc., strength to nullify any invasive virus like CoVid19?

    You need to: PAY ATTENTION !

    For some perhaps, the eureka of the experience of this “new” virus, and the new knowledge from various sources may stun some people into changing their slow accumulative degenerative life style, and allow them greater Health, Wellness, and Active Life Longevity, as well as a natural immunity from the natural exposure to the viruses. Following the natural path has shown to provide greater experience of health for many.

    Any Questions ?

  3. Reassurring July 6, 2020 4:04 am Reply

    It’s certainly reassuring that 33 out of 40 CoVid19 cases apparently have had no complications and Are over the flu, as it should be.

    The upside is that they will now have natural immunity, and further proof there is no need for fear of the virus.

    Let’s hope the remaining 7 recent cases have the same natural outcome to further confirm, NO NEED FEAR OF THE VIRUS.

    AGAIN Mahalo to Michele Dilbeck for her recent great article and explain of No Need Fear the Virus.

  4. jay July 6, 2020 4:38 am Reply

    Address the elephant in the room… these clusters started almost two weeks to the day after the recent protests in Lihue (which the mayor attended).. yet, more than a week has past since the family cluster was discovered, and DOH is “still investigating”, oh they know exactly how it happened, but it’s not politically correct to say, and the mayor having been at (and supported) the protest doesn’t want the information coming out..

    Wake up people, if the science is motivated by politics, how much of the science can we really trust?

    1. bird July 6, 2020 12:10 pm Reply

      How much can we trust some random dude on the internet?

    2. nope July 6, 2020 8:23 pm Reply

      wrong. the clusters originated from memorial day weekend at koloa landing resort.

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