Letters for Saturday, May 16, 2020

Science, when it’s convenient

We’ve come to respond to the COVID-19 virus advice, BACKED BY SCIENCE. Why now?

Science is the basis of our global-warming discussions. Science is the basis for the many efficiencies toward sustainability. Solar power and water heating are just the beginning.

Why not apply science across the gamut of our decision-making? County, state and national government efficiencies could certainly be improved.

Note, Information Management (IM) is different from Information Technology (IT). IM is the info and IT is the delivery system. Information Management is the information routinely recorded, accessed by various users, and available for analysis and presentation. What is measured can be managed.

At the county level, the existing Geographic Information System (GIS) can integrate several databases that haven’t been integrated into the Kauai IM System. That information is technically “siloed” for use by only one department. Our systems don’t talk.

The Hawai‘i State Information Management system has been needing an update for the last 20+ years. Labor Department performance has been less than stellar. The Tax Office is trying to improve.

At ALL levels, voter apportionment has been abused since any of us can remember. That GIS system previously mentioned could be programmed with parameters establishing balanced voting districts. These parameters could include population size and contiguity per district. What would not be included would be racial bias or income disparity. The district would not look like the convoluted dragons existing on this election’s districting maps.

Like adding numbers, science can work for all of us.

Mike Curtis, Koloa

Willing to volunteer to help island’s addiction woes


I work for an international foundation in the area of addiction.

Over the last 20 years I have been coming to and now living on Kaua‘i. I have been quite concerned about the lack of social welfare and educational programs about addiction here on the island.

I think the article is correct in disclosing that the causes for the suicides are pre-virus conditions that have been exasperated by the virus. I believe our mayor has done an exceptional job of keeping us safe through theses uncertain times.

When the quarantines began here on island there was an immediate outbreak of domestic violence, sexual abuse and drug and alcohol abuse. I reached out to the mayor’s office and several other agencies trying to express concerns about the problems and the lack of long-term, sustainable programs.

I work in East Africa where there is little or no infrastructure for addiction. I work as a facilitator through local governments, community centers, mosques, synagogues, temples, churches and tribal leaders to help create specialized, long-term, sustainable programs for recovery. There are amazing solutions out there. If I can help in any way, please let me know.

All of my work is volunteer.

Best regards.

Craig Chenoweth, Kekaha, cschenoweth9@gmail.com


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