Caught on video, NYPD social distancing patrols turn violent

In this April 29, 2020 image made from video provided by Adegoke Atunbi, a New York City Police Officer in plain clothes wrestles a man to the ground while making an arrest in the Brooklyn borough of New York. The video is among those posted on social media recently that show the NYPD using physical force while out enforcing the city’s 6-foot-of-distance social distance rule. Despite mounting pressure from watchdogs to stop using police to enforce social distancing, Mayor Bill de Blasio stood by the practice on Thursday, saying: “We’re not going to sideline the NYPD.” (Adegoke Atunbi via AP)

NEW YORK — One newly surfaced video of social distancing enforcement gone wrong in New York City shows a police officer running at a black man and throwing him to the ground for mouthing off. Another shows an officer punching a man in the head as he lay pinned to a sidewalk, unable to fight back.