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    Governor David Ige

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    County Councilmember Felicia Cowden

LIHUE — Mixed feelings abound as Kaua‘i residents mull over the newest extension of the statewide stay-at-home order through May 31, handed down by Gov. David Ige last week.

The governor has also opened up the beaches and parks for exercising again, but social-distancing and other COVID-19-related rules are still in place.

“This was not an easy decision,” Ige said in a press release about the stay-at-home extension.

“I know this has been difficult for everyone. Businesses need to reopen. People want to end this self-isolation and we want to return to normal. But this virus is potentially deadly, especially for the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. Thanks to our residents, we are flattening the curve, saving lives, and avoiding a resurgence of this virus by not reopening prematurely.”

Residents may leave their homes only for essential needs, which includes medical care, purchasing groceries, taking care of kupuna, and picking up educational materials for students and outside exercising.

Casey Quel Fitchett of Hanama‘ulu agrees with the extended stay-at-home order, saying Tuesday that it’s a good move now that Hawai‘i is “flattening the curve.”

“It makes sense to continue the quarantine,” said Quel Fitchett. “I think opening up businesses should be considered as long as they have safety procedures like the grocery stores. He (Ige) also needs to help the unemployment office fix their online issues.”

County Councilmember Felicia Cowden of Kilauea said her policy choice would be for Kaua‘i to have the month of May in careful “lock-out” of outsiders rather than economic and community lock-down.

“We can rebuild and strengthen our local economy. This has long been needed. This gives us another month to see positive national and global movements of treating patients successfully and more antibodies testing happening in order to gain a stronger understanding of the lethality of the virus, “ said Cowden, emphasizing any person choosing to observe the stay-at-home precautions to protect themselves or their household’s vulnerability could continue on the financial assistance and excuses from work that have been promised.

“If June arrives with no new Kaua‘i cases and an evident management team controlling the virus, we can begin a careful process of opening our doors,” said Cowden.

While some are content with the extended order, others like Tricia Maneja of Kapa‘a are getting antsy, and don’t see a valid reason to continue the stay-at-home orders.

“People on Kaua‘i are getting frustrated on the extending stay-at-home order until May 31,” said Maneja. “They wanna go back to work and enjoy the outside life.”

Micah Hee of Kapa‘a said Tuesday that he is feeling a bit depressed.

“I feel trapped. I would rather have freedom and play softball at the parks,” said Hee.

With flights still coming into Hawai‘i, there are some who agree with Cowden on concerns that the stay-at-home order is not enough to keep the community safe.

Mel Rapozo, county investigator and former council chair, said that’s the bigger concern. If flights to Hawai‘i resume on May 1, he said Kaua‘i could be involved in a game of “Russian roulette, unless we force these visitors to be quarantined in a supervised facility.”

According to the Hawaii COVID-19 Joint information Center’s latest information, people are still coming to Hawai‘i. Just on Monday, 500 people arrived in the state on a total of 11 flights, including 149 visitors.


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  1. Stupid Island April 29, 2020 2:25 am Reply

    Kauai isn’t Seattle or San Francisco. Losing my vote.

  2. Charlie Chimknee April 29, 2020 3:56 am Reply

    Extending the Stay At Home and Business Closures:

    Extending the Stay at Home, and Business Closures

    1.) is a knee jerk response based on FEAR, and FEAR only, really it’s ignorance of the science and understanding of the Immune System.

    2.) Understanding the Immune System is to promote Health via individual IMMUNITY, which is a.) immune contact, or exposure, also called infection or invasion of the virus cells b.) This infection or invasion is naturally followed by the Immune Response of matching the proper immune defensive cells with the particular invasive virus cells, Resulting in the elimination of the virus cells and c.) the on going replication and multiplicaron of those correctly matched immune defensive cells with the particular invasive virus cells to the point where we have waiting and ready for a new or return virus invasive event (like next year) wherein we each of us will have, billions if not trillions of the correct defensive immune cells ready to pounce on the retuning invasive same virus cells, and that is called full on IMMUNITY, and that IMMUNITY is usually good for,the rest of your life.

    And this allows you to be invaded by the virus next year after year and have no symptoms or milf symptoms because your immune system will be opitimally,functioning.

    Unless of course you are, sadly, and ignorantly (un-knowledgeable) enough to be sold the vaccine, by the Vaccine Pusher, which does not protect you from the actual invasive virus and may only partially protect you from the vaccine itself, which is, a direct injection of the vaccine and it’s poison chemicals into your body and blood stream.

    Whereas your own Natural Immunity you get from your natural Immune Response that your Immune System automatically performs as its job description dictates, and is coordinated by your Nervous System, your own remaining left over immune defensive cells that your immune system replicated and multiplied by the billions, if not trillions, of your defensive cells, and matched them up with the very particular, not just any, but Each of the particular invaded virus cell strain…all of which IS your Immunity to, in this case, CoVid-19 Virus.

    The added danger, despite the Billions of dollars of profit generated, by the vaccine, is that the vaccine has several toxins as ingredients; a few of which are mercury and formaldehyde.

    Mercury is a Heavy Metal and Can stay in your body up to a lifetime, In order to keep the vaccine poison in your body for a long time but only artificially, not naturally like your ñ Immune System is able to,do without poisons.

    And the Formaldhyde is another foreign Chemical Agent in the vaccine that is used to embalm dead bodies, except yours is a live body, and you,want to keep it that way.

    Your own Immune System makes your own natural “vaccine” so to speak., it’s called Natural immunity.

    And like Mother Nature, God’s own personal,representative on Earth, you can rely on, indeed, and very much need your own Natural,.immunity, that has always stood the test of time…just like the Lifetime Immunity you should Still have to Measles, Mumps, amd Chlcken Pox.

    Everyone needs immunity, and statistics show that only the very old and those who also have pre-existing chronic diseases like Heart and Vascular (stroke), Cancer, Diabetes, Ohesity, Alzheimer’s, and all the rest, further complicated by and make for Higher Risk, those who rely on several medications for those diseases and more medications for the initial drug side effects.

    Those patients known by their doctors And hospitals to be elderly and on multiple medications should be quarantined and isolated, and very much to be made well MD get off of those prescription drugs.

    The downside of medical care is their reliance on prescription drugs for every treatment, which are toxic by their very chemical makeup, and all produce long term more side effects, requiring more prescription drugs, putting people r even higher risk.

    Drugs and even chemicals in foods, burden the immune system and reduce its optimal function.

    Prescription drugs do not get people well they only lower the signs and symptoms of disease, leading people to ignorantly and foolishly think they are well or getting well.

    Isolate the seniors and the already Sick, isolate them well, protect and well nourish them, especially Kupuna living alone, and don’t sacrifice the vast majority of people by shutting businesses and keeping them unemployed and out of work.

    Stop continuing the Destruction to our Economy, it just may not come back.Already many closed businesses will not be coming back, lost jobs, lost taxes, eventually less wages for all even for government workers, and lay offs.

    Protect the elderly and employ the rest.

    We need visitors to come and support our visitor industry which extends to all residents.

    And don’t have FEAR visitors, they have been bringing to our every year, month, week, and day, many virus and bacteria and we develop HERD IMMUNITY with our contacts with them. Their bacteria and virus absolutely strengthen out Immune Systems.We need them now, and all but the elderly and sick already, will exercise their Immune Respnse being having No Symptoms,Mild Symptoms, or some Bedrest. The reward of our contact with visitors is the strengthingnofmour immune systems.

    We have been undergoing immune system response to visitors’ sicknesses since tourism began and there has been no need for quarantine ourselves nor shutting down our businesses.

    This isn’t Gov. Ige’s first big mistakeñ, he did fail us on the Missile Alert, amd now he is destroying us with these very bad decisions he is making. And our poor Lt. Governor doctor looks like he is working himself to death, he down need to be working so hard on this.

    Protect the few elderly and the very sick. And know too that the elderly are dying not only because they are elderly but because they also happen to be sick with multiple diseases and the prescription drugs they take, and medical errors, the virus is not killing them so much as they’re old and sick enough to die on their own as hundreds of thousands do every day. People are not necessarily dying OF THE VIRUS, BUT DYING COINCIDENTALLY WITH THE VIRUS.

    Already allegations are surfacing about well known individuals involved In a profit push for unsafe vaccines not safety tested by the rules, but by a rush job before the virus goes away on its own.

    Don’t be fooled by the vaccine pushers, they just want greater incomes than yours, and a false sense of pride of thinking they are helping. They ARE helping 80% of Americans to be on one or more prescription drugs per day…that’s a genuine sick nation…now they are gonna add another prescription VACCIME…?

    Be Well, not drugged…!

    1. kauaidoug April 30, 2020 7:31 am Reply

      Tell that to the 61000 dead who were alive a month ago!

  3. David Mecham April 29, 2020 4:07 am Reply

    No new cases in over two weeks, when can we start opening our local economy? Isolate the island, from the virus, but let our local citizens thrive. Many locally owned business are being bankrupt especially with federal assistance going to big business instead of intended recipients.

  4. rk669 April 29, 2020 5:30 am Reply

    Read it and Weep! McConnell will not Bail Out Mismanaged States! PERIOD! You are on your own with Previous Debts!
    Let citizens get back to Normal way of life! See you in Court?

  5. Major Lee Hung April 29, 2020 5:33 am Reply

    It’s almost enjoyable watching this mess happen. The governor and mayor are so worried about this ” deadly disease” however it appears they are ok with over 2 million who die annually from the top 10 disease in the US.
    I suspect antibody testing will reveal that many more have been infected and the fatality rate is much lower than 3.5 to 5%- as has been indicated by a few studies already. Soon everyone will be worried about how they climb out of the financial hole they have been put in and perhaps some tax increases as well.

  6. Joe Public April 29, 2020 8:22 am Reply

    I like how some people speak for “The people of Kauai”, how can she say that when I have never heard of her before? I feel it is always better to side with caution, rather then take the risk, especially with this virus, even one life is too many.

    As for opening up Kauai for tourist again, don’t think we are at that point yet with the infection rate/death rate around the world.

  7. Chris F April 29, 2020 8:51 am Reply

    Self isolation or quarantine is for the sick only. You don’t isolation the healthy. Governments all around the world are doing this? Who else is doing this? You have local to state, regional to national. Locally, your mayor who, is reading off a paper that is not his’. You have a governor who, is reading off a paper that is not his’. You have the CDC members who have been penalized for false medical number. You have fake wrestling Trump who people hate or love and really Democrats and Republicans, (political world leaders too) are one big sleep over and you’re not invited. Than you have the the UN…..the head guy for child abuse in the un was jailed for children trafficking….Bill Gates is no different in evil that he has for his mastermind part of this lucifer new world order.

    And you have Hollywood brainwashing people to obeying totalitarian kamikaze de population sycophantic man made unethical rules.

    1. Peter April 29, 2020 3:53 pm Reply

      14 day quarantine / self isolation is a needed safety step, especially for supposedly healthy asymptotic people who arrive from the mainland. Since you can transmit the virus even if you feel “healthy” but you might find out you actually have the virus.

  8. Roy Skinner April 29, 2020 9:32 am Reply

    Continuing the lockdown for Kauai is just ridiculous! We can continue the quarantine for arrivals but since no new cases have been see on Kauai for weeks and noone in the hospital, WHAT IS THE POINT? Politics: mayor and governor wanting to look like they are doing something? Take a look at other state’s governors………We have not received a penny unemployment or federal help , not one. Maybe the county and state people in power should forego their salaries while the rest of us are suffering

  9. Ryan Kent April 29, 2020 3:58 pm Reply

    There is NO reason our local economy can’t open back up here on Kaua’i! Local businesses are suffering(mine included). At least let us get back to Kama’aina with everyone on island. There is not a statistically significant difference from covid and influenza A & B in mortality rate! So sick of the skewed numbers! Let the Kapuna and vulnerable stay home and “isolate”. Let everyone else’s immune systems work!!! Your making our immunities defenseless by staying home and wiping down the house with disinfectants weeks on end.

  10. Uncleaina April 29, 2020 7:50 pm Reply

    I guess you guys trust our government officials to keep us safe – me, not so much. And to the people acting like this is nothing more than the flu – I would ask them, how is this in any way SIMILIAR to the flu? I can get a flu vaccine every year at Safeway – and over 150,000,000 people DO get a flu vaccine. So that’s NOT similar. And in 12 months we have between 20K and 60K months deaths from flu without any type of social distancing, masks -none of it. And yet as I write this over 60,000 have died already in just 2 months from COVID despite the most extreme measures ever taken in our country. Is that similar? No. Listen, if you want to be absolutely blind to obvious fact, no one can stop you. But it’s tiresome and sad to hear how many of you believe this trash.

  11. Charlie Chimknee April 29, 2020 8:58 pm Reply

    Continual wipe down of surfaces with any disinfectant kills many bacteria and virus, but 10 % of the microbes survive and mutate into Super Bugs like in the Hospitals. Now you got microbes that you cannot kill, and your immune system becomes overwhelmed. Now you are the loser from bad advice.

    We thought doctors were not stupid but with their advice, how come so may graduated at the bottom of their class.?

    Same with washing your hands. You only serve to strengthen the microbes against your immune system.

    Get sun on your body every day because your immune system needs plenty Vitamin “D” to function optimally So that when you get infected by the virus you won’t even feel it.

    It’s enormously healthier to drink lots of water, but by God not from plastic, so the water immediately becomes part of the “delivery” System of your immune system’s defensive cells. And after the immune system sacks and destroys the virus, the water Then serves to excrete those virus toxins from your Body, because you don’t want A bunch of dead virus cells floating around your brain, do ya…? Of course not, so drink lots water and excrete them.

    If you are low on water, you don’t want the broke down virus stuck in your… you know what…!

  12. Charlie Chimknee April 29, 2020 9:19 pm Reply

    You know prescription drugs are not the only boat in the ocean. So when you feel the seasonal flu or cold or any virus or flu coming on just take some of the natural safe products That have no ill side effects, and for most people by following the directions, by the next morning or afternoon, the flu or cold that was coming on is gone and you are on your way to work or play or continuing that important trip you are on.

    We always keep some in the fridge, and always take it with us when we travel.

    Many people use this as it is just sold over the counter at the Health food stores.

    Naturopathic Physicians and Chiropractors often recommend it. There may be others Natural products that work similar. We saw at the health food store in Kapaa that they got in a new shipment.

    The name is simply “WELLNESS FORMULA” in a bottle, there are 2 sizes, has blue Color on the Label, follow the instructions, it just may save you from having to deal with a full bout of the flu that is going around.

    This way you will follow Mother Nature’s Natural Path.

    Has worked for our family several times over the years including some family and friends who live in other parts of the island it has worked for recently.

    Of course you won’t get your name on the survivor list. But who cares you don’t have to deal with that crappy flu feeling for days, you’ll be top shape after the product works with your immune system and you get a good night’s rest for work or play the next day.

  13. WAVE April 30, 2020 4:47 pm Reply









  14. Coffman May 7, 2020 2:01 pm Reply

    I’m in my late 60s. Keeping things shut down with ZERO cases is utterly Ridiculous. This isn’t China yet. Don’t bankrupt the island. You should All be thrown out of office.

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