Flu in Hawai‘i

  • Ashley Hori / Contributed photo

    Pharmacist Ashley Hori from Lihue Pharmacy is ready to give out the flu shot.

LIHU‘E ­– Kaua‘i is well into flu season and some health officials say the global threat of the coronavirus has played a big part in people getting their flu shots this season. Some officials report citizens are more worried about coronavirus (COVID-19) than influenza, though.

Associated Press reports Hawai‘i is bracing for 50,000 to 70,000 cases of flu this year and that officials say flu is running rampant in health care facilities across the state.

Lihu‘e Pharmacy has seen the surge of those looking for flu shots this season. Pharmacists report a constant flow of patients coming into their facility for their annual flu shot.

“We are pretty steady. We get about 7-10 people a week,” said pharmacist Ashley Hori.

She said since the beginning of 2020, they’ve given out 85 regular shots and 38 high dose flu shots. The high dose flu shots are for the seniors ages 65 and older who have a weaker immune system.

Latest Department of Health (DOH) reports, coming from week six of the 2019-2020 influenza season, say officials have recorded a total of 1,643 samples that have been tested statewide for influenza viruses. About 40% came back positive — about 663 cases of the flu.

According to the state of DOH’s fact sheets, symptoms of the influenza include suddenly get a fever, headache and tiredness. Other symptoms you may include cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, diarrhea and vomiting. The symptoms usually begin 1-4 days after exposure to the virus.

“People should get their flu vaccine—it’s recommended for virtually everyone 6 months of age and older. Even though it’s getting late in the season it’s still worth being vaccinated,” Dr. Janet Berreman, Kaua‘i District Health Officer.

Centers for Disease Control reports the U.S. has already had 22 million influenza cases in the four months since flu season began, and about three dozen Americans have been reported to have the coronavirus, which emerged late last year in central China.

Hawai‘i Lt. Gov. Josh Green, also an emergency room doctor, said it’s also common in Hawai‘i for people to be concerned they’ve contracted the coronavirus.

“There is an obvious psychological component to the flu this year complicated by the coronavirus. None of our Hawai‘i residents have had coronavirus, but it’s still a very real thing on people’s minds,” said Green.

A Monday DOH update on COVID-19 stated the department has set a level 2 national travel advisory for travel to Japan and South Korea, meaning people should exercise increased caution while traveling, but no travel restrictions are currently in place. No one in Hawai‘i is under mandatory quarantine, as of Monday, either. Feb. 20 marks the last day that anyone exposed to the Japanese visitor might develop symptoms.

DOH updated the public on the four Hawai‘i residents who were passengers on the Westerdam cruise ship, Holland America, saying they’ve returned home and the department is in contact with the individuals.

Monday, DOH said no cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Hawai‘i.

State health officials recommend Hawai‘i residents and visitors wash their hands when feeling sick or when in public areas in order to avoid catching influenza and to avoid catching coronavirus. Both are respiratory illnesses and authorities advise wearing a mask outside or when traveling.

The state Department of Health also advises those with the flu or coronavirus to seek medical services and to stay at home because both influenza and COVID-19 are contagious.

“People can also protect themselves by washing their hands frequently, avoiding touching their eyes, nose, and mouth, covering their coughs &sneezes; staying home when they are sick,” Berreman said.

Although there are no cases of the coronavirus virus reported in Hawai‘i, people are advised to take care of their health and hygiene.

For more information, see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at www.cdc.gov/flu/index.htm.


Associated Press contributed to the story.

  1. Dontdoit February 25, 2020 1:03 pm Reply

    I’ve never gotten the flu shot and I’ve never had the flu. Best thing you can do is NOT get a flu shot.. do you have any clue what’s in it??? Boost your immune system! Take your vitamins! Your food intake should be meaningful! Like mom/dad said, fruits n veggies. Nourish your body and system so you can protect yourself from illness. The flu shot is JUNK! Question it. Don’t be a robot. Do your own research.

  2. Maika'i February 26, 2020 9:32 am Reply

    Do you know what is in a FLU SHOT?

    -Thimerosal (Mercury)
    -Ethylene (Anti Freeze)

    Mercury toxicity can result in brain injury. Aluminum is associated with Alzheimers. Formaldehyde causes CANCER and is considered hazardous waste that is no longer permitted as an ingredient in building material but it’s ok to inject it into OUR bloodstream? Wake up people and do your research.

  3. Research February 26, 2020 9:54 am Reply

    Glyphosate is in vaccines a chemical known to cause cancer. Every day 43 children are diagnosed with cancer. It’s almost has if it’s being injected in them.

    1983: 10 vaccines
    2018: 74 vaccines

    Autism rates:
    1983: 1 in 10,000
    2018: 1 in 36

  4. ok February 26, 2020 4:09 pm Reply

    Ironic how the people that say “question it don’t be a robot do your own research” blindly follow some clown holistic wellness column that doesn’t actually do any research.

    If you maybe questioned some actual doctors and researched on a site run by actual scientific researchers you would find out that the flu shot obviously works. Or you can use the logic of “I smoke ice every day, and I’ve never gotten sick before, wow meth must prevent all disease!”

  5. Charlie Chimknee February 26, 2020 11:37 pm Reply

    OK…you’re not…!

    Sounds like you may have stepped through the trap door of medicine too many times and came out the other side a believer with deep Blind Faith.

    Your belief in medical is a vote for medical expertise in disease, but not health..belief in drug prescription of carcinogenic petrochemicals, surgical mutilation, and ill to the deadly to deadly TV advertised side effects…do you think drug TV ads are just kidding about the side effects…?

    All should know that the immune system…every molecule and chemical that it is confronted with that is foreign (antigenic) to the body is a stress on the immune system…too much of body incoming antigenic molecules “drain“ the immune system and lower its effective diseases fighting response.

    Thus a vaccine has different antigenic molecules than the real virus or illness. So taking a flu shot is pumping the above mentioned antigen chemicals and poison molecules, like mercury, into your body with molecules different from the natural flu (natural flu…?…well unless a virus is a macabre invention by sadistic scientists), a flu shot synthetically created to near match the natural flu, albeit…(and even now suspect of being manmade in China…and meeting the criteria of chemical warfare)…just another medical capitalist move to frighten the world population into taking and paying for a vaccine, a financial blockbuster with potential profit in the trillions nearing all other short term drugs in record sales…out of fear…what a scam…Medical scam…a conspiracy…? Heck no, it’s just plain ol CAPITALISM…! Capitalism: the coming together of colleagues in league with each other from different businesses and government agencies to make maximally multiplied profit. Capitalism a modern human philosophy.

    So when you get a flu shot or vaccine not only does it ”drain” (weaken or “tax”) the functional job of your immune system response but then add the additional real contagious flu…and now you have a temporarily over challenged immune system, that temporarily depleted or wears out your Immunity system, and you have an immune task of not only fighting off the live flu in your body, but also having to use your immune response to get rid of vaccine or flu shot foreign antigens as well, and now you have 2 sicknesses or foreign matter to clear from your body…after all the job of the immune system is to at all times rid the body of foreign matter from the body…but there is only so much it can do, or clear out from the body, at any one time and still be effective.

    But wait, add to that all those chemicals in your food, the colors, the aromas, flavors, preservatives, real and fake flavors, synthetic molecules, fake vitamins like thiamine mononitrate, and the phony food oils, and the many more chemicals from pollution and even some shampoos, and the nutrition-less food fillers made from cancer causing petrochemicals, and left over poisonous chemicals from the farm in the form of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and chemicals used for accelerating or retarding the ripening process of our food…and you’ve got a football stadium of sick and disease causing antigens overwhelming your immune system on a meal by snack basis…look how many junk snack foods are offered at every fool food store…READ THE FOOD INGREDIENTS…

    NORE WELL TOO, SOME OF EVERY BITE OF YOUR FOOD…CAN STAY IN YOUR BODY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE…making you bigger and bigger year after year…snack, fast, and junk food, the weight that tips the scale year after bloated and constipated year…throwing foreign antigenic chemical ”bombs” at your immune system wearing it down and making you susceptible to “catching the flu” and additionally you need to use your Worn out immune system to rid yourself of the flu shot or vaccine injected foreign antigenic molecules from your body. An internal war like the Tet Offensive that you are slowly killing yourself with…and sometimes death is fast when you over tax your immune system and it cannot perform and the invading contagious molecules or the injected vaccine ones overwhelm your immune system to failure and you unexpectantly die.

    You can only strengthen you immune system by feeding yourself nutritious food and not eating immune taxing antigenic chemicals and fake food…if you proactively work with nature, your Nervous System will cause your immune and other body systems to function optimally and you will be a healthy person who will take in the flu and other diseases by contagion but not suffer that sickness and symptoms of the disease as your immune system will “nip the invading or injected disease in the bud”.

    Know too, that most disease signs and symptoms are the result of your body’s nervous system making your immune and other systems go to work to clear the sickness or disease from your body. The symptoms can actually mean the healing process is functioning well in your body.

    These normal and natural signs and symptoms of your immune system are what you are led to believe by TV Ads are bad, of course they don’t feel good, but in most cases you brought it on yourself by being ignorant, meaning no education, of how your body works, and then you run off to the drug prescription doctor to lower your suffering but at the same time lower or “drain” the function of your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to other contagious diseases.

    The US CDC, Center For Disease Control, says that the majority of people who get the flu will not experience any symptoms as their IMMUNE SYSTEM WILL “squash” the flu before it gets bad enough to require the symptoms of getting well…which is the IMMUNE RESPONSE and HEALING PROCESS.

    Flu shots and vaccines stress the immune system, the very system we need to naturally protect us from contagious sickness and disease.

    Chemicals whether in your food, on the farm, or over the counter or by prescription are too many made of carcinogenic cancer causing chemicals that are antigenic to the immune system.

    The immune system is an internal symphony of many coordinated cells and actions, all organized by our Nervous Systems. Your nervous system is located in your head (cranium) and runs the length of your spine protected by your bones called vertebrae.

    A subtle or severe spinal trauma can and will negatively impact your nervous system and from there may negatively impact your immune system, or any other body system or organ.

    Most important question is why are we all not taught this in elementary school?

    THe educational system leaving us in ignorance of our bodies leaves our disease care up to doctors not well trained in HEALTH. You see doctors indirectly work for the pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies that manufacture their drugs to prescribe. Doctors have more expertise in Disease than in how to maintain and restore health.

    Go with Health Care…it’s only Natural…go there by taking the Natural Path.

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