Hawai‘i could quit chlorpyrifos now

Governor Ige could immediately cancel chlorpyrifos permits for Waimea and Kekaha and create 1/4-mile buffers for other destructive pesticides, like Roundup, without waiting for the Hawai‘i Legislature. How? Democratic Gov. Andrew Kuomo of New York state used such a strategy to ban chlorpyrifos by bypassing the NY Legislature.

Ige could order the Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture who may issue chlorpyrifos permits to our friends, Hartung Brothers and Corteva, through the end of 2022, not to issue any more chlorpyrifos permits. U.S. Congressman Ed Case and U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz are in favor of totally banning chlorpyrifos. Corteva and Hartung Brothers have made brilliant DNA discoveries, but this letter concerns protecting people in Waimea, including employees of Corteva and Hartung Brothers, from dangerous side effects of pesticides.

Please recall prenatal exposure to non-acute, low levels of chlorpyrifos, similar to those measured in Waimea Canyon Middle School (The Garden Island, July 14, 2013), can cause brain defects and low IQ scores, reports PNAS, 2012. The same study from Dr. Rauh from Columbia Medical University reports MRI studies and animal studies also show that non-acute chlorpyrifos prenatal exposure reverses normal structures in the child’s brain which “reverses normal sex differences in learning, memory and emotional behaviors.”

California law requires 1/4-mile pesticide buffers for all schools. Why do U.S. schools need 1/4-mile buffers? President Trump’s EPA legalizes the spraying in Waimea and around U.S. schools of 72 destructive pesticides, including chlorpyrifos, which are banned or being phased out by the European Union.

Ige could order 1/4-mile pesticide buffers to help prepare Hawai‘i citizens for avoiding illness or death by new viruses. Why? Pesticide contamination, especially for those with frail health, weakens their immune system. Pesticide buffers are mostly needed for Corteva and Hartung Bothers. Because they spray approximately 17 times the amount of pesticides as normal farms, reports the Center for Food Safety.

I just met a lady who had recovered from breast cancer. I asked her, “Did you know a new study in Frontiers in Genetics, 2019, discovered Roundup mixed with a second cancer agent (microRNA) triggers aggressive breast cancer?” She said she uses Roundup all the time in her backyard to kill weeds. I told her, “Better to have weeds than cancer.” She said to me, “You’re, right!”

Whose immune systems get most weakened by pesticides? Mostly frailer people, like people recovering from cancer and other illnesses, elderly people and children with preexisting medical conditions like kids born with heart birth defects.

Several books, including “Biologic Markers in Immunotoxicology,” report environmental exposure to checmical pollutants may impact susceptibility to infectious disease.

A new study came out Feb. 11, 2020, in Environmental Sciences Europe (ESE), which confirms the toxicity of Roundup. This study debunks a recent study by Dr. Steinberg, who claimed Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) NK603 corn was safe and no more long-term studies are “justified” concerning Monsanto’s NK603 and other GMOs.

The main discovery explained that this glyphosate is 1,000 times less toxic than Roundup because of residual oxidized petroleum residues and heavy metals such as arsenic present in Roundup that bioaccumulate in bodies and render people or rats sick on a long term. The problem with Dr. Steinberg’s study is both experimental rats (eating NK603) and control rats (eating normal corn) got sick, and some of the rats eating Nk603 corn died, so Dr. Steinburg concluded it couldn’t have been the NK603 corn, or else only the rats eating NK603 would have gotten sick.

However, the ESE study revealed the truth: the control rats were eating toxic chemicals like Roundup residues on the normal corn. Therefore the experimental group probably actually got sick from eating the NK603 corn and the control group got sick eating Roundup and many other pollutants.

“In fact, the treated rats in Steinberg et al.’s experiment showed many adverse effects, some of which, including increased mortality in males fed GM corn + Roundup, were statistically significant. Other adverse effects affected both treated and control groups. The latter trend may be due to contamination of the feed of the control animals by many carcinogenic pollutants, including pesticides, but also by Roundup residues and Roundup-tolerant GMOs. For instance, glyphosate contained in Roundup was found to be 300–1,400 times more elevated in their control feed than in the treated group. In conclusion, Steinberg et al.’s study is invalidated by the contaminated feed, biased interpretations, and major undeclared conflicts of interest,” said the lead author, Prof. Seralini.

Currently, Hawai‘i law requires only a 100-foot pesticide buffer. But everyone knows chlorpyrifos, bifenthrin, and metolachlor were in the Waimea Canyon Middle School’s (WCMS) air and atrazine in WCMS’s drinking water fountains from Syngenta’s spraying with a larger, 300-foot buffer (The Garden Island, July 14, 2013, “Attorney: Pesticides at WCMS violates federal law”). Please recall medical research using MRI scans proves that similar, non-acute, low levels of chlorpyrifos prenatal exposure can cause irreversible brain defects and low IQ scores (PNAS, 2012).


Will Davis is a resident of Lihu‘e.

  1. Charlie Chimknee February 22, 2020 8:14 am Reply

    Mahalo Will,

    Very good informative article.

    We were in Kekaha yesterday and one of the Corteva field workers was spraying in a white Haz Mat suit, we felt sorry his income was so important to risk his life as no amount of protective clothing can prevent the personal contamination by those poisons…we rolled up the widows…!

    Finding out that research that should lead to protecting our children is flawed, if not a fraud, and it allows psycho scientists and Capitalism Gone Wild corporations to deceive the public and innocent children and autism is as modern of a disease as the chemicals used on Kauai are modern psycho science made Humanly destructive chemicals.

    What honest person is gonna end this fraud against all of us….?

  2. Get it right, for crying out loud! February 22, 2020 8:39 am Reply

    Roundup is NOT a “pesticide” it is a herbicide! I’ve seen this inaccuracy in TGI previously. Reporting accurately, people! More BS….how about fact based reporting…I would think the difference between pesticide and herbicide would be an important distinction to get right, but I guess not for TGI….

    1. Glass House February 24, 2020 2:50 pm Reply

      Spelling/grammar aside, it’s not a news article, it’s an opinion piece.

    2. Brian Smith February 24, 2020 4:10 pm Reply

      Pesticide is an umbrella term that can be classified by its target (e.g. herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, pediculicides, etc.).

  3. J.L. Hull February 22, 2020 9:45 am Reply

    Gov Ige could go down in history for putting the health of ourselves and our children first. Thank you for this urgent article, Mr. Davis.

  4. Pete Antonson February 22, 2020 9:25 pm Reply

    Seralini is a complete fraud just like his big fan on this page. Read about it yourself in a REAl scientific journal:
    The scientific consensus is that these products cited are safe. That’s why the pesticide pinheads have switched their strategy to emotional jury trials.
    Davis quotes an attorney’s opinion in an ancient TGI article as if it’s proof of something. The data revealed perfectly safe traces and the lawsuit FAILED!. This sort of stuff by Davis is simply DISHONEST and it was all done on Kauai seven to four years ago!
    Finally, HOW DARE YOU tell a woman she is to blame for her breast cancer? That is simply the lowest thing I’ve ever heard! SHAME ON YOU!

    1. Will Davis February 23, 2020 6:22 pm Reply

      Glyphosate & microRNA causes breast cancer. Article: Glyphosate Primes Mammary Cells for Tumorigenesis (cancer) by Reprogramming the Epigenome in a TET3-Dependent Manner, Journal: Frontiers in Genetics, 2019: Epigenomics and Epigenetics: Combining glyphosate with enhanced expression of microRNA (miR) 182-5p associated with breast cancer induced tumor development in 50% of mice.

    2. Will Davis February 23, 2020 6:58 pm Reply

      Monsanto orchestrated the retraction of Dr. Seralini’s study. “In 2017, internal Monsanto documents released by attorneys leading US cancer litigation revealed that the campaign to get the study retracted was orchestrated by Monsanto. The documents also showed that the journal’s editor-in-chief Hayes had entered into a consulting contract with Monsanto in the period shortly before the retraction campaign began.The documents showed that throughout the retraction campaign, Monsanto tried to cover its tracks to hide its involvement.  A Monsanto scientist admitted to orchestrating a “third party expert” campaign in which scientists who were apparently independent of the company would bombard Hayes with letters demanding that he retract the study. The documents even reveal that Hayes acted behind the scenes to encourage Monsanto to recruit “credible” scientists to write formal “Letters to the Editor” of the journal, criticizing the study.Two peer-reviewed articles detail the corruption and unscientific arguments that characterized the attacks on the Seralini study (Fagan, GMO Myths and Truths, p. 75).”
      Here are the 2 peer-reviewed articles:
      1) The Seralini affair: degeneration of Science to Re-Science? Environmental Sciences Europe 27, Article number: 19 (2015): https://enveurope.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s12302-015-0049-2
      2a) Retraction by Corruption: the 2012 Seralini Paper: Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry 18(1):32-56: 
      2b) Retraction by Corruption: the Seralini Paper:

    3. Will Davis February 23, 2020 7:04 pm Reply

      Roundup causes cancer: “Exposure to glyphosate-based herbicides and risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma: A meta-analysis and supporting evidence,” published in:
      Mutation Research/Reviews in Mutation Research:
      Volume 781, July–September 2019, Pages 186-206:

    4. Will Davis February 25, 2020 5:51 pm Reply

      In a court of law, the scientific consensus is that there are negative health and environmental effects from Roundup and GMO crops, like cancer, just as there are negative side efects from pharmaceuticals. There are hundreds of scientific journal references to the destructive effects of Roundup and GMO crops, including cancer, listed in GMO Myths and Truths, written by geneticists Dr. John Fagan, and Dr. Michael Antoniou.

  5. ruthann jones February 23, 2020 6:59 am Reply

    ‘getting it right’…I am one of those who misquoted ’roundup’ as pesticide rather than the correct ‘herbicide’. It does however KILL human beings regardless of formula! Is that not the point rather than the pompous LTE?

  6. Joan Conrow February 25, 2020 2:52 am Reply

    It’s fortunate this article is marked as opinion because it is sadly inaccurate and misleading, despite its attempt to appear scientific through the use of (dubious) citations. I’m not sure if you actually believe all this, Will, or if you’re just using any means to push an agenda. But quoting Seralini and Center for Food Safety immediately makes it clear you have abandoned the quest for facts. It’s sad to see the deliberate disinformation campaign continues on Kauai.

  7. Pete Antonson February 25, 2020 3:08 pm Reply

    Only a nonscientific twit would wave single studies and think that they change the consensus. That same twit would also think that because Monsanto played a role, it changes the fact that Seralini was exposed as a fraud as is considered such by the scientific community which declared him an activist without ethics or respect for the scientific method. Only a twit with stupendously poor social skills would tell a cancer survivor, or victim, they they are the cause of their grief!

  8. WestKauai February 25, 2020 4:27 pm Reply


    Please take a drive to Waimea and have a look at the land surrounding the Waimea Canyon School. You will see that there has been NO agricultural activity near the school. It lies fallow and hasn’t been cultivated for years.

  9. Will Davis February 26, 2020 6:35 pm Reply

    You are wrong Pete Antonson, I did not tell the woman she was responsible for her breast cancer, I told her Monsanto is responsible for her breast cancer, by using deception and not labelling Roundup bottles with cancer warnings. Numerous peer review studies indicate Roundup causes cancer and the study in Frontiers in Genetics, 2019, explains Roundup combines with a second cancer agent to trigger an aggressive form of beast cancer. Therefore I was warning her not to continue using Roundup, or her cancer could start up again. Furthermore, women with breast cancer from Roundup may be able to get a lab test like a hair sample test, confirming Roundup in their body, and use it to sue Bayer for a multimillion dollar settlement similar to the successful lawsuits against Bayer for non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Please see: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fgene.2019.00885/full

    1. Pete Antonson February 27, 2020 5:09 pm Reply

      You told the story in your own words with a real sense of pride. Now, after being exposed as a real creep, you want to spin it off on every dimwit’s Boogeyman, Monsanto.
      NO DEAL, Dude!

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