Letter for Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Kahele will represent all people

On Jan. 11, Kai Kahele met with Kauai voters at HA Coffee Bar to talk about his race for Congress.

Senator Kahele was born and raised on the Big Island and still resides there. In the Hawaii Legislature, he serves as the Majority Floor Leader and has chaired Higher Education and Water & Land Committees. A pilot for Hawaiian Airlines, a member of the pilot’s union, he is also a Lt. Colonel in the Hawaii Air National Guard. Married, he has three daughters.

Kai decided to accept an appointment to his father’s Hawaii Legislature Senate seat when his father, Gil Kahele, asked him to do so as he lay dying in the Big Island hospital from heart disease. Because there was no cardiac care (angioplasty, etc.) on Hawaii Island, there was no hope he could recover without an expensive Medivac trip. This experience was a dramatic example of the isolation of the outer islands from many quality of life issues.

Since the appointment by Governor Ige, Kai has since been elected to the seat. He described his reasons for seeking the Congressional seat: it clearly is time for the outer island people to be fully represented by someone who lives on the outer islands because our issues are not the same as issues on Oahu. Promoting solutions for the outer islands is important for the well-being of everyone in Hawaii, from promoting better local healthcare, good education beginning with preschool, to supporting and encouraging businesses and agriculture. He recognizes that too many native Hawaiian programs are poorly administered which impacts everyone.

I recently heard there are rumors that he “favors only Hawaiians” as a criticism. Fake news, folks. Unfortunately, when less qualified people want to harm an outstanding candidate like this, whispers surface to harm the candidate. Rumors, gossip, fake.

Kai Kahele will be an outstanding Representative for all of Hawaii, for all of its people, to make life better for all of us. He is endorsed by many leaders in our community and the state who recognize his dedication to improving life in the outer islands and state.

Bill and Judith Fernandez, Kapaa

  1. bowhunter January 14, 2020 8:00 am Reply

    Isn’t it true that he supports the lawbreakers who are preventing the TMT from being built? Isn’t it true that he supports spending our tax dollars funding the salaries of teachers who will only teach the Hawaiian language instead of using that money for air conditioning for the classrooms or using that money to increase ALL teacher’s salaries, not just those teaching the Hawaiian language? Sounds like he does favor “Hawaiians” over Philippine, Japanese, Portuguese, Caucasian, Micronesian, and other Hawaiian citizens of different ethnic backgrounds. Why is that “fake” news?

  2. Charlie Chimknee January 14, 2020 9:49 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou Kai Kahele,

    From this article seems the impression to us is that You are mis-naming, by equating, Health Care with actual after the fact Disease Care.

    Allowing, encouraging, promoting an “old already” concept that waiting until one has disease, and then having a diagnosis followed by a treatment of chemical drugs ( a pill for every ill), radiations, and/ or surgery is the status quo of (substandard) Health Care, is a worn out method proven to be ineffectual for actual Health of a sick or diseased person; and deserved of getting back on track…a better track going in the correct direction. If you are not actively going towards Health then you are by virtue of reality going toward Disease…followed by drugs and surgery and maybe radiation…!

    Face it, Health is the opposite of Disease, to mix words of one with the other is a disservice to people wanting to maintain or restore their Health. Health Care is not found in Hospitals, Disease Care is found in Hospitals, that’s why so many of their Departments are labeled by Disease categories, Like Cardiovascular (Heart and Stroke), Oncology (Cancer), Respiratory (lungs), and so on…read the labels.

    To have Health there must be a daily personal endeavor that should be done by each individual person for oneself. It is what you do daily to be Healthy and to stay Healthy.

    It is not about waiting to be sick or diseased, it is about removing and avoiding the causes of disease so you don’t get sick or diseased.

    It’s not about fake hero “health” care, after the fact of decades of living wrong, and eating wrong, and then having by pass surgery and a list of untold drugs and surgeries with the threat that if you do not do this radical surgery or take this $30,000 per month medication you will die…Health starts every morning by eating live natural food made by the Creator, food from the earth we live on, and not made by factories that process food and thus remove its nutrition and then add in chemicals and petrochemicals as fake nutrition, fake colors, fake flavors, fake fragrances and aromas, poisonous preservatives, Fake vitamins, and chemicals too difficult to spell much less pronounce…that is what you should avoid because they are some of the causes of Disease.

    Our bodies were never intended by the Creator to eat modern chemicals with many made from petroleum and thus cancer causing, nor the beasts you eat for decades of your life whose flesh provides the fat and grease to fill your heart muscle to the point of heart attack, or fill your blood vessels to the point of stroke; or the need for coronary bypass surgery, etc.

    Society would do itself a favor by educating the youth at school an hour a day from kindergarten till high school graduation all about their entire body and how it functions as well as what they put in their body that perpetuates and / or restores Health, instead of this silly $4 Trillion dollars a year after you are sick Disease Care. “An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure”.

    Oh sorry, you are only in your 4th, or 5th, or 6th or so decade of life and we do not have available the treatment you need to stay alive, you would need an expensive medivac to elsewhere. And what about all the kids with cancer and autism at epidemic levels…and 80% of our American population is on prescription medications? That only satisfies the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and doctors, and never the diseased or sick patient.

    Find the Cause and Prevent or avoid it..

    Don’t hide the Causes of Diseases from the people, they deserve to know and deserve Health as a God Given Right as a Human Being. People actually do not deserve Disease Care, really HELLth care. They deserve personal daily effort of their own Health Care. Educate the people.

    Almost Every human on earth eats more than once a day, it would be an astounding good idea to start with the food…are you eating natural live food from your God? Or food from a Factory…processed, refined, de-Natured, and filled with Chemicals and sugar. If so, you have one foot in the medicine cabinet and the other in the grave.

    Lucky you still have a CHOICE…GO FOR IT…!

    You should know why people told they have been cured of their disease or are a survivor, and then seem to get the disease back years later. In those cases the reason is Disease is a PROCESS with a Cause. When you drug, radiate, or surgically remove tissue THAT IS DiseaseD, you have still not stopped the process, you have not removed or avoided the Cause or Causes of the Process. The process caused by a Cause is still ongoing.

    If a smoker has lung surgery to remove the lung cancer caused by cigarettes…and is told that surgery “got it all”, if the smoker keeps smoking, the Cause is still there and the process of the disease is still there. Does anyone doubt the lung cancer will not return.

    If food, or even toxic chemicals in your water are causing you Disease, doesn’t it make sense to remove or avoid those causes…pure food and pure water are reasonable.

    Try it, you might like it, pure food and pure water…!

  3. Pete Antonson January 14, 2020 2:44 pm Reply

    Let’s have some fun here using Charlie’s own style of logic: Now, the fake name he’s chosen is “Charlie.” Charlie is the same name we gave the communist enemy in Vietnam back in the day. This means that Charlie is actually a communist enemy trying to weaken our institutions with “Goop” like quackery so our Democracy will collapse and become communist; like him! Yeah, that pretty much does it; but, next time I won’t call it “logic.”

    1. John Q. Smith January 15, 2020 12:36 am Reply

      Pete, you sound like a hippie from somewhere east. Enough of them shrooms already.

  4. Charlie Chimknee January 15, 2020 5:23 am Reply

    Aloha Pete, how many Big Box stores on Kauai, and little ones too, do you shop at…? They are filled with communist Chinese manufactured goods. That would make you and all of us communist supporters, our $$$ used to build the Chinese military.

    And since 80% of Americans use prescription drugs, how many do you take a day, your being a part of the greatest sickly epidemic on Earth. America Home of the Brave, land of the sick…in a sickly nation. And / or Do you use Over the Counter medicines…?

    Oh woe and whoa on that…!

    I’m not the only Charlie whose never been to Vietnam. Most of us have shed a tear, but never blood, and have only love for all peoples and best of Health to them and their own personal Health Care.

    Who wants to be sick…?

    It takes effort to be actually functioning as Healthy.

    It takes little to no effort to get sick…just keep doing what you are doing…you’ll get to the trap door of taking medicines.

  5. Pete Antonson January 15, 2020 3:26 pm Reply

    I grew up during the 50’s polio epidemic and was old enough to be scared to death by it even after the saving grace of Jonas Salk. There’s an impression that never leaves you! I have two Graduate Degrees that are medically related and worked several years at Wilcox. It’s difficult to remain silent whenever I learn of “Goop” fans spreading ways to harm your health and feel great about it, like with an 8 day goat milk only cleanse, or some Dunning-Kruger Effect poster boy using snow job writing to denigrate the dedicated men and women who have increased life expectancy from 65 to 79 in my lifetime. If you must destroy the whole because it’s parts are less than perfect; then go outside and set your car on fire!

  6. Charlie Chimknee January 15, 2020 11:44 pm Reply

    Aloha Pete, funny you mention Jonas Salk (and why not mention his
    POLIO colleague Sabin), both of whom after their discovery and mass (hysteria) immunizations for POLIO, along with the typical routine scare provided by the media about then POLIO, and recently Measles, well both of these good intention scientists, some time after their alleged “discovery” of a vaccine for POLIO, that their only objective finding was that their vaccine gave more people POLIO than it protected from the serious debilitating disease.

    You see both Salk and Sabin realized looking back on their efforts and looking back further many decades before into the history of POLIO realized that POLIO made its “rounds” through the population every approximately 30 years.

    And during that 30 year cycle there was 3 years of accumulating onset and escalation of the disease, followed by a 3 year de-escalation of the disease. In other words every 30 years from some natural phenomena, who knows really, Salk and Sabin did not know, why POLIO reared it ugly head every 30 years, especially with a repeated appearance of 3 years of the disease escalating followed by the 3 years of going away. Look at it like a chart, 3 years up to an apex of a curve, and 3 years receding down from the apex of the curve or occurrence.

    What the 2 scientists realized was that when they introduced the vaccine, first with an injection, then later in the series of inoculations using a vaccine coated sugar cube, what they realized was that by the time they began the immunization programs, accelerated by media hysteria, that the improvement to the disappearance of POLIO in that current 30 year cycle was not from their vaccine but from the natural cycle of the 3 years of increase occurrence followed by 3 years of decrease of occurrence.

    And that the issuance of the vaccine actually caused a “spike” increase of occurrence, meaning the vaccine actually gave more people the POLIO disease than Nature would have done.

    Follow up 30 year cycles of POLIO occurrences moving forward in time, broke the MYTH of medical immunization effectiveness.

    So instead of admitting the failure of another vaccine, it was simpler for medical science to just give a new name to the signs and symptoms of the 30 year cyclic POLIO and rename it Spinal Meningitis, and other sordid new disease names. Leaving Salk and Sabin to remain as medical heroes, much to their own chagrin, embarrassment of failure.

    It’s been said of those 1950’s hysteria that it was the children most targeted with the vaccine, the children were basically ignorant of what the POLIO disease did but because of Blind Faith in their hysterified parents, mostly the Mothers, the kids of course went along with it and originally held out a soon to be sore arm, and later an unknowing tongue, but sugar was rare to be turned down by children…what a chicanery of medical practice.

    Besides Pete, the immune system works by the challenge of a lock and key exact combination just like your house key does not match your neighbor’s front door. Our bodies produce exact key immune cells to the “locks” of a disease spreading in the population. That self immune “key” renders the disease cells nullified.

    A laboratory vaccine of a real but killed virus, etc., or a synthetic vaccine, not only does not challenge the human internal immune response to counter the real disease as it passes through a population, but at the same time it stresses, in fact weakens, the immune system by putting extra burden of challenge on the human internal immune system by having the immune system be required to rid the body of the literally ”doctored” disease, but also at the same time produce the “lock and key” internally produced millions if not billions of defensive cells, to limit or render harmless, the actual disease cells, and keep the self made immune cells on standby for the life of the patient, so that natural immunity is possessed by the person for the rest of their life, so that when POLIO “strikes” again the naturally self immunized person produces no sickness, signs, or symptoms of the Polio disease, even though a new episode of POLIO is again in the body, and allows the naturally self immunized human by lock and key earlier response, to carry on WITHOUT EVEN NOTICING the new invasion of POLIO that goes on but is destroyed internally by the natural immune system.

    This is why so many families choose to not vaccine, but instead allow their own body to develop its own capable immune defensive cells.

    Live natural food devoid of chemicals and sugar, and unprocessed, still containing its nutrition is what fortifies the immune system.

    The other contribution to immunity is a fully functioning nervous system that coordinates the lock and key response to immunity, even when it includes a cold or flu…as well as the measles, etc.

    And why in the 1950’s and earlier, instead of Mothers running to fake vaccinations when measles, mumps, and chicken pox came around, they instead threw kiddie parties and invited at least one kid with those diseases, to a party where all the kids were encouraged to share candy, ice cream, sneezes and coughs so they all got exposed and immediately began their own self natural immunity for life whether they got the measles, mumps, or chicken pox sickness or symptoms…at lest for that 1 of 3 disease circulating the school population, the natural exposure strengthened thief child’s immune system for the next even disease to come around.

    Each subsequent disease exposure for those kids was met by an intact strengthening immune system, not tampered with by drugs to squash or hide symptoms, and certainly not with fake immunizations, vaccines, or innoculations.

    Blind Faith wants a parent to have their child swallow the modern man’s fake immunity pill,or injection, in a sick society where 80% of the occupants are on prescription drugs, while the parent who understands, let’s nature take its course and allows natural immunity to take place effectively.

    Strengthen the child through nutritious whole food and strengthen the immune system as well at the same time.

    The Standard American Diet weakens the person and their immune system. It’s a good part snack food nation here in America, check the store ingredients then read the labels.

  7. Pete Antonson January 17, 2020 4:08 pm Reply

    I haven’t seen a bigger pack of lies and made up nonsense in one place since trump’s State of the Union Address of last year. You are seriously deluded!

  8. Pete Antonson January 17, 2020 5:33 pm Reply

    Some facts appear necessary here. First, after the 1954 clinical trial involving 1.9 million volunteers, the Salk Polio injection vaccine was declared safe and available in 1955. The Sabin live virus sugar cube vaccination was not available until 1962. There goes Charlie’s 3 year and 30 year cycles, POOF, POOF, gone baby; just that easy!

    Next, in 1955, Cutter Laboratories in Berkeley, California produced contaminated vaccines and 200 people contracted Polio; 11 died. Government oversight took over vaccine production. Billions worldwide have received the Salk vaccine and not a single case of polio has been linked to a recipient. There goes Charlie’s “more got it than were protected” POOF!

    Vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP), may occur in Sabin live virus vaccine recipients or their contacts. The overall risk of VAPP is estimated at 1 case per 2.4 million doses administered according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Of course, Charlie has other numbers he/she got from his friend’s gardner’s cousin’s girlfriend who really likes GOOP and their home remedies!

    Poliomyelitis is the clinical term for Polio. There are 3 types and 70=80% have Spinal Poliomyelitis. I suspect that Charlie’s ridiculous and undocumented charge that there is a VAST WORLDWIDE conspiracy among Doctors to mislabel Polio as Spinal Meningitis was concocted bby someone unfamiliar with clinical terminology in particular and long words in general!

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