Kauaians 1st in nation to take updated lost-person course

  • Courtesy Michael St. John

    Clockwise from bottom left, Elena Pray, Becca Frager, Kauai Police Department Officer Arnold Cayabyab and Hawaii Gas Pro executive Leah Kerr-Michaels participate in the classroom portion of a 36-hour search-and-rescue training session.

  • Courtesy Michael St. John

    Back row, from left: Michael St. John, Justin Brackett, David Gochros, Michelle Doiron, Noelle Hamilton-Cambeilh, Penny Fernandez, Becca Frager, Elena Pray, Lybbi Kienzle, Officer Arnold Cayabyab and Leah Kerr-Michaels. Front row, Debra Gochros, David Bunnell, Sarh Louxz, Ethan Pearson-Pomerantz, Ira Johnson, Matt Jacobs, Ben Larson, Chris Berquist, and Officer Colin Nesbitt

LIHUE — Michael St. John, a search-and-rescue volunteer and unit leader from Marin, Calif., just wrapped up teaching a 36-hour training course on a search-management and planning GIS (geographic information system) software called SARTopo.