Letters for Sunday, December 8, 2019

Paper’s faith reporting is fair

I have been following TGI since I first came here in 2009. In the last three and a half years of living here full time (after yearly summer and winter visits), I can honestly say that I have seen just about every faith group presented in TGI with absolutely no bias whatsoever.

Mr. Tambolo is the one who is going on the attack against people of faith who are important members of this community just because he doesn’t want to see the good things that are happening in our community that take place by members of the community that have faith in God.

Mr. Tambolo has a chip on his shoulder and a burr under his saddle that’s obvious from all of his rather-ignorant comments regarding Christianity and the contributions that happen here in our community on a regular and ongoing basis as a result of those feeding the poor and helping many in many ways.

I would remind him that the vast majority of Christians identify with the teachings and the ways of Jesus Christ, not with the politician that he obviously hates.

So my message to him is to take all of his negativity, intolerance and channel all that energy into doing something positive for this community like the many groups of all faiths that are portrayed in our community very fairly by the editor of our fine paper.

Dr. Gregg Townsley, Princeville

Religious events are not news

The editorial on (TGI, Dec. 2) written by Paolo Tambolo headlined “Editor should stop promoting Christianity” is spot-on, and for your own sake, and that of the paper you edit, you should heed every word of it, sir.

As a fellow Christian I advise that our religion, or any religion, has no place in politics (in fact it is against the law to mingle in government, yet it happens on a daily basis much to the nation’s detriment) or in legitimate news coverage.

If you want your paper to be taken seriously, stop planting articles that do nothing more than promote your choice of a religion. As the author points out, there are many other religions, and non-believers, so if for no other reason, show some respect to all concerned.

We both know there is never really any shortage of news. If you deem it so, then find positive, nonreligious articles to run that promote humankind in general.

Kevin Meagher, Poipu

Don’t try to dictate newspaper’s coverage

In response to the op-ed on Dec. 2 (Paulo Tambolo, TGI Forum), I say balderdash! (they would not print my real comment).

First and foremost, you have no idea what, if any, religious affiliation the “editor” has. Obviously, your rant was directed at the Christian religion, and probably religion in general.

The purpose of a newspaper is to print information that the majority of the readers desire. Because I am not a huge sports fan, I don’t expect them to stop printing the sports page.

Kauai is a small island with a many generations of families that are deeply religious. As the majority are Christians, with the dozens and dozens of churches on the island, news relevant to the happenings at these churches is of interest to these people. Plus, this is the Christmas season!

During obon, there will be multiple articles about the bon dances and the Buddhist temples. During Hanukkah, there have been articles on the menorah and its meaning to those of the Jewish faith. All of these articles are of interest to a segment of the readership.

Why do you feel that you have the right to dictate what the rest of us read? You don’t. My suggestions are simple. Either don’t read the article or stop getting the newspaper and get your information online!

I have not been in a church since I was 13, and I am 68 years old now, so, obviously, I am not a deeply religious person. The content of The Garden Island has always been balanced, relevant, and I have never found offense in anything they have printed (with the exception of self-centered letters to the editor).

Please, if I am correct and you are relatively new to Kauai, stop trying to change the local culture to meet your expectations.

Barry Dittler, Wailua

  1. Ginger Doll December 8, 2019 5:30 am Reply

    Please create a Reigion News page where readers could read, comment, or just ignore.
    Leave the front page to breaking local news, Trump’s daily news blast or Hawaii and National news.
    Everybody will be happy.

  2. George December 8, 2019 5:54 am Reply

    This isnt brain surgery. If you dont like what the article’s about dont read it.
    If you dont like the show your watching change the channel.

  3. Charlie Chimknee December 8, 2019 9:29 am Reply

    While any religion that preaches the Golden Rule of Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You (except for those who think violating the Laws of God and God’s Laws of Nature is OK, for example thinking and performing violence and theft and harming the environment is OK, Those are sicknesses right there).

    And while the Garden Island may print more Christian related articles, there may be more Christian people on island or in control of the newspaper, or its input of written output, remember possession is 9/10 of opinion.

    Yet while who could argue with the GOLDEN Rule of human interaction, but how is it that Health/Disease like Religion has a dominant “dominant party” in control, like perhaps the Christians have in the newspaper.

    When it comes to the dominant party as it pertains to your health, the Disease Care people are clearly the vast majority in attendees, practitioners, and money spent, as in $4 Trillion Dollars a year spent on Pharmacies, Hospitals, and Doctors, and that does not count the money earned by the insurance companies that pay most of the $4 Trillion a year (that’s 4,000 $ Billions). (Wow, Mr. Bezos of Amazon Online has almost a 1,000 $ Billions).

    And while it appears religions get to the Cause of Sin or Wrong, or Wrong Doing, or Harm; the $4 Trillion going annually into Disease ignores the Causes of Disease and promotes after the fact, after you are sick, diagnosis and treatment, the trap door into the limited scope of treatment of thousands of drugs and surgery, that in themselves are the CAUSES of an equal of more amount of diseases demonstrate by the piggy backing of 1 disease upon another and multiplication of drug prescriptions, a mixed cocktail of drugs for a single person with 80% of America on 1 drug a day and 55% take 4 drugs a day (that does not include even more people on street drugs, and plant based drugs like pakalolo and Sugar.

    While the Christians have their 10 Commandments, a good start to understanding the Cause of Not Good, and the other religions have similar and goodmlife information and rules of which my ignorance of same cannot speak, the $4 Trillion medical dollars buys or pays for almost NO study, education, research or information on the causes of why we are having to take what we are told are so many Petrochemical carcinogenic Cancer and other disease causing medicines, like hypertension drugs can lead to Type II Diabetes…hows that?…but similar reasons why one drug leads to a need for another.

    It’s really reckless how the food corporations bent on capitalism and profit provide us non nutritious foods, along with other corporations and government that do not satisfy the human needs of Sun Water Air Rest Exercise and clean natural nutritious food without chemicals and petrochemicals in their growing, preparing, packaging, with out the plant based drug of sugar in every bite and of our, what should be untainted water, air, and land that provides our food by growth or grazing.

    Hang in there Hutch, there’s more.

    So while the Standard American Diet of modern chemical food, water, and air mixed with more chemicals, they are the opposite side of the same coin with drugs and surgery when you flip that coin over…the food and pollution side becomes the drug and surgery opposite side of that coin with so many sicknesses and diseases.

    Banning plastic straws was a good start and plastic bags as well, but they are a grain of sand on a million mile beach when it comes to all the the things Petroleum has pollutedly produced in the last 100 + years and will continue to produce more life pollutants if left unchecked.

    (Right now my phone just flashed news: “FDA is Green-Lighting Drugs at breakneck speed and raising alarm.”)

    Clearly religion and non theism are a greater purpose contribution to life than Medical Disease Care promotes for our citizens.

    And while both Christianity and Medical Disease Care rely on Blind Faith, that is you have to believe without proof, just get in line and where you end up is a good guess, while some religions rely on some provable facts, Health is based on known facts of the Causes of Disease, facts well known but apparently held tight in secrecy to not spoil an enormous Capitalistic venture of $4 Trillion Dollars a year income for one group, medical, in the Health care field.

    Let’s hope Mason Chock and Luke Evslin convince Derek Kawakami into more prevention and more knowledge of Cause of Disease to lift our Kaua’i citizens out of early death as the obituaries so frequently demonstrate.

    Our elected leaders including Felicia, Ross, Kipukai, Arthur, and Ross Can contribute to all of our citizens being educated about their bodies and the Causes of Disease and thus enjoying optimal active happy healthy life Longevity…all people deserve Health and Longevity, and as to that the medical disease care system is not providing that…

    We Deserve Better…!

    Health is a to be taught not ignored until inevitable Disease rears it’s ugly signs and symptoms.

    Kidney removal mentioned in a Garden Island article today, should have been a disease long avoided even before the near impossible task of a correct, after the fact, diagnosis…after all, the doctors do not directly cause the diseases they treat, but they do so more importantly by failing to teach the public about avoidance and prevention of disease.

    Since doctors call themselves Physicians, the word “physician” means Teacher, which do you prefer…to be taught about Disease after you have it, or taught about Health while you have it so you maintain it into 10 or more decades of life.

    Health does not require Blind Faith, it requires proactive action on every individual’s part every day of their life. Personal Health Care is an every day regular regimen of Life.

    When will the teaching begin. This was not a Short Attention Span comment…it was meant to be a thin slice of Health Education. Our Aida Ersoy is a Health Educator…with her very good articles. Mahalo Aida.

    And it does require a change to local culture to have better Health especially to those recently flagged to living 11 years on average less than the rest of us…11 years less is a lot when some on average only live 60 years, read the obituaries, but read your food labels first, eat no chemicals…eat live natural God given foods.

  4. gordon oswald December 8, 2019 10:43 am Reply

    Thank you Mr. Dittler! You couldn’t have made your point more succinctly! These clowns are just failed humans wanting their “government” controlling mommy. All Socialists/Democrats I would presume. Thank you Garden Island for your balanced and appropriate coverage of all the news!

  5. I saw a Vampire once December 8, 2019 1:17 pm Reply

    Only certain amount are in the category of a sports fan. In politics, it is that way. For example, Bernard P. Carvalho jr. was a former UH football player. He obviously played lots of sports, and to my estimation flunked out of high school and is not in touch with academics or educated world. Yet the political arena had him in as a mayor. This is the 1st amendment. He still made no money as mayor. And still was a useless man to me. One opinion. The sports community disagree with me.

  6. paulot December 9, 2019 8:33 am Reply

    About my religion doesn’t belong on the front page of the newspaper letter:

    As I stated we have many religions represented on island but only one remains a major topic for this editor other than Bon dancing season.

    As I stated, religion is a source of comfort for many but it also is a source of intolerance for others who use it as a way to discriminate and I gave the example of the gay couple who were denied a wedding cake from from a storefront bakery because of religion. Also mentioned were the 70,000 immigrant children cruelly separated from their parents by the current administration. An administration which remains strongly supported by evangelicals.

    My opinion remains that religion is a personal choice. We have numerous sources and places to partake of it and TGI in my opinion is just not the place for it. Nor had it been for decades, till recently.

    For having this opinion one of the “Christians”, manongindashadow0711, has determined that this must make me an active shooter in waiting. Not only I have not seen this extent of religious articles being run in TGI since the current editor moved here to take the position, I have never seen any type of threatening comment like that ever being allowed. It’s disgusting, ignorant and uncalled for.

  7. james December 9, 2019 8:45 am Reply

    Small town paper. They want to sell papers and ads. What do you expect? Don’t have the financial backing of a Washington Post or NY times so cater to least common denominator. They give up journalistic integrity in order to stay in business, so that’s the story in a nutshell.

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