Happy Camper for Monday, September 30, 2019

Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

Nope, Sonia Topenio (she’s a Mea Ho‘omana‘o Award winner!) came late so missed the opportunity with Brandon Sassone, Maria Foster and Colette Correa at the Bank of Hawaii promotional poster at the career expo.

Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

Deja Vu’s Kyla Koerte (it’s been a while since she was a Girl Scout) and Akime Dizol (her brother plays football for Waimea Friday!) peek out at the career expo excitement from the Kukui Grove Deja Vu Surf Hawaii store Saturday.

Kudos to Melissa McFerrin-Warrack of Kukui Grove Center and Jay Higa (he flew in special so Denise Ching and crew didn’t have to come) of The Garden Island and Honolulu Star-Advertiser on a great career expo where two Deja Vu workers — Kyla Koerte and Akime Dizol — had to check out what was happening outside their store Saturday.