Letter for Friday, September 13, 2019

Effects of climate change extraordinary

My birdbath is popular these days. It’s a 3/4” deep pan seven feet off the ground on a post. After I fill it about 4 in the afternoon, first the Mejiros show up, about one half dozen of them. Nice that they take turns. They flap their wings and the water flies out. Shama Thrushes or Mynas scatter the Mejiros. When they squat and flap their wings, the water really flies out. They beat it when the biggest visitor, the Lace Neck Dove shows up. They don’t bathe, just drink.

It’s no surprise the birdbath is so popular this summer. The 10 o’clock K5 TV news has reported almost every day for two months that Lihue’s temperature met or exceeded the record high for the date. K5’s “Your team for extreme weather,” Jen, Ben and Guy, never comment on how extraordinary this is.

A study showed that of 363 TV reports covering Hurricane Dorian, only nine mentioned climate change as possibly contributing to its intensity.

Competition for media market share drives what news broadcasters choose to air as “news”. The enormity of climate change and what we fear is its impact on our children and grandchildren just won’t do. Upsetting viewers is bad for the bottom line.

In the real world that is not created by a profit driven media, millions worldwide are casting aside denial and demanding action to salvage a liveable planet. A global climate strike will kick off on Kauai at a teach-in on the Kauai Community College campus where the Saturday market happens on Friday, Sept 20, 1 to 3 p.m.

Michael “Kip” Goodwin, Kapaa

  1. gordon oswald September 13, 2019 10:15 am Reply

    Sounds like a real challenge! Perhaps we should go back to the scores of warming and climate change cycles we’ve gone through for the past 200 years and see how they handled it? Heck, why not just go back to the dust bowl catastrophe that started in 1930 where it was so dry and hot all the crops died and dust filled the air over the entire midsection of the United States! There was drought, lack of food, and horrible damage caused by that warming period. Thank God it ended in 1936! I’m sure there are still some people around who were alive back then so let’s do what they did. Whatever it was, the problem went away?

  2. I saw a Vampire once September 13, 2019 4:23 pm Reply

    Are you describing something here? Like how to attract politicians into government? Or something to that effect. How is this climate change affecting birds is more of an experiment.

  3. Charlie Chimknee September 14, 2019 9:53 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou,

    Global Warming, Climate Change, whatever you want to call it, from it’s gross obvious appearance of air pollution in major worldwide cities, visual observable polluption in rivers, lakes, and the oceans, what we know about but cannot see in our foods and medicines and our bodies…and so many other finite or gross locations for the effects of pollution to reside in plain sight or hidden from our view; these and so many other pollutant problemare all just effects. Effects of a CAUSE or multiplicity of Causes.

    It would seem important to identify the sources of the many EFFECTS known, seen, experienced, and harming us and other sentient beings, as well as our base of support, both Earth and Nature, think of them as Structure and Function.

    We know that an enormous amount of individual pollutions or mal Effects being put in and on the environment are CAUSED by Petroleum and Coal Tar, which are Fossil Fuels that can be chemically manipulated into more than thousands of by-products, many of which, if not all, are pollutants and are carcinogenic, that is Cancer Causing, which is due to process as a “delayed reaction” of its disastrous effects on human health and earth health.

    One issue is will Fossil Fuels run out before their use results in the extinction of humans and the other creatures on earth. There is a list of thousands of extinct species, how many are caused by pollution from fossil fuel use?

    Science says that petroleum and coal are fossils of primitive forests of ages ago.
    Apparently compressed and stored underground, for who knows what purpose if any.

    So here we have 2 fossil fuels which can be chemically manipulated into other products’ and usages, many of which are not vitally necessary to Human survival but only capitalistic profit earning endeavors.

    It would seem reasonable to limit or cease the use of these detrimental uses. Can somebody list some, many, or all? Think human disease kind, and air, water, and land.

    The psycho scientists have unlocked and then recombined so many molecular configurations of fossil fuel atoms, molecules, and chains of same it would require knowledgeable ethical scientists to intervene as our guides.

    Petroleum and Coal Tar can be manipulated into so many Petrochemicals it stymies the imagination, few in the long run are good for life on earth.

    From our foods, our medicines, our farm crops and animals, the synthetic polyester threads in our clothes, the tires on the road and the road itself, and every bit of plastic, and as a concept the “GO” in modern speed transportation, leaving the ox cart for transport has been replaced by the 747 and Bullet Trains, truck caravans, and a car for too many singular persons and purposes.

    There are so many more mal effects caused by fossil fuels of petroleum and coal, but right off the bat there are many we can live without whether you know it or like it or not. Will it take sacrifice…plenty…!

    So In order to curb this pollution insanity, it would seem appropriate to make lists of them so we can see what needs to be addressed by us as individuals, our governments, the corporations, and the world at large to immediately begin the reverse process of these polluting effects.

    Our current leader who cannot be a man, as any man or woman can’t be, a person for all things. As a business man he is, how do we infiltrate his control center, and his power structure to begin restoring nature as Earth’s Manager, , removing the accumulating catastrophes worsening daily and thus unseen by the majority, and apparently he, the President himself, blind to abject reality. The Head Man of our nation cannot stand in the way.

    Who will show us how to put on the brakes and reverse the otherwise inevitable self damnation of our Earth, destroying our Space Ship perfectly set into the Universe(s) by the Creator of All.

    It’s a Good thing Good People are at least discussing this. If we only had evolved to the level of monkeys, they’d just stare at this mess, cock their head a little sideways and have another banana…though it’s certain they would not have gotten us into this fix.

    We have WORK ahead of us. Will it be back to the ox cart, or wider thinking like crop rotation is, to not cause a burn out of the conditions we are dependent on.

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