Self full-filling prophecy of political apathy

To all the complainers out there who moan and groan about politics and politicians, I say shut the front door or get involved and do something about it.

Let’s face facts. The majority rules.

Whether it is the County Council, the state Legislature or the U.S. Congress — the majority of elected office-holders drive the agenda, and a majority of voters elect those office-holders.

In Hawaii, a majority of the population stays home on election day. Consequently, in our community, a minority actually elect those who represent the majority. Go figure.

So to the disaffected, disenfranchised and disconnected who do not believe in the system and therefore do not vote —YOURS IS A SELF FULL-FILLING PROPHECY. If you voted, perhaps things would be different. If you actually got involved in the system and in the democracy that is in power and controls our government — perhaps your issues and priorities would be addressed. But no, you prefer instead to stay home, complain, criticize and throw stones at those who are trying to work within the system to make our community a better place.

You have two choices. Join in making our democracy a better one that puts people and the planet first, or drop out and see your predictions of a deteriorating world come true. If you choose to drop out, please do so quietly —- we do not need the passive-aggressive behavior of those who claim to be revolutionaries but who never leave their couch.

As you can see, I am over it. While my wife would say that I am in it, I will tell you here and now that I am over it. We, collectively have the power to elect people locally at the state and county level, that could make Hawaii a model for the world. We could have a government that actually puts the protection of our natural resources at the top of the agenda, and takes bold action to rectify the existing criminal imbalance between the top 1% and the vast majority of low income working people.

Yes, we could do this and more — if only people would participate. Please, register to vote today at OLVR.HAWAII.GOV

I would be lying if I said all you had to do was vote, and voila the world would be a better place. With the benefits of citizenship comes a civic duty to vote and to pay attention to the issues, offer testimony on occasion and communicate at least occasionally with those you elect to serve in public office. Yes, I understand you are busy and life is complicated, but if you want your community and our world to be a better place — you must make the time.

Before I conclude, there is one more important fact that also must be confronted.

The complainer’s rail that the only choices we have at the ballot box are the “same ole, same ole”- and to a great extent they are right on this point.

Voting only works if we have someone to vote for.

Too many incumbent office-holders have become complacent in their roles and view minimal incremental change as sufficient to justify their existence. Too many are too fearful of challenging the corporate power elite at the expense of grass-roots working people and our natural environment.

Our world is literally burning, and nearly half of Hawaii’s people wake up every morning facing the stress that comes with being one paycheck away from homelessness.

We need candidates who are willing, able, and brave enough to make the bold choices needed to move us forward. Hawaii desperately needs new leadership who will champion the protection of our public trust resources and who will fight to ensure that all workers earn a living wage.

Timid incremental baby steps will not get us where we need to be.

There are 11 months remaining until the primary election. In Hawaii, because we are essentially a one-party state, the primary election is everything.

The time is now for new candidates to step up and declare their candidacy.

New candidates must step up now to organize their team, assemble their materials and begin that all-important task of door-to-door canvassing. Having run in 10 different political campaigns over the years myself, I know and understand the hesitancy and sometimes self-doubt that every new candidate “jumping in” to a race faces.

There are many out there who are electable and who have the qualifications and attributes of leadership, but who for whatever reason are fearful of taking the step. In my work as a volunteer with the Kuleana Academy (a nonpartisan, political and civic leadership training program), I discuss this topic regularly with individuals across the archipelago. I would be pleased to have a discussion with any aspiring candidates, for any office, on any island, regardless of political party affiliation.

I ask, if not you who? If running for office is definitely not for you – then find someone you can support and who shares your values – and then help them.

In any case, it is crunch time for the 2020 elections. My rant is over. Suffice it to say, for it to work properly we need all to participate in our democracy.

It is the only system we have and the stakes are high.


Gary Hooser formerly served in the state Senate, where he was majority leader. He also served for eight years on the Kauai County Council and was former director of the state Office of Environmental Quality Control. He serves presently in a volunteer capacity as board president of the Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action (HAPA) and is executive director of the Pono Hawaii Initiative.

  1. Debra Kekaualua August 28, 2019 8:35 am Reply

    I made the bold choice, ran for kauai mayor paid all my fees and responded to all related requirements of the campaign spending commission. Only those four “monied” candidates were given PBS time and other perks, and the other mayoral candidates were kicked under the kauai bus. My platform suggested that people “do not register” and certainly to, “boycott voting in any of the past to present rigged u.s. voting gigs”. Because of my outspoken truth and integrity, the candidate spending commission has tagged me with court documents and to appear when it is the spending commission that “did not find any of the required documents sent”, so they want to make it my problem! In this Hoose guest spot, I have to wonder how many subscribers to TGI have dropped their subscription knowing they are being continually played by Bullies. It is all so obvious who they pledge their allegiance and it will be a cold day in hell before the terrorist regime prevails. GAME OVER. Liars fraud corruption murder money laundering contract-suicides murder-suicide and the incompetence of COK, KPD, Judiciary and every last u.s. registered voter, champions of evildoers, 126-years. Ku Kiaʻi Mauna and EVERY kanaka maoli on the planet! The dream is reachable at this point. There is no turning back! GAME OVER, Kanaka 3, terrorists ZERO. ZERO jurisdiction is the bestest part of all!

    1. Steven McMacken August 29, 2019 3:44 am Reply

      Debra, you were NEVER a viable mayoral candidate and anyone with an ounce of sanity would have known that going in. You were “kicked under the bus” by the voters of Kauai, who have grown weary of your irrational rants.

    2. Kauaidoug August 29, 2019 10:15 am Reply

      DK. You encouraged your supporters not to vote and you wonder why you lost? Hmmm

  2. billyjoebob August 28, 2019 1:27 pm Reply

    DK you are in need of some serious psychiatric help. If you have Quest, use it!!!!!

    1. Debra Kekaualua August 29, 2019 6:47 am Reply

      If you cannot compete and opine as you have, with ZERO content of this particular “blathering”, you should just keep to yourself, as you show thick ignorance that most of the corruption and fraud arise from. It is time to order PODS, so at least you have the op to move your opala back to billyjoebobville. GAME OVER!

      1. billyjoebob August 30, 2019 1:19 am Reply

        ” billyjoebobville ” That one made me laugh out loud!

  3. LMat August 28, 2019 2:08 pm Reply

    What was the point of this…?
    Gary, you’re literally writing a piece complaining about people who complain…?
    Or are you only complaining about people who complain about you…?
    If their complaints were in accordance with your complaints, would you complain…?
    You’re over it? Really..?! Can we expect no more self righteous, egotistical blatherings from you…?
    TGI, was this piece really necessary? A simple, “Make sure y’all go vote!!” would have more than sufficed.

    1. Steven McMacken August 29, 2019 3:35 am Reply

      LMat, because of your animosity toward Mr. Hooser, you completely missed the point of his thoughtfully-written opinion piece.

  4. Rev Dr. Malama August 29, 2019 7:39 am Reply

    Enough already, if you’re “over it” please stop the shame fest on others and self righteous proclamations of yourself Mr. HOOSER.
    The Garden island newspaper’s negligence in allowing this ongoing bully fest is annoying and counter to the Aloha spirit of working on a neighborhood and community basis. NOT ENDORSING THE FUNDING OF POLITICIANS THAT SAY ONE THING AND THEN DO THE OPPOSITE.

    1. Steven McMacken August 29, 2019 12:40 pm Reply

      “Rev, because of your animosity toward Mr. Hooser, you completely missed the point of his thoughtfully-written opinion piece,” he said, with Aloha.

      1. Debra Kekaualua August 30, 2019 8:55 am Reply

        Bullies promoted by the likes of fake news tgi, buley, hooz, mccrackerhead, billyjoboob registered u.s. voter citizens are the problem and it is with a joyful heart and soul, that GAME OVER has become effective and will Affect all those corrupt and fraudulent amelika citizen “B-leaders, bending over as we have for wAAy to long! REstoration Alcatraz!

  5. harry oyama August 30, 2019 2:16 pm Reply

    Debra Kekaualua, right on, the human parasites that infest and contaminate the political process are all blood sucking weasels including the supporters who are stupid and exists at the expense of others. When you tell the truth about them, they attack you as witnessed by this posting.

    Its all about those “under the table deals” and the size of those “envelopes” and sure won’t hurt if you are part of that old boy networks, that is dominated by the descendants of the Japanese sugar migrant workers who over stayed their 3 year contracts.

    Just too bad then King Kaulakau did not deport them all back to Hiroshima and Okinawa to be incinerated by atomic bombs and decimated by the US Marines. Hawaii would have been a much better place for native Hawaiians.

    1. Steven McMacken September 9, 2019 1:02 pm Reply

      That’s certainly an enlightened viewpoint, Harry. And it’s not tainted by prejudice at all! (And they say our education system is failing us.)

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