Campers, structures removed in Anahola

ANAHOLA — Unpermitted campers and unauthorized structures on state Department of Hawaiian Home Lands properties in Anahola were cleared out Wednesday.

DHHL, in conjunction with the state Department of Transportation, Gov. David Ige’s State Homeless Coordinator and Homeless Support Services on Kauai conducted the sweep.

DHHL notices to vacate the premises were issued on Monday.

The areas include portions of Aliomanu Road where the roadway erodes into the ocean, Kealia Road/Kuhio Highway, and Anahola Beach Park, as well as an area across the street from the beach park.

“The department takes the decision to remove unauthorized individuals off of DHHL lands as a serious-but-necessary effort,” said Hawaiian Homes Commission Chair William J. Aila Jr. “The department thanks the collaborative effort of the department and other agencies involved in ensuring safety and transitional efforts for the individuals impacted by the removal.”

  1. harry oyama August 24, 2019 2:43 am Reply

    Double standard, when Hawaiians stake their claim on Hawaiian Homes land, the State kicks them out. But when illegal telescopes that was built without permission by the Department of Hawaiian Homes that owns the land, not only are they permitted to continue operation, but the State also is delinquet in paying any funds to Hawaiians for over 60 years!

    1. Debra Kekaualua August 24, 2019 8:25 pm Reply

      E’O mAhalo Mr O. So much ignorance in the world, at least our children and mo’o have caught on. This time we prevail on TRUTH and INTEGRITY that the u.s.a. has never had and was never great to begin with. Double standard and I’m a victim to a two-tiered judiciary on kauai with all lahui that normally surrounds that kind of activity. We have proven there is Zero Jurisdiction and thus, a lot of bench warrants because the people are aware of these newer court trials that have played out over just two years.

    2. Debra Kekaualua August 24, 2019 9:23 pm Reply

      There is only one side and it is clearly apparent that you are not on it. Since you are obviously only able to try and dismiss the truth, with your no content rant, you have no integrity just as american top dogs that thought they could get away with the Ruse. I can fill a book with warrior names who like myself all along knew What When Who Why Where and How. The observation included long legacies of once good people, who decided to sell out because they themselves knew the real scam being played, so they figured they were just as capable as the rest to receive a little extra pieces of the pie. Like the Lyon Contractor that made deals with every, tom harry dick, where millions of dollars DHHL state tax payers monies swallowed. The now completed overtake in Anehola work was not accomplished by unemployed in that district; lands that was earmarked Native (n)Hawaiian, instead the Insatiable greed evilians dug deeper! We know the scoops and only need to sit back and watch the implosion. Decades prepared and in place, Kapu Aloha, Aloha Aina. We have no deadlines or permits necessary, we do what we want when we want and it might just be in your yard. Hawaii land was never for sale. I know right, we have a mortgage with Chase no less, but listen, don’t panic. There are very knowledgeable Hawaiian Kingdom Committees and one of the many changes besides a Kingdom National Bank, courthouse fully equipped for war criminals and switch out our current prisoners for the real actors that have gotten away with their judiciary having Zero jurisdiction. same with all the ‘counties, pds, state, federal; We will be closing all real estate offices, corporates, nonprofit corporates, registered voters that carry on continuously with the rigged gigs that U.S. puts together and that has always outnumbered the truth. There has never been a dribble of integrity in anything u.s.a. has done, every did or will do in the future, They have made a mess at every juncture. Read Kinzer novel ‘Overthrow’ KPD BLUE, Superferry Chronicle, and Benish True story too, The Fifth Seal. In the meantime, as lex brodie would say “Go Now Hawaii WHY pay more? If there is any association or ‘new game plan,it will be PAY TO PLAY or Beat it kind of a lifestye.

  2. Debra Kekaualua August 24, 2019 10:22 am Reply

    What part of “Game Over” do you not understand, example (federal judiciary watch) Kealoha stolen mailbox, (international) TMT, and imminent dismissal of corporates, all u.s. registered voters and continued americanizations!

    Nice try! Team Aila au might have swept, but they did not RICO investigate the true squatters. Beginning a decade + earlier, the take over of the Anahola community commercial kitchen, closing the hale classroom student homework lab and what was supposed to be a teaching facility, where medical professionals had managed to put together, Medical Transcriptionist training for at-home resource job opportunities to certification. Then, those emptied building were taken over by Danner AHHA and UturnforChrist Cali mens drug rehab guru, who received lessee status as was KIUC PV farm on waitlisted property stamped kupuna architectual plans dismissed, for Corporate nonprofiteer, 1$ a year. No negotiations with community, “listening meetings” Danner provided and raw sewage that hui and aila au hui spews. KIUC provides power to Kealia kai, but not one electric system to Danners Reservation Marketplace or to the Kanaka that have managed off the death listings, and are housed. Then, without any DHHL OHA, State of COK authorizations or permits, grubbing grading kupuna iwi began. Danner and uturnforchrist hired hui further destroyed bay front with Kumu Camp, and those transplants fallen away from uturnforchrist “ranch”, went and found a young island wahine, now they get babies, squat, NO huevos aila au Sweeps?

  3. Koconut_wireless August 24, 2019 5:12 pm Reply

    Oh Debra how we have missed you…said NO ONE EVER…Mahelona is calling, check back in all ready…Haole pidgin isn’t working for you. We can’t even tell from your rambling which side your even on?

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