Letters for Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Pesticide poisoning paradise

Aloha, Why are we pussyfooting around with these poison factories? Do tourists want to come to a pesticide island? Our reefs are diminishing partly due to pesticides going into the ocean. Scientific evidence has shown that restricted use pesticides ( Round Up) being one causes of cancer. Are we keeping our eyes and ears open to what can kill us? Pesticides rank right up there. The Tax paying people on the Westside are getting the poison end of the stick. Not one political figure has helped them. That’s a crime right there.

Come on Kawakami, Hmmm, The Department of Hawaiian Agriculture, I am sure they are not in the pockets of these billion dollar pesticide companies, Right! Just now they are working to slightly change the pesticide companies practices. Report buffer zones. Thank You for letting us know when we are going to be poisoned. It comes down to common sense. Poisoning our Paradise is not ok! Lets stand together and put a stop to this.

Linda Bothe, Kalaheo

Thank you for help rebuilding home

I am writing is letter to give thanks and appreciation to all the many people involved in the rebuilding, repairing, reshaping the new creations of our beloved pathway home.

The beautiful stone work of the new walls, both on the roadside and covering the cement walls rising from the ocean. The French drains created with stone lining our newly paved road.

Thank you to the engineers who designed and selected the bronze colored, curving metal guard rails, creating a feeling of lyrical grace, framing the beauty of our teal blue sea.

Thank you for acknowledging the overdue and much needed attention to all the areas, old and new, by repairing and correcting them.

Watching the workers, many times I held my breath, witnessing the courage and steadfastness of the skilled worker, reshaping the mountainside, creating new lanes in mid air, working in what seemed like very dangerous areas.

Thank you to our people guarding the entrance to our damaged road. The guys dealing w/permits, relentless numbers of people trying to gain access, verbal challenges and impatience, for over a year, with a smile and a shaka.

Thank you to my community, all of us quietly lining up to come and go — be lead in and out, really seemed to me peaceful moments. It was difficult at times. I think most of us have a little PTSD, but here we are, facing a new reality.

If I haven’t thanked and acknowledged you, know I haven’t forgotten you.

It is said, “Pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth.”

I’m grateful for the opportunity to realize that it’s true.

Karen Lovatto, Wainiha

  1. Charlie Chimknee June 11, 2019 8:38 am Reply

    Aloha and Mahalo Linda,

    We needed your reminder, about the Court determined Killer-by-CANCER ROUNDUP (Glyphosate).

    In discussions, many of us are surprised that Home Depot and other stores that sell Ag, yard, and household chemicals still sell them and does so heavily by volume stocking their shelves with ROUNDUP (Glyphosate) and the other toxic chemicals.

    It’s amazing when you walk through that area, the corner of the Home Depot store to the right of the Service Counter entry and before going into the Garden Area, how strong the smell of the poisons are that are on the shelves in that area.

    How ironic it is that that the display for their relaxing garden gazebos are right across from where the RoundUp and other poisons are…just like in real life out in Kekaha where neighbors relaxing in yard gazebos, at BBQ’s, picnic tables, chaise lounge, and kiddie pools are located right by the seed company plantation fields where we are told 320 days a year RoundUp Poison spraying goes on.

    And how do people work those kind of jobs exposing themselves to poison 320 days a year. Sacrificing themselves to support their families? What about OSHA.

    One couple alone being awarded a Court ordered $2 Billion Dollars due to their exposure to RoundUp, just one of over 8,000 poison lawsuits against RoundUps’ Monsanto now Bayer Chemical Corporation.

    And why would Bayer buy Monsanto entrenched in over 8,000 lawsuits? Something smells fishy in Switzerland where Monsanto is located and where RoundUp is banned by that country. Heh…?

    It’s a fact that when you smell something…like a steak BBQ, or pakalolo or tobacco (secondary smoke), or the sewer pump station at the entrance to the WAILUA Houselots, or RoundUp’s GLYPHOSATE POISON, that it is already entering your lungs and into your blood stream and already polluting your body, and in the case of Agriculture Chemicals, even on the store shelves, those poisons are entering into your lungs by inhalation and then your blood stream, traveling to every part of your body, and just like a Roulette Wheel, where it stops, and starts CANCER, nobody knows.

    Not only are Home Depot employees subject to daily lung ingestion into their bodies of the RoundUp (Glyphosate) and other yard and Ag and household poisons, but so are you and your children being exposed to all those toxic chemicals when you walk by the display shelves and inhale them.

    Folks, it’s not just the Glyphosate in RoundUp that is cancerously effecting us, it is the cocktail mixture of all the modern chemicals made from oil and gasoline, called petrochemicals, it is their epidemic use in our food, water, drinks, air, and even our clothing, by the addition of these petrochemicals into so much of what we eat and drink and breathe and wear.

    Many of these petrochemicals are made in China from gas/oil and then made into bulk petrochemical powder all ready to put into our foods, bought by careless American companies, shipped to America and put into our foods.

    One petrochemical put into our food, especially our bread and bakery products, is synthetic Vitamin B1, Thiamine Mononitrate, made from oil, it’s a petrochemical, and petrochemicals are carcinogenic, they can cause cancer…why would they do that, synthetic food ingredients are in most of our foods, many are petrochemicals. Read the INGREDIENTS, they are WARNING labels, if you know how to read them.

    Why do they do that? In the old days, food was made of food, now it is cheaper to use petrochemicals and 60 kinds of sugars to dilute the food.

    Why does Big Food Industry think we need these chemicals when humans need food, real food, in our food. Why do they think it is good for us to dilute our foods with synthetic (Fake) vitamins, flavors, colors, aromas/smells, preservatives, fortifications, whatever?

    We can’t blame China, they only make it from their gas and oil.

    It’s kind of like the drugs entering our country, can we blame Mexico for the Heroin, and Peru and Bolivia for the Cocaine…when it is the Americans buying it. Supply and Demand in these cases are brutal. Heroin and Cocaine are made from plants and they turn those into powders too by way of chemical processing.

    How do you stop eating Thiamine Mononitrate and the other huge amounts and kinds of other carcinogenic petrochemicals?

    Education and personal choice would be a good start. Don’t our children and those who don’t know, deserve to know.

    Mahalo, for reading,


  2. Pete Antonson June 11, 2019 2:45 pm Reply

    The only thing Linda and Charlie know about “scientific evidence” is how to spell it! The funny side of this, or the frequent unintended humor side, is how Charley has now located Monsanto in Switzerland! That will be quite a commute for their employees who live in St. Louis. I’m sure the rest of his snow job was given the same amount of research!!!

  3. WestKauai June 11, 2019 6:25 pm Reply

    Um, Linda and Charlie, Roundup is NOT a restricted use pesticide. That is why it is sold in retail establishments. Please get your facts straight…

  4. Charlie Chimknee June 11, 2019 10:12 pm Reply

    Aloha Pete, it is appreciated that you challenge my information, but it is a known fact that Monsanto, while they may have employees in many world areas, as world wide is their market, but their headquarters for their board of directors and stock holder meetings are held in Switzerland, where the Swiss government is wise enough to prohibit Roundup in their country.

    I know a few people who have attended such Swiss meetings of Monsanto and their stock holders, they were prohibited from bringing in cameras or recorders to the meetings, and were asked to leave when the meeting got…well, so secretive, that they were asked to leave so that sequestered information was not allowed out of the meeting of shareholders in the company.

    Why don’t you go there sometime and see what you can find out? Perhaps you will be impressed to change your beliefs in profit driven pseudo science. So much of what is harming people and the earth is profit driven pseudo science.

    Really Pete, what part of poison is it you do not understand. Glyphosate is a registered poison..it is a main ingredient in Roundup.

    Itsusold locally on Kauai and some of the toxic chemicals leak through their plastic containers letting you inhale the poison.

    Mahalo for allowing further explanation of the petrochemical dilemma.


  5. truth be known June 12, 2019 7:56 am Reply

    Pete, the only thing we know about you is that you are a paid troll for the chemical companies and will say anything they tell you to say. Fortunately for us though, Linda and Charlie don’t pay any attention to the chemical company’s propaganda that you continually spout. My offer still stands that I will supply, free of charge, a glass of RoundUp for you to drink at a public place of your choosing so you can demonstrate, once and for all, the absolute safety of your favorite chemical, RoundUp. I doubt we’ll have to hear any more from you after that. Your next of kin might be well off though, after they’ve sued Monsanto.

  6. Gooding June 12, 2019 1:35 pm Reply

    Question Charles, Do you drive a car? Does your house run on electricity? If you answered yes to these questions then maybe you should think before preaching about poisons. the gas you use to run your vehicle is made by petrochemicals. The electricity used to run your computer is made from oil. So why don’t you give up your vehicle and disconnect from KIUC, because you are adding to the poisons that everyone here on Kauai is taking into their bodies by smelling the fume from the vehicles.

  7. Pete Antonson June 13, 2019 2:26 pm Reply

    You’confused Monsanto with Syngenta, another biotec company based in Switzerland and now owned by the Chinese.

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