Group protests 5G, doesn’t want it on Kauai

  • Ryan Collins / The Garden Island

    The participants of the national day of protest against 5G introduction organized by 5G Action Kauai pose for a photo after participating in a rally opposing the introduction of 5G technology on Kauai Wednesday afternoon.

  • Courtesy photo

    Asmita Kulkarni, left, and Danny Hashimoto pose for a picture prior to a rally they co-organized to protest the implementation of 5G technology on Kauai.

  • Ryan Collins / The Garden Island

    Mahana Dunn, left, Richard Diamond, center, and a protester who preferred not to be named, take part in a national day of protest against 5G, on Ahukini Road and Kapule Highway Wednesday. The rally was organized by the group 5G Action Kauai.

LIHUE — In a national day of protest against the fifth generation of cellular network technology, 5G Action Kauai rallied on Kapule Highway and Ahukini Road Wednesday afternoon.

Around 35 activists held signs to combat the possibility of 5G being installed on Kauai as early as 2020, according to the event’s co-organizer Asmita Kulkarni.

“We’re here today because 5G is over a 100 times stronger than 4G,” Mahana Dunn said. “In the Netherlands, they did this Tesla 5G and all the birds fell out of the sky. We need to protect our island from excessive radiation because there are not significant studies done about the 5G.”

Dunn said 4G is strong enough, adding that “5G is another technology that doesn’t belong on this island.”

Co-organizers Kulkarni and Danny Hashimoto said their concerns are for people’s health.

“In the same way that Pierre Omidyar proceeded with the dairy, he actually started with construction, he had zero permits, nor did he even have an environmental impact assessment,” Hashimoto said. “Now carry that to an issue that is so important. Decades ago, scientific evidence came out that said that radio towers — and these are the large radio towers emitting the signals — were dangerous if you lived in close proximity.”

There are arguments on both sides of the issues.

A recent article by Susan Pocket of the School of Psychology at Auckland University concluded that “politicians in the Western world should stop accepting soothing reports from individuals with blatant conflicts of interest and start taking the health and safety of their communities seriously.”

She wrote that low-intensity radiofrequency radiation has multiple harmful effects on human health.

“Unlike secondhand smoke, secondhand radiation is fast becoming inescapable,” Pocket wrote.

An article on, states: “According to expert agencies and the studies we have so far, there’s nothing to suggest 5G mmWave is a significant health risk, but it’s clear there is more research to be done on the subject.”

The article also stated that: “The (Food and Drug Administration) told Digital Trends that, at this time, it “continues to believe that the current safety limits for cellphone radiofrequency energy exposure remain acceptable for protecting the public health.”

“The limits are based on the frequency of the device, meaning that 5G has a different limit than other technologies,” an agency spokesperson wrote in an email. “As part of our commitment to protecting the public health, the FDA has reviewed, and will continue to review, many sources of scientific and medical evidence related to the possibility of adverse health effects from radiofrequency energy exposure in both humans and animals, and will continue to do so as new scientific data are published.”

Hashimoto said that, simply put, these intense microwaves or electromagnetic frequencies can be damaging to people who are vulnerable, especially keiki.

Kulkarni, who has a background in biotechnology and works for a law firm, started getting information on the intensity of 5G technology through her research.

“I learned that right now the current 4G runs at up to 2.4 gigahertz,” Kulkarni said. “5G will expose people to people up to 95 gigahertz.”

Kulkarni added that the Federal Communications Commission hasn’t tested the effects of 5G technology on human biology and that any exposure is without consent and a violation of human rights.

Kulkarni pointed to a recent, 10-year study performed by the National Institutes of Health that found 4G cellphone radiation is 100 percent toxic.

“That’s based on the 4G technology,” she said. “So imagine the 5G technology.”

The organization 5G Action Kauai plans to hold similar rallies in the future, and will begin circulating a petition to legislators about their 5G health concerns.


Ryan Collins, county reporter, can be reached at 245-0424 or

  1. No get nuts May 16, 2019 4:58 am Reply

    And to protest the auctioning off of Hawaiian lands to the highest bidder nobody show up.

  2. rk669 May 16, 2019 6:10 am Reply

    5G,is progress! Get in the River Progressives!

  3. Joe Gott May 16, 2019 7:15 am Reply

    I find it interesting that a person quoted in this article refers to an alleged test in the Netherlands where birds allegedly died as a result of the alleged test. Yet, states that this statement is false. This means that the truth is out there somewhere. There’s nothing wrong in asking for a legitimate test that can be performed by a group representing varied interests. Assuming electronic technologies are harmless to humans is not a good practice in general.

    1. Asmita May 16, 2019 1:51 pm Reply

      There is lots of scientific data available to prove that these frequencies are harmful for birds, bees, and other species. Please read this report to the UNESCO “Botanist Report Links The Pulsed Microwave Radiation Emissions Of Wireless Networks To The Disappearance And Exodus Of Song Birds, Bats And Insects In Mt. Nardi”

  4. alien May 16, 2019 7:21 am Reply

    Smart meter 2.0, you guys should move to a very isolated location such as the north pole. Pretty sure you will be safe in the frozen tundra of nothingness.

  5. Amused May 16, 2019 8:24 am Reply

    Do people really believe this complete and utter nonsense? “In the Netherlands, they did this Tesla 5G and all the birds fell out of the sky.”

    Come on, TGI. Just because people say stupid stuff doesn’t mean you’re duty bound to report it.

  6. Orange monkey May 16, 2019 11:06 am Reply

    Is this article for real or is it a joke? if its real then there are way too many people on this island that have no clue and a lot of free time. im sitting here laughing so hard im not sure what to even type to respond to this nonsense. and yeah TGI you really should check up on facts before you post anything

  7. They Blinded me with Science May 16, 2019 2:56 pm Reply

    95Ghz? Better put on those aluminum beanies, folks! Especially since 5G Test speeds in Chicago were from 80 to 900 Mbps. Upload speeds were from 12 to 57 Mbit/s. Ping was 25 milliseconds. Where are these people pulling this stuff? Sounds like potential litigants are being phished now: Kulkarni “works for a lawfirm”….says it all! Worried about radiation? Better lay off the bananas, beanie boyz and girlz.

  8. Mixhael May 16, 2019 6:41 pm Reply

    All the so called expert agencies that are mention finding nothing wrong with 5G are actually paid by the net providers who have a financial interst in pushing it through. Reality is that there are a multitude of independent studies that show that this kind of radiation is terrible and dangerous and 5G will be forbidden in a lot of European countries because those countries care for their residents. US cares more about making money unfortunately.

  9. Manawai May 16, 2019 11:21 pm Reply

    What with the chem trails, GMO poisonings and now this? WE’RE DOOMED!!

  10. Manawai May 17, 2019 5:25 am Reply

    Chem trails, GMO poisonings and now this? Give me a break Kauai!

  11. Earl Balai Jr May 17, 2019 5:49 am Reply

    I protest the protesters…. NO ONE THERE TRULY BELONGS ON THE ISLAND. 5G is progress. Hawaii in general desperately needs that.

  12. Earl Balai Jr May 17, 2019 5:53 am Reply

    All I see are white folk and hippies. No native Hawaiians. “Our Island” Might as well protest to remove cell towers. Why don’t they also just toss their cellphones. Radiation my ass. Protest the real things that matter. Not the BS. One being the auctioning off of native Hawaiian land. They won’t protest those since you are also people that would buy up these properties so they can call themselves “Hawaiian”

  13. commonsenseisnt May 17, 2019 10:38 am Reply

    Want to make money from an online conspiracy? Here’s a quick guide:
    -Find something that’s common, yet mysterious, and pretend
    that it’s deadly. It doesn’t matter if science is against you,
    because people don’t believe science.
    -Build a sense of community. People will feed into each other to
    make their beliefs feel more valid.
    -Easy-to-read testimonials are worth more than a million
    scientific papers. But if you can find a half-baked scientific
    article or an outdated study, then you should use it.
    -Try to get on the news. They want to make money too.
    -Devise a call to arms. When people publicly protest against
    something, they’re less likely to listen to opposing views.
    -Convince people that they’re in a community of “truth” and that
    they’re fighting against a powerful conspiracy.
    -Blame the government. People hate the government.
    -Conveniently ignore logical equivalence. In the case of smart
    meters, you should suggest that people use mechanical meters,
    even though mechanical meters produce EM radiation.
    – Join hands with other conspiracy communities. Your followers
    might overlap.

  14. BigBotoYamamoto May 18, 2019 6:15 am Reply

    A whole lot of 5 G scientific experts on the TGI forums these days. Fact is none of you can say for certain that the effects of 5G wont be devastating to human biology. Most of you have no idea what the technology is or how it even works. Like the fact that the range for 5G is much smaller than 4G, meaning a whole lot more towers. Towers everywhere, in your front lawn, foodland parking lot, your kids elementary, towers EVERYWHERE!! not to mention, in order for the signals to be effective there cant be anything blocking the line of sight or line of signal… which means trees, hedges bushes all gotta go. Nothing wrong with asking questions and trying to learn a bit before we potentially make a devastating choice.

  15. Reason to be concerned May 21, 2019 2:37 pm Reply

    Yep, there is reason to be cautious with the high frequency millimeter wave technology. Many governments are putting a moratorium on 5G until the health effects are better understood, like Brussels, who’s Environment Minister stated “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit”. Millimeter wave technology is the same technology the military uses for crowd dispersal. It makes you feel like your skin is burning. It is the same technology as “the voice of God”, where it can be used to make a person hear voices in their head. Plus it is documented that it picks up every movement within a building or home and can identify who is talking by voice recognition. Look up the petition against 5G by 26,000 scientist to the UN, WHO, all the governments of the world. Look up the work of Dr. Martin Pall and Dr. Barrie Trower. And they plan on putting this technology on street lamps, with boosters in all the residential neighborhoods.

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