Family of Alexander Gumm look for answers

  • Alexander McLaren Gumm has been missing in Kauai since Feb. 22, 2018. His parents believe he may have been seeking the refuge of the monastery or living off the grid. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is encouraged to call (207) 676-2133.

KAPAA — Ben Gumm and Sally McLaren hold out hope their son has found what he was looking for. They last talked to him at a bus station in North Berwick, Maine prior to his departure to Kauai in February of last year. That was the last time the parents laid eyes on their son as he has been missing on the island since Feb. 24 of 2018.

“He said, ‘can you give me a ride to the bus depot? I’m leaving Maine to go to Kauai,’” his mother recalls of their last conversation.

The 25-year-old Alexander McLaren Gumm headed to Kauai in order to seek enlightenment. It was a path that he “matter of factly” was set on, his mom says, clinging to the hope Alex is somewhere on the island and someone has seen him.

Gumm had taken a vow of silence from his parents, Ben and Sally, and possibly everyone prior to his departure. They say he began to withdraw from his social circles in his hometown in Maine, where he was living with his parents prior to leaving. He didn’t talk much about why he was going to Kauai, or what he wanted to do when he got here, other than to say he was seeking enlightenment.

Gumm’s cell phone records indicated that he last contacted two cab companies after staying at the Kauai Beach House Hostel for two days on Feb. 22-23, 2018. His last known call from his cell phone was placed to the Kauai Beach House Hostel on Feb. 24, 2018.

The staff at the hostel remembers Gumm as a quiet and introverted person who kept to himself before leaving after his two-day stay at the hostel. That’s also how his parents describe Alexander, as a young man that kept to himself and frequented Los Angeles from the time he was 17, working odd and end jobs in Maine between trips to California. When in California, Gumm was in a band pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a professional musician. Gumm is a vegan and does not use drugs or alcohol according to his parents. He has a distinguishing tattoo on the underside of his left forearm: the Kundalini Staff of Life.

Gumm made two calls between Feb. 22-23, 2018. One to the A-1 Lift, Kauai Taxi and Island Tours company at 5:08 p.m. on Feb. 22. The other call was to the Kauai Taxi on Feb. 23, at 1:03 p.m.

The owner of the A-1 Lift, Kauai Taxi and Island Tours company said he did not recognize the photo of Gumm and that the ‘Pride of America’ cruise ship had come into port by that evening and that he was not operating in the Kapaa region that night.

The Kauai Taxi company has no record of Gumm in their system and said the same cruise ship was in port that night and they were, “incredibly busy.” The company said they would have most likely turned Gumm down for a ride, as they do not operate in Kapaa where the beach hostel is. They only operate in Lihue.

Gumm’s parents believe he may have sought out either the Buddhist or Hindu monks on the island to perpetuate the knowledge he gained from an excursion to India. His mother Sally said that an investigation was opened by the Kauai Police Department (KPD) in March of 2018 and they have heard little from the detective who heads up the case.

“He did an extensive amount of research on Buddhism, spiritualism, on ascension, on enlightenment and the Bible,” Sally Gumm said. “He was a big fan of Jesus Christ as a teacher and a healer. He did a lot of research on healing herbs and natural supplements…He loved the outdoors and was very interested in that. One thing he said about L.A. was, ‘there’s too much cement and not enough trees.’ Kauai was right up his alley as far of the natural resources.”

His parents, like any loving parents, don’t understand if he is alive and well why he is not contacting them. All they can think of is if they came to the island looking for him that he would say, “what are you doing here?”

“He hasn’t taken any money out of his bank account,” his father said in an interview with the Garden Island. “We’re connected with his cell phone records and so we’re incredibly worried about him.”

Gumm traveled to the island with cash only and anyone with any information is urged to contact Ben and Sally Gumm at (207) 676-2133, or by emailing them at

In a press release, the KPD said, “Gumm is reported as five feet, 11 inches tall, weighing approximately 160 pounds. He has brown hair and is of Caucasian descent.

He has a blue tattoo on his left forearm, approximately eight inches long, of a staff with energy spirals. Gumm has another blue tattoo on his right hand of the symbol of the third eye.

Anyone with information about Gumm’s whereabouts is urged to call KPD Dispatch at 241-1711 or Crime Stoppers Kauai at 246-8300.”

  1. HostelRough February 26, 2019 1:50 pm Reply

    The Beach House Hostel and area in a rough area with crime and drugs with criminals and a criminal biker gang operating in that area. It’s widely known by locals as a hot spot for crime. The local police Dept and substatuknows this and if they ain’t saying anything is because they are protecting their families drug operations in that area.

    There’s been an alarming rate of missing people and unattended deaths on Kauai. This should be investigated but the people of Kauai are scared shitless of their own judicial system and especially KPD and DLNR.

    This is where people won’t talk about and are too afraid of these goons pretending to protect and serve. They definitely protect drug dealers, rapists, and murderers and serve a shadow government of corruption tied to a multinational criminal organization.

    The Kealoha’s case is not only an Oahu, HPD, Honolulu PA office problem; it’s on all islands and it’s all the problems the judicial system on each island face. Public corruption on all islands are the norm and people are afraid to speak up.

    All the people and public have to do is read the history of all the public officials arrested, prosecuted, fired, and are facing charges from the Feds to know that the Feds are tired I these clowns and are bringing back justice in the islands.

    A precedent has been set and taking down public corruption is the number 1 concern for the DOJ in Hawaii. Big brother is watching and taking care of business. The people of Hawaii and Kauai should take notice and report any information that they have on crimes and also crimes done by public officials.

    This is the time to no be afraid and to have courage. The time to send the corrupt officials a message that the people have the power and if these public officials break the law, they will have to answer to a higher power and the checks and balances are being monitored by big brother the federal government.

    All the unsolved crimes, missing people and murders should be a concern but it’s alarmning that Kauai’s public officials are quiet about these public safety issues. Why? Have they found the Kauai Serial Killer? What is wrong with KPD? The PA office? DLNR? Judges? Attorneys? Public officials? 3-4 audits and theft has occurred at each and every audit and multiple offenders have committed the same public crimes in several audits.

    Hostel rough area with drug and crimes in the hostel and surrounding areas. A unchecked drug dealing meth biker gang hiding under toys for tots and lay lay for sale.

  2. Koconut_wireless February 26, 2019 3:08 pm Reply

    These kids that come over here chasing after a “re-birth” and do this to their parents are nothing more than disrespectful childish brats wasting resources. Why can’t these kids call their parents and say “hey, look, I’m throwing my phone in the ocean and going to live like a savage in the mountains. I love you and please don’t come look for me.” BOOM DONE. Instead they lead KPD and who knows who else on a wild chase to find them all sunburnt, dehydrated, near starving, confused, brain washed, and working some marijuana grow farm like a modern slave. They’re reborn all right into an EBT needing, non-bathing, dirty, now relying on the government to feed them, alcoholic, medical marijuana card holding, self-proclaimed light healer…we’ve all seen it…PLEASE GO HOME and get an education, a job and do something with your life. Stop worrying your parents sick and grow up!

  3. ruthann jones February 26, 2019 6:45 pm Reply

    Oh, my goodness…this sounds very ominous. The parents need to go to Kauai to search for him, regardless of his ‘feelings’! If he is indeed alive, he is a very inconsiderate son. I hope it is that scenario.

  4. Koconut_wireless February 27, 2019 7:25 pm Reply

    We’re talking about a lost spoiled kid on Kauai, not real sure why you included Oahu? He came over here and as any little brat kid would do hasn’t told Mommy and Daddy where he is and that he is okay.
    Now lets talk about corrupt officials, you think the government is covering up this kid from Maine’s disappearance? Just because you aren’t privy to all of the inside details of an investigation doesn’t there is some sinister cover up. Things are kept out of the public eye to protect an investigation but your simple mind will never be able to wrap your head around that so go ahead and throw your conspiracies.
    You think him wanting to be re-born and find the center of the universe has something to do with the Department of Justice? Maybe you should stop buying meth and switch over to buying laulau and stop pointing your broken finger at things you have no proof of. By the way their laulau is the best on the island.

  5. Kapaaa March 5, 2019 9:21 am Reply

    He is 25 years old! An Adult! He is free to do as he pleases without parental permission. Leave him alone to his own pursuits, especially if it’s to escape overbearing parents!

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