Letter for Thursday, February 7, 2019

Don’t let government put fluoride in water

For those who are not normally involved in the legislative process, what a great time to speak out with everything you have. This is thanks to (D) Sen. Karl Rhoads’ recent proposed legislation to fluoridate (poison) your water here in Hawaii. For anyone who is in doubt of how toxic fluoride is, simply look at the side of your toothpaste where it says, “If swallowed call poison control.”

The painful irony behind the proposed legislation is the supposed benefit to our teeth. Just one of the many known negative effects of fluoride is dental and skeletal fluorosis. So why in the world would we put it in our water? I’d say that’s a great question that also applies to the long list of known poisons our government allows in our food and water.

By definition fluoride is a drug. A drug should be dosed appropriate to a patient’s needs, not be flagrantly “dumped” in the public water supply. There are far too many negative effects of fluoride to list but I say as the people of Hawaii we only need one simple premise to reject fluoride. That is we all have the right to decide for ourselves what drug we wish and not wish to take. We should never allow our government to drug the population in mass for any reason.

Many other municipalities around the country have also awakened to the toxicity of fluoride in the water and are starting to remove it. We should be eliminating fluoride from the water supply nationwide, not adding it!

Michael Newgent, Kapaa

  1. RG DeSoto February 7, 2019 7:02 am Reply

    Why should any of us be subjected to involuntarily being medicated?
    RG DeSoto

  2. james February 7, 2019 7:20 am Reply

    Probably an anti-vaxxer as well. When did science become our enemy? There’s a reason life is better now than 100 years ago. Don’t be ignorant: embrace science and applaud those who try to better mankind. No, Michael, you don’t know more than experts who dedicate their working lives to these scientific and medical pursuits. What are your credentials and where are your studies and data to back up these ludicrous assertions? Don’t drink the water and don’t expect us to pay for your families’ dental bills.

    1. RG DeSoto February 8, 2019 4:37 pm Reply

      Right on, James! You apparently trust the government, that bastion of competency, to force you to consume an industrial waste product euphemistically said to be a safe medication and antidote to cavities. The fluoride used to treat water is a waste by-product of aluminum production. Of course companies like Alcoa love this because they get paid for their toxic waste by duped taxpayers.
      You may think relinquishing your liberty to choose what medications you want…but don’t think for a moment that the rest of us want that. You’re just part of the state loving herd.
      RG DeSoto

  3. John Zwiebel February 7, 2019 8:56 am Reply

    You are right Michael. Fluoride does work to prevent cavities when placed in drinking water, but there are many other ways of getting fluoride. As with anything, too much can cause problems. I would like to see the study that finds Dental Disease is so wide-spread in Hawaii that it is medically necessary to add Fluoride to the water. I’d rather tell people to “eat more fish”. 😉

  4. rk669 February 8, 2019 5:49 pm Reply

    Why so many Toofless locals?

  5. Charlie Chimknee February 8, 2019 10:58 pm Reply

    Applying Flouride directly to your teeth as an additive to your toothpaste is a fitting “pill for every ill” approach, it even appears to fit the prevention approach…with an emphasis on appears.

    But many wholistic dental books have been written lately describing how teeth develop cavities and rot from the inside some of which caused by the typical dental practice of drilling out cavities and destroying the hundreds of yards of each tooth’s Dentine Tubules which are the source, like blood vessels, for each tooth’s continued integrity and health.

    But to literally stream Flouride through out entire blood stream, all of our organs, all of our tissues, and perhaps our brains, as well as infiltrating it into our body systems with no knowledge of its long term ill effects smacks of a Dr. Joseph Megele’s human experimentations under Hitler and is horrifying to think it is being done in America.

    Flouride is a waste product from the making of aluminum, aluminum is made from bauxite.

    Aluminum plants, one is alongside the Columbia River in Washington State, is a replica of what literally a burning Hell must look like and feel like…having been there, the aluminum plant…and done that.

    It is already researched by many independents, independent of the medical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and Big Food industry, that the chemicals in food are part of the cancer complex, and now they want to dose all of us via the drinking water with my more not sufficiently tested chemicals such as Flouride…? That’s Macabre…!

    Had Mother Nature intended we all get Flouride in our drinking water she would have provided a aluminum plant on the Wailua River for the arriving Hawaiians to discover. Guffaw, chortle…!

    Keep in mind that there are financially desperate pseudo scientists, ones who would write or say anything for a fat check, truthful or otherwise, for any corporate entity in need of a frivolous dishonest opinion…for instance fakemscience that Flouride is good for our teeth when put into the drinking water…but is it good for our organs…already we know it makes our teeth brittle.

    And when it comes to flu vaccine, if one were to study the human immune system, they’d know that human exposure, challenge, and response to invasive live active organisms of flu and other sickness by by typical population contagion methods, is what strengthens and matures the immune system repeatedly, over a lifetime and that using oral or injectible laboratory killed flu organism is like protecting yourself from last month’s coffee…clearly not smart to drink.

    Prevention methods disease, oral or body wise, need study without regard for disease care concern for loss of medical profits.

    Heath of the individual for oral or body Heath should reign King of Consideration.



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