Meeting on immunizations

KAPAA — A monthly public meeting discussing immunizations is kicking off Feb. 3 at the Kapaa Neighborhood Center and is set to be held on the first Sunday of every month at 11 a.m.

The meeting is meant to raise awareness about immunizations. It is being put on by concerned citizens, not an organization.

Movies will also be shown, with the first being “Vaxxed.”

Info: 212-1199

Editor’s note: This story and title were edited for clarity.

  1. Steven McMacken January 23, 2019 5:09 am Reply

    Shame on The Garden Island newspaper for even allowing this into print.

    “Learn the dangers of immunization”? Not only is the headline misleading but the article contains factual errors. If your reporter had bothered to do even a small amount of research, she would have found that (1) there was no “destruction of studies,” and (2) there is no scientific evidence supporting the oft-repeated claim that the MMR vaccine causes autism.

    It is unfair to the public to print such an article without qualifying it with what person or organization is making the presentation. These are simply anti-vaxxers operating under the guise of raising public awareness about the so-called “dangers of immunizations” when, in fact, all they want to do is further their lies. By running this article you have effectively given them tacit approval.

  2. Nate January 23, 2019 6:59 am Reply

    Please be more clear that this “public meeting” is not a county or Department of Health meeting. Everyone should trust their doctor’s decades of medical training more than an hour of “research” on the internet or watching some movie. All doctors and physician organizations recommend vaccinations. What happened to small pox again?

    1. Charlie Chimknee January 23, 2019 2:01 pm Reply

      Nate, a lot of people trust their used car salesman, their plumbers, roofers, mechanics, elected politicians, religious leaders and ministers; and health care providers are no exception. The people needing help and the people selling help whether by billing or donation, regardless, people seeking seeking service have to have a certain amount of faith in the service provider and their system or science, if any.

      Poor roofing materials manufactured somewhere remote from your neighborhood and your rood fails does not mean the plumber is bad, nor the same for medical drugs that makes all those scary and even lethal side effects we hear of TV on the drug ads does not mean the doctor who provided them is a bad or incompetent person…just which do you prefer to fail? Your roof or your child’s life or your own? Like the plumber, bad materials to work with is the cause of concern. In the case of 90% of the medical drugs, those drugs are made from petroleum the same petroleum/oil used in your car…except it is refined into petrochemicals. You do know that they are carcinogenic don’t you…you know, Cancer causing. That’s a tough service material to have to work with; especially when the service provider is trying to bring about health…especially so in infants and children who are more delicate than adults.

      Vaccines or dental fillings with mercury in them, which damages the nervous system, is bad regardless of how wonderful the doctor or the dentist is.

      Your faith in the doctor does not improve the safety of the vaccine, dental fillings or drugs. And of course you can expect a positive recommendation from the doctors because that is what they do, they middle man the sale of all the drugs; even the opiate epidemic ones that lead to illegal street heroin after the doctor cuts off their prescription.

      What do you call it when the doctor prescribes opiates for back pain, and does not refer the patient out to expert physical therapists, doctors of chiropractic, or massage therapists; and as a result of failing to refer for the proper care…the patient overdoses on opiates and dies? What do you call that? What do you call it when your child is perfectly well and you allow vaccines to be put into your child and your child becomes autistic out of the blue and is handicapped for life. What do you call that?

      Bad choice? Uneducated choice? That is why there will be a meeting on Vaccine and Autism on Feb 3 in Kapa’a, thank God.

      How do doctors know which drugs to use…? Well, seminars, email, and TV just like you and me see…and their schooling is the same the first 2 years for all the 4 types of doctors in America, Medical doctors, Naturopathic doctors, Chiropractic doctors, and Osteopathic doctors.

      The medical doctors spend much of their second 2 years of medical school learning “which pill for which ill”; and they have more than “ one pill for every pill”; and sometimes a lifetime prescription sales for many diseases. And they have back up pill(s) for when the 1st pill fails, and subsequent pills for the side effects and bad reactions for the first ill’s pills.

      You ask what happened to small pox? I can’t answer that without some research on statistics…I can tell you that since vaccines, autism has sky rocketed in numbers of child victims. Whose child should we take a chance on, sacrifice, destroy, or even kill with an anaphylactic shock drug or vaccine reaction. If that happens, the petrochemical drug company still gets paid and every earner in the chain form the patent holder to the doctor to the nurse…right down to the hospital janitor’s wages.

      Look around you at the elderly, ask them how many childhood vaccines they had…and they are long lived and elderly already without vaccines; so why do modern children with ancient genetically passed down effective and capable nervous systems and immunes systems (they work together) need what others before them same family did not. If great grandma had no vaccines and lived to be 98 and active and healthy why does little Johhny or Joany need this stuff, much less mandatorily…and it ain’t free…why are African nations suing Bill Gate and his vaccine program in Africa…could be the program hurt too many people? You tell me.

      Remember, Health is in the integrity of the host…all humans are hosts in the adaptation of their internal environment (health) to the external environment (disease). Internal strength comes from natural internal adaptation not synthetic fake dangerous petrochemicals.

      Do you expect “physician organizations” to turn away the business of vaccines, certainly it would be like shooting themselves in the foot, because that is their income, as is the more business income of complications and side effects of the vaccines and drugs…and the life time treatment and disability of an autistic child allowing more income and profit for a lifetime for many of them.

      Are you kidding, I know several doctors who privately will tell you that they would not vaccine their children.

      Vaccine companies will not provide safety guarantees or be wiling to pay for damages, they don’t want the risk…so why would you risk your child?

      Besides if you studied human immunology you would know that beside the body’s ability to self heal, it also internally produces at every moment of necessity many many types of defensive cells, e.g., Antibiotics, Agglutins, Precipitators, Neutralyzers, Opsins, and Lysins, to name just a few of our body’s defensive cells…and our bodies produce them by the GodZillions in the prescence of invasive “ things” of all kinds from foreign diseases that enter our bodies…in fact every unassisted response to an invasive (antigen) disease causes our immune system to get stronger and stronger…but you become weaker and weaker immunologically when treated or “assisted” by vaccines and drugs…realize, you are a self contained package…have you no faith in that? You would if you had been educated about your body.

      Faith is for church, but sadly facts and science to many civilians are sorely lacking and those civilians become over reliant with blind faith on doctors and corporations bent on huge profits and salaries.

      One of the heads of the Center for Disease Control, CDC, was recently involved in activity that was at the least not honorable as to their position of public authority (was it profit from a patent held on a vaccine)…it is people like that that we are led to believe would only do what is best for us instead of for profit for someone, self, or some corporation’s profits.

      So what happened to polio? When it came back, the inventor of the vaccine, Dr. Jonas Salk saw that the statistics showed more people actually contracted polio with the vaccine, than of those who were not vaccinated. When polio came back in its next 30 year cycle, in order to save face the scientists changed the name of the polio signs and symptoms to another name…Spinal Meningitis. So much for wiping out polio.

      That smoke and mirrors works on the ignorant public. Get educated and push for your child to be educated at school early on.

      And why Governor Ige would do well to have Pre-K Keiki attend school, and better if they learn from early on appropriate age level education about their own bodies through grade 12. Then we will see Real Health soar to new heights and the retiring of most medical drug care.

      Why? Because we as humans deserve better, and real Health will help us to express our God Given human potentials.

      Let’s never forget about Cause and Effects…remove the Causes of Disease.



      1. Pete Antonson January 26, 2019 12:47 pm Reply

        Looks like Charlie the Quack did a cut and paste like a 5th grade book report. It’s not his writing style and, believe me, Charlie does NOT “know several doctors!”

      2. Steven McMacken January 26, 2019 1:48 pm Reply

        Charlie, you say that “facts and science to many civilians are sorely lacking.” That’s true and, unfortunately, it is evident throughout your lengthy, and often misleading, comment.

        You said that statistics showed that “more people contracted polio with the vaccine than those who were not vaccinated.” That is patently false. And I challenge you to supply the evidence that supports that statement. Dr. Salk grew the polio virus in culture and then used a chemical called formalin to kill the virus, rendering it UNABLE to cause polio.

        More facts for you: according to the CDC, in 1954, the year before the polio vaccine became widely available, there were 18,000 cases of paralytic polio. Ten years later the number had dropped to 106. The polio vaccine is one of the great success stories of modern medicine.

        Spinal Meningitis, a bacterial infection, is a totally different disease than polio (caused by a virus) and it has completely different symptoms. It affects the tissue that surrounds the brain (the meninges) and is treated with antibiotics. I know this because I contracted it while trekking and climbing in Nepal and it nearly killed me.

  3. Lorelei January 23, 2019 3:55 pm Reply

    I assume there will also be a real medical doctor present to offer the scientific facts? I’m an immune patient here on Kauai and this sort of destructive misinformation risks my life and the lives of many others. I wish my immunologist were still on Kauai; she would have been a powerhouse of facts in in this blizzard of drivel.

    1. Cynthia January 25, 2019 3:57 pm Reply

      First off I would like to commend the Garden Island News Press for posting the meeting on immunizations (controversial) NOT the dangers of immunizations as one man mentioned. In OUR island news press. This meeting has come about w/ the recent DOH wanting to add six more childhood immunizations to the schedule. There is absolutely nothing wrong w/ getting together and shedding some light on vaccines. Which I can tell many who have commented up above have not done their homework. I see that many are stating trust your doctors who went to medical school & so forth. Recently I had my doc say to me it’s a one in a million chance of having a bad reaction to a vaccine. I laughed and replied to him that if there is 324 million people in America per census so that’s be 324 adverse reactions. Wrong as there are way more than that reported on the VAERS. Also many think there is no scientific studies on the harm induced by vaccines, there are & there is evidence. Well lets think logically here. Why is there a Vaccine Injury court set up to pay victims & why is there a VAERS reporting system for docs? Fact is there is insurmountable evidence that says otherwise. Fact is there are NO human safety testing done for vaccines. My son was forever changed after his twelve mos vaccines. I had a gut feeling to not vaccinate him that day & it was strong. I shared this w/ our pediatrician & he totally coerced me into vaccinating my precious child. Spoke of the infamous herd immunity & even drew me a chart. My son who was developing perfectly normal like my two older children. Two days later he had a huge seizure from there he backslid into not being able to speak, his balance changed & he changed. My educated medical doctor did nothing but refer me to another doc who was a Stanford grad. He then gave my son drugs that gave him more seizures & this madness went on. I went straight to the source, the CDC & there it was MMR severe reaction jerking seizures. My son’s vaccine induced autism is real. Get the book written by Stanford doc JB Handley just came out last August, he also went through what we did, actually two Stanford docs. One CDC scientist, and many other well educated physicians. Also Miller’s Review of 400 Important Scientific Papers for Researchers (written by docs/scientists). Do your homework as I have done & live it as I have done then you can say otherwise. The medical world couldn’t help my son because they’re in such a denial of truth. Only one doc at UCSF said our son had brain damage and concluded everything I had come to learn about adverse reactions to vaccines. When I asked her to put it all in writing for me she replied that she wouldn’t. From that point on we lost all faith & trust in the people who we thought were there to help us. I did some research on where that beautiful SF hospital gets funding, several large pharmaceutical co’s. I’d like to ad that I know an epidemiologist that works at the CDC, met him by accident or not. I told him what happened to our son and what he thought. He shook his head & said to me that he and many of his colleagues that work at the CDC do not vaccinate!! It is not okay for one human to be a victim of vaccine injury/death. In today’s world vaccines should be safety tested like all other drugs. Ask yourself “why don’t they safety test”? My son had extensive genetic testing, no markers for epilepsy and there are no genes that have been identified for autism. There isn’t an autism gene btw. So his probs were called a mystery by many docs here & at UCLA. I have read through eight years of injury & death reports from vaccines online. These are put there by the CDC & our gov. Lastly here are some studies on MMR & autism, Singh VK, Lin SX, et al. Abnormal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism, J Biomed Sci 2002 Jul-Aug; 9(4):359-64 MMR & autism assoc.
      Deisher TA, Doan NV, et al Impact of environmental factors on the prevalence of autistic disorder after 1979. J Public Health Epidemiol 2014 Sep; 6(9): 271-86. This is a study on MMR & other vaccines made w/ human aborted fetal cells may be linked w/ rising cases of autism.

      1. Cynthia January 25, 2019 4:01 pm Reply

        I am sorry my comment came up twice! Accident. LORELEI, please go onto YouTube and look up Dr. Suzanne Humphries / Vaxxed she shares vital info on vaccine shedding and people in the community who have compromised immune systems. Very vital info for immune compromised individuals.

      2. Pete Antonson January 26, 2019 1:04 pm Reply

        You actually posted a 2002 reference from before autism researchers wasted 10 years, of what might have been groundbreaking discoveries, on debunking an English con-man’s (convicted BTW) media driven hoax? Aren’t you paying any attention?
        What you needed was completion of graduate school in a research based profession that would have taught you critical thinking in regards to discerning the quality of research! Without that, you worked very hard but WASTED YOUR TIME awash in preferential bias and emotion!
        The scientific consensus on this issue is OVERWHELMING. Consensus is a critical word because there will always be outliers, like that vile English con man, who will look to make a nice living on the lecture tour to the ignorant!

  4. Sam January 23, 2019 10:14 pm Reply

    Don’t just believe someone because they are a doctor. Don’t just believe someone because they say something is true! Do your own research and decide for your self what’s safe and what’s not. I for one do not believe vaccinations have been tested enough to prove they cause no harm to our children. The vaxxed movie really brings to light some dirty deeds that big pharma and doctors and the government are in on. It’s scary and needs to be investigated!

    1. Pete Antonson January 26, 2019 1:08 pm Reply

      The really, really big problem with “doing your own research” is that research, in this domain, is a professional activity and you are NOT equipped for it!

  5. Casey January 23, 2019 10:27 pm Reply

    I can not believe that a local paper would publish this article. Not only is it misleading to the public but it put our island community in harms way. Who is hosting this event and what are their qualifications to do so? Take a look at the national news today about the measles outbreak in the Pacific Northwest and write an article about those dangers posed to our community. Obviously the garden island realizes how misinformed and potentially hurtful this article since it has been edited since posting. Think before you print something like this! Let’s get an article printed by trained medical professionals and public health specialists.

    1. commonsenseisnt January 24, 2019 12:51 pm Reply

      How much research do you recommend? Like 4 years of a background in Biology and physiology (under-schooling if you will), then another 4 of specialization in medicine schooling, 3 of an internship and then another 5+ of a residency in some building surrounded by more qualified teachers and practitioners? Then should you be listened to? It would be nearly impossible to find someone with that much training and expertise to weigh in on this topic

  6. NotYoMama January 24, 2019 1:37 pm Reply

    Unfortunately those who do not recognize vaccine dangers are not well read on the subject. Most of the medical practitioners who will be available to hear at these meetings will be able to provide you a plethora of scientific literature that proves significant dangers of vaccines to those susceptible to them. If I could provide links here I would. Please look into Shoenfeld’s research on autoimmunity, Dr. Kelley and Zimmerman, Shaw, Exley, and the links at vaccine papers dot org on aluminum studies in the past decade. You may find yourself some in a little flurry of cognitive dissonance.

  7. Seringma January 25, 2019 2:40 pm Reply

    Dear Garden Island, thank you for posting this meeting and clearly editing it for clarity. No claims or sides were made. Just the facts of a journalist presenting information. Even thou it controversial we still have freedom of speech in America, everyone deserves to gather information to make a decision for themself. By running this article you are raising awareness. There are many questions about the safety of these immunizations. the public wants to know. When you do the research you will find there are many scientific studies showing the 63 toxic ingredients in vaccinations are causing harm. Get informed on both sides to make a decision if you want your child injected with shots, first find out the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) may provide financial compensation to individuals who file a petition and are found to have been injured by a VICP-covered vaccine. there are thousands of proven cases of harm and death from vaccines. do you want to be the one to inject with blind faith and not even ask why are so many injured? Go ahead, I won’t. Although controversial l would still rather question and talk about it, rather that loose freedom of speech. let each person decide for themself and not judge and condemn the other.
    to those who want to find proof that 1) there was “destruction of studies,” and (2) there is scientific evidence supporting the oft-repeated claim that the MMR vaccine causes autism. Look up:
    “The Simpson Wood transcripts” where the CDC was found guilty of hiding results of scientific tests proving there is a connection between Autism and Vaccinations. This is public information today were not blind any more. There are many studies proving harm. We rise up to see the truth ! Ask the local mothers on Kauai the Healing island who have vaccine injured children. We’re tired of being bullied by you. The trend in this country is to stop mandatory vaccinations now.

    1. Pete Antonson January 26, 2019 1:27 pm Reply

      “…there are thousands of proven cases of harm!” OMG, I’m scared, until I find out that over the last 12 years, as this “movement” peaked, there were 3,794 cases compensated. Of these, 80% represented efforts to avoid court costs in litigation and settled out of court. By contrast, during the same period, 3.4 billion doses of vaccines were given in the U.S. alone!
      The scientific consensus on this issue is OVERWHELMING. Consensus is a critical word because there will always be outliers who will look to make a nice, expense paid living on the lecture tour to the ignorant!

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