KMC getting bigger in Kapaa

  • Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island

    Amber Elkington, Jen Chahanovich, Dr. Geri Young, and Sarah Darby untie the maile lei to the 8,000 square-foot Kapaa Medical Clinic, Monday in the clock tower at the Kauai Village Shopping Center.

  • Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island

    Wilcox Health Chaplain Sarah Jones blesses the 8,000 square-foot footprint of the Kapaa Kauai Medical Clinic, Monday in the clock tower of the Kauai Village Shopping Center.

  • Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island

    Wilcox Health CEO and President Jen Chahanovich offers her mana‘o to the water, held by Chaplain Sarah Jones and Dr. Amy Corliss, Monday during the blessing and groundbreaking of the new Kapaa Medical Clinic at the Kauai Village Shopping Center.

KAPAA — The Kauai Medical Clinic in Kapaa got a lot bigger to be able to provide more primary care opportunities for residents in the Eastside, Monday.

Scheduled to open its doors to the public by the fall of 2019, ground was broken and blessed for the new facility located in the clock tower at the Kauai Village Shopping Center, where representatives of Shioi Construction, the project’s general contractor, were already engrossed with meetings to get the project moving.

“This is 8,000 square feet that is designed to grow with the community needs,” said Jen Chahanovich, the Wilcox Health CEO and president. “We’re here for the community.”

Faith Campbell, the Wilcox Health marketing manger, said the new facility is about four times bigger than the current facility located in the Kapaa Shopping Center.

Once completed, the clinic at the Kauai Village Shopping Center will have space to accommodate 16 examination rooms, two procedure rooms, a larger waiting room area, and space to provide additional support for Kauai Medical Clinic physicians.

  1. Charlie Chimknee December 18, 2018 9:50 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou,

    Congratulations to the new Medical Clinic…! New Facility, New Equipment, New People, New Address, BUT SAME OLD MEDICAL CARE PERPETUATING THE INCREASING AMOUNT AND NUMBERS OF PEOPLE WITH DISEASE.

    Same old approach to Disease. A Pill for Every I’ll. A pill to hide the symptoms of every ill. A Pill, a medicine, another chemical, another petrochemical, another carcinogen, another Cancer causing treatment, another cause of more toxic and lethal side effects, causing 55% of Americans to start with 1 pill for their ill which has multiple side effects causing the sick person to take additional carcinogenic pills so that on average the sick person is taking 3 more pills (total of 4 on average) and for some people the addition of Over the Counter drug chemicals makes it even more medicines.

    Chemicals = Disease Care= HELLth Care = No Care Really = More Disease= the Body at Dis-ease = Suffering = Loss of Health = Loss of Life Longevity…Don’t We as a People Deserve Better Than This.

    Our medical people are working very hard at what they do, but the statistics show the Disease Situation is getting worse.

    Increasing Obesity (look around at people on the street, the shopping centers, the “health” centers, you don’t need to be a Doctor to diagnose obesity), increasing numbers of Diabetes with competing numbers of new and more chemical drugs.

    Nobody with Diabetes is sick or has diabetes because they do not have enough diabetic drugs. They are sick for another reason, and in most cases it is the same cause as obesity. And obesity is mostly caused by eating junk non-nutrition food and drinks. Call it “garbage food”…food made of enormous amounts of chemicals, and all of it loaded with habituating come back for more…sugars…now múltiple sugars in each fodmunder disguised names , sugars that are put into food because it is cheaper to put in sugar than it is to put in real food…are you being ripped off…? Sure…it’s Sugar…and Sugar in our body converts into human lard, fat, obesity. This junk food is the cause of obesity, and much of the cause of diabetes.

    Tobacco is actually addictive and a cause of the majority of lung cancer and other lethal lung diseases. A sane society would outlaw tobacco.

    A sane society would outlaw junk non nutritious sugar food. But the sheep are addicted.

    We as people deserve better than this. But profit, jobs, income, sales of chemical drugs drive the perpetuation of that which is harming our people.

    Only you can prevent forest fires..oops, sorry Smokey the Bear, only you the people can Prevent Disease and protect yourself from disease.

    We do not need more disease centers, we need centers that teach actual HEALTH. How to maintain Health, how to RESTORE Health, how to make every day of your life promote and perpetuate your health and life longevity. The ways and methods are known, people must be proactive to bring Health into your their everyday.

    Disease is easy, you just wait for it…that is why the little voice at Sick Centers says…”We’ve been waiting for you…!”

    Health must be proactive, you must actively go for it, work at it, live it.

    The Starter System of Health is mostly free…SWARE = Sun, Water, Air, Rest, and Exercise.

    Add in all natural fresh food and drinks made of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes, and so much naturally more.

    But if you think you are going to eat food made from animals bodies with that white marble looking fat/lard…that accumulates in your body and after 3-5 decades of eating animals you have enough animal fat/lard stuck in your body to have too much of it in your blood vessels and heart, and you will have heart and vascular disease and be ready to be diagnosed and be sold carcinogenic Cancer causing drugs and have a heart attack and a stroke or only one if one of them kills you first. Sometimes your 1st symptom is your last. And Adios…but too young and too sad and too late. Only you can prevent in your body.

    You can wait for disease and the current for-profit business of Disease Care silently encourages you to wait at $4 Trillion Dollars a year in income.

    Health will not return to America with 55% of its weak population on chemical drugs and eating chemical foods, and waiting for disease, and only having the option to go to chemical drug doctors giving out more and more drugs like the new one in Kapa’a coming to Kapa’a.

    Kapa’a means strong, steadfast, and Kapa’a is that, but it’s people are not, too many on drugs from the doctor and streets, and some of the drugs are the very same from the doctor and the street.

    We as a people, as Americans, we are #1 in the world in cost of disease care (mistakenly called health care) and #37 in the quality of “health care”…WE DESERVE BETTER, AND WE SHOULD DEMAND BETTER…!

    While doctors are getting richer, our people are getting sicker.

    We can’t expect our doctors and nurses and hospitals and drug companies to help us, they are too deep into the rut they have dug themselves into with only a pill (or surgery) for every ill.

    We must look outside of and away from them for real Health and Life Longevity. We need to cultivate the production of Healthy Food, and have new people knowledgeable in educating us back to SUCCESSFUL HEALTH.

    Health is a 7 day a week job, served at every meal.

    Don’t ever forget, READ THOSE FOOD LABELS…! Put the chemicals back in the shelf and find the chemical free food. Many chemicals are written to look like food words but are just chemicals most made from the same oil you put in your car.

    It’s bad, but we the people can change it. Demand Real Food



  2. Charlie Chimknee December 18, 2018 10:04 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou,

    A sign that things are getting worse about cancer chemicals in the food is now cancer chemicals in the packaging of our foods.

    A watchdog report found evidence of PFAS, a class of toxic chemicals linked to cancer, in paper to-go boxes and one sandwich wrapper product at Whole Foods Market.



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