Meeting set today on council chair selection

LIHUE — A meeting is set for 3:30 p.m. today at the Historic County Building for the members elected to the Kauai County Council for the term commencing Dec. 3 to discuss their organizational structure for the 2018-2020 council term.

On the agenda is discussion of the selection of the council chair and the vice chair.

All public testimony will be taken at the beginning of the meeting. Each speaker shall have a total of three minutes to speak on the items for discussion, which also include:

• Appointment of the presiding officer pro tem for the organizational meeting;

• Discussion of the standing committees of the council, committee chairs, vice chairs and committee members for 2018-2020;

• Discussion of the rules of the council for the organization of committees and transaction of business.


The Garden Island

  1. Alexis Boilini November 26, 2018 3:57 am Reply

    Mason Chock received the most votes in the council election and should be the next chair to lead our Kauai County Council. The voters spoke loud and clear to the need of more reasonable voices in our Leadership. Leaders who show they can validate people’s concerns without vilification to others is needed to make our island a more inclusive community. Respect of each other begins with our leadership.

    Abuse of power on the local level and protection of property rights are important issues that need a calm proactive voice amongst our leaders.

    Mason is intellectually capable to address these
    Concerns with the background to bringing people together rather than divide our island against each other. He has empathy that in these times is crucial when addressing difficult issues that effect many people in different ways.
    We are all in this together and we will sink or swim together.
    Alexis Boilini and Michael Levy

  2. Charlie Chimknee November 26, 2018 8:55 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou,

    We were reading another article wherein it said council member Arryl Kaneshiro is employed by Grove Farm, a former and major sugar plantation owner, and still controls 25% of the land on Kaua’i.

    If that is true about their land holdings, let’s hope Grove Farm sees that in their position as the largest land owner on Kaua’i that they are the holder simultaneously of the potential for the biggest Bread Basket to feed the Island of Kaua’i, and have the responsibility therefore to be sure that not only is that food is there and available for the people of Kaua’i, but extremely importantly so in case of any kind of problem in the USA, or the world, whenever it came to the point where food could not be delivered to Kaua’i from its current sources. Some of our produce comes from deep South America.

    Agricultural scientific knowledge has also determined that not only are some Ag chemicals not only cancer causing but they are also damaging to the soil itself and after a few years of crops the harvests are now shrinking and making nationwide farmers have 2nd thoughts on GMO and the Ag chemicals.

    Having said that, it would be well future thinking if Grove Farm did their due diligence and gave back to the island’s people the ability to produce Organic high nutrition poison free food for our population.

    With control and/or ownership of 25% of the island’s land, if that is true, Grove Farm has the opportunity to produce food, jobs, health and nutrition to not only Kaua’i but to many of the other people’s of Hawaii due to close shipping if not needed to go by air.



  3. sheeples November 26, 2018 9:48 pm Reply

    Right on charlie!! Drive out polihale road and see all the hazmat clad workers early in the morning spraying a sweet smelling poison into the ehuakai. They pay the highest prices and can do what they please in regards to pesticide testing. Think of the vast greenhouses and/or industrial help fields providing an economic windfall for the island. Instead of the two biggest industries provided by the evil empire, military and biotech, let the same corporate conglomerates get into healing industries and start a green revolution. Give them all the monopoly money and power they want, but in a healing way so they can satiate their megalomaniacal machinations while healing our small island at the same time.

  4. kakimochi November 28, 2018 1:26 pm Reply

    Charlie, with a little homework you’ll see that Grove Farm is doing all those things. I know most the people in their office and they all good people…especially Arryl. No way they would work for a company that does half the stuff they keep getting blamed for. The intentional attempts to mislead the public by activists and fake environmentalists are sickening. Glad that most of the public already disagrees with anything Hooser and his cohorts have to say. Also nice to see that Luke is with the good guys.

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