Letters for Sunday, October 28, 2018

w Editor’s note: MaeLynn Rita teaches an American Problems class to seniors at Waimea High School. For several weeks, she had her students researching Kauai’s candidates for mayor, Mel Rapozo and Derek Kawakami. “It has been an exciting journey seeing the passion developing in these future voters of Kauai,” she wrote to TGI. “Our latest project is writing a letter to the editor sharing their concerns about what they have found and learned along this process. I want to share these letters with you and see if they can be printed before the election in November.” We are delighted to print excerpts from some of the letters. And we are confident our readers will agree, the students who wrote them worked hard, made clear points and expressed themselves well. It’s good to know these future voters have such a bright future. Thank you for sharing your work with TGI.