Following the imprint of Queen Emma’s spirit

  • Photo by Dawn F. Kawahara

    A favorite Emmalani T-shirt (from the 2014 festival) depicts the benevolent queen chanting and upholding her friends during a chilly night in the rainforest of what is now part of Kokee State Park.

Speaking of diversity — the focus of the last “Green Flash” (Oct. 8) — the meaning of that word boomeranged back to me in Kokee as I enjoyed watching and being part of the Eo e Emmalani i Alakai Festival in honor of the beloved Hawaiian Queen Emma Naea Rooke and her 1871 upland trek with 100 friends into the Alakai Swamp area. What an array of dancers and chanters, musicians, cultural vendors and environmental educators, Hui O Laka/Kokee Natural History Museum workers, and festival goers gathered for the public event!