Round of talks don’t resolve Brexit problems ahead of summit

Lorne Cook / Associated Press

A sign in a parking lot of a cemetery reads: “No EU border in Ireland” near Carrickcarnan, Ireland, just next to the Jonesborough Parish church in Northern Ireland, last week. The land around the small town of Carrickcarnan, Ireland, is the kind of place where Britain’s plan to leave the European Union walks right into a wall — an invisible one that is proving insanely difficult to overcome. Somehow, a border of sorts will have to be drawn between Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, and EU member country Ireland to allow customs control over goods, produce and livestock once the U.K. has left the bloc.

BRUSSELS — A flurry of talks between Britain and the European Union ended Sunday without a Brexit agreement, leaving the two sides three days to close a gap in their positions before a make-or-break summit.