Letters for Sunday, October 7, 2018

Institute has not taken a stance

The guest commentary “Hawaii doesn’t need con con given political climate” (Oct. 2) recently published in The Garden Island erroneously stated that the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii “is pushing for a ConCon (Constitutional Convention).”

The Grassroot Institute has not taken a position on the proposed Constitutional Convention, slated to go before Hawaii voters Nov. 6.

Josh Mason, Director of communications, Grassroot Institute

Safety must come first

Mahalo to those who are responsible for the installation of the solar-powered pedestrian crossing lights in Waimea. For recognizing the need to keep our keiki, students and kupuna safe, we are thankful.

Our daily walks to the post office, parks, library and, at times, just to explore our community, no doubt have become safer.

Wai Mata, Kauai SSV Program Manager, Adult and Youth Home and Community Based Services, Easter Seals Hawaii

Pizzetta review missed key ingredient

Great article! (TGIF, Sept. 14) on Pizzetta Italian Kitchen in Koloa.

My wife and I live near Corpus Christi, Texas, and travel to Kauai almost every year. While mostly staying in Princeville or Kapaa, we always take time to eat at Pizzetta in Koloa. You failed to mention one very important thing, however. They have a great selection of very cold beer. A must for top-notch pizza. Nothing better than an ice cold Kona Big Wave and a piping hot Pizzetta pizza.

Bob and Janet Lacy, Portland, Texas

Education and what it is

There are about 65,000 people on Kauai at any given time and add few thousand more for tourists. Why do we need education? The problem with the setup now is the claim that an uneducated person will be doomed to a life of Walmart. So get used to it, and make a living doing your blue-collar work. Rough life financially. Got to pay off bills, too.

There is other labor work that is satisfying. Construction, industrial, retail, tourism, airline industry, any job that makes a person happier, this is possible to obtain in Hawaii.

The problem with blue-collar work is it is very physically demanding. Long hours. Sustained hardships on the body brings on physical deterioration quicker and chances of health problems increase.

This is America. And in America, I don’t see any problems living out your dreams. Movies that influence us every day inspire us to achieve higher goals. Such movies as “Rocky,” “Gung Ho” and “Top Gun” all inspire us in ways that stimulate the inner spirit to higher happiness and achievements.

In summary, each student coming out of the system can fulfill his or her dreams also. Thanks to America, a life of happiness stems from the choices made every day, even if it means a meat-packing company job or a job at Walmart at nights in Lihue. This is your life, so celebrate it every day and you’ll be a happy person a long time.

Dean Sabado, Honolulu

  1. I saw a Vampire once October 7, 2018 8:30 pm Reply

    Weird on the candidate running for office. What are they going to do, use the internet only? quiet and unknown.

  2. Debra Kekaualua October 7, 2018 8:49 pm Reply

    mAhalo for your assessment. My opinion is to close down all the campuses and those students be charter schooled from home using these school platforms 1:1 meeting schedules. THINK of the pocketbook SAVINGS, school clothes, bus passes, lunch money, gas upkeep on vehicles, slippahs…Computers are free and all you might need to pay is a small insurance fee. Otherwise, it WOULD help with frantic getting to work minus dropping at schools or fighting school buses

    The KMS and Kapaa H.S. campuses could be staged as trade school classrooms with appropriate and very many activities that could benefit individuals towards SELF EMployment. IF youre lucky or unlucky enuf to be hired by fake corporates. This is how it worked for our ohana. Between these functional resources the individual can be followed through all processes and a lot of choices be realized. Example for athletes. You wish to play sports at Kapaa H.S. because it is your district, the DOE has supported charter athletic programs to overlap with Public Schools campuses and fields

    My second son had similar as above school meetings. This was mid 8th year. Counselor meets me and my son at the door we have a few words, then councelor caught me off guard by saying, “if your son doesnt quit hanging out in the boys bathrooms, they were going to make a parking stall for him”. Wait What? My son thinking, “wow, im gonna be the only 8th grader with my own stall” and im thinking, this clown supervisor has two of our parent cell numbers, email addresses, snail mail, AND lived on the otherside of wailua park and yet he blurts out this useless comedy of words. Uh, This meeting, i told the counselor, please “dismiss the waiting teachers with apology from me and their student. I described “i was going to the principal office to discuss this matter with her.” Then, i directed counselor and student to go to registrar office to have my son checked out from this educational facility immediately. Whopped the counselor jaw.

    I worked with the principal to have 8th grade planned curriculum 8th grade supplemental homeschool works to be assessed by her, and the principal agreed to move my son to ninth grade after that review.

    THE most amazing experience was having him enrolled into the Myron B. Thompson Academy charter school Oahu. Myron B. school namesake Father to Nainoa Thompson ‘Hokulea’ navigator. MBTA set up satellite school, My son made top grades with this amazing college prep program. He traveled to five countries during junior year. Internet cafe and school deadlines, he became highly interested in completing, due to the obvious perks that no other students or campus in the world would allow. Bethany Hamilton and several atheletes were out and competing well before those chained to their desks. As we speak, several Kauaian returning on Oct 16th, as Portugal concludes World Tour 2018 Winner: traveledto compete Peru, Brazil, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Tahiti, Japan, AND Indonesia. Several KBA got to achieve amateur to professional bodyboarding status via kauai YMCA and APBtour.com. The Hawaiian crew have worked hard to compete in the different line up world title. Kauai Sammy Morretino second time in a row received the world title drop knee division trophy and he is working on a double mission winning the mens prone title 2018.

    Be attentive to your children, do not let them fall pray to drugs, increased suicides, and everyone working so hard to survive.

    if you are in harms way, or perceive that you are at risk in any way. FB or message me. CAN. Ahui Hou Debra Kekaualua

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