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    Dale Rosenfeld

With the doors opening on Kauai’s first medical cannabis dispensary in Kapaa, Kauai local Dale Rosenfeld said she noticed an avalanche of questions and misconceptions about the plant and its uses.

So, she joined with a group of volunteers to form KauaiCannCare LLC, which is debuting its educational cannabis conference and expo on Kauai in September.

“This is an educational conference and expo for people who think that they know about cannabis, for people who do not know, and for people who want to know more,” Rosenfeld said.

December brought Kauai’s first cannabis conference to the island, but the focus was on business connections and developing a cannabis-based business.

“We’ll have testimonials ongoing through the day, so you’ll be able to hear what CBD has done for people, for example,” Rosenfeld said. “We’ll also have speakers from the Mainland, other islands, and local speakers.”

Prosecuting Attorney Justin Kollar is the keynote speaker, and he will be delivering his message via taped interview because he’ll be off-island for a conference.

“He’s talking about how the world has changed and that there’s bigger fish out there than marijuana crimes,” Rosenfeld said. “The opiods are the bigger problem. He’s not prosecuting marijuana crimes, but he is prosecuting opiods and that’s the biggest thing.”

The difference between hemp and cannabis, THC and CBD, and what’s legal on a state level and what’s not — all of it will be explained at the conference, which will have educational booths and literature, vendors and music along with the speakers and time for personal testimony.

It’ll be a display of everything you need to know when it comes to the benefits and uses of medical cannabis and industrial hemp, and is set up to be an open discussion.

“We believe it’s time for patients and non-patients to come out of the dark,” Rosenfeld said.

In concert with the KauaiCann Cannabis Conference and Expo, set for Sept. 22 at the Hilton Garden Inn, KauaiCannCare has launched a video series with five episodes called “Out of the Dark,” airing on Hoike Community TV.

“Out of the Dark means I have come out of the dark,” Rosenfeld said. “I am open about the fact that I’m a medical marijuana user and I’m encouraging others to come out of the dark, too.”

On the show, Rosenfeld and her team talk about ways to consume medical marijuana and the benefits for those who have no idea about the plant, or for those who would like to know more.

The other goal is to encourage those who have been keeping their medical use of marijuana a secret to join the conversation.

“We are legal,” Rosenfeld said. “I’m diabetic and I don’t have to hide that from people. I take medicine for it.”

The cannabis conference is directed at the general public and tickets cost $10 each for entrance to the event, which will run from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Live music is scheduled throughout the day, with a reggae band taking the stage at 8 p.m.

Volunteers are needed for jobs like helping with equipment and distributing water, and KauaiCannCare is looking for vendors.

For tickets, visit For more information, contact Dale Rosenfeld at 639-0283 or email


Jessica Else, environment reporter, can be reached at 245-0452 or

  1. Charlie Chimknee August 24, 2018 11:49 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou,

    Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot, Pakalolo, Weed, Joints, Dubee, Ultra, Stone, 6 & 3/4, Can, ThaiStick, Panama Red, Columbian Yellow, Zone, and all it’s other surnames…call it what you like, say it for what ever you want it for, medicine, relief, anorhexia, insomnia, cancer, mood elevation, you are one of more and more of you.

    What it boils down to is that cannabis, pot, is a drug…granted an herb, but none the less it is a drug. It has a toxicity that gets you “ high”, buzzed. And no matter what you use it for its #1 side effect is, it makes you stoned, even “wasted” depending on its content potency like Maui Wowee and Kauai Electric.

    So besides all the feel good or better benefits raved about, and many people can be and are grateful for those benefits, nonetheless the stuff just “gets ya stoned”.

    And when there is an emergency from the 911 operator, to the police, fire department people, FEMA, your banker or stock broker, babysitter, surgeon, accountant, airline pilot, school bus driver, pharmacist, welder, building contractor, President, Governor, Mayor, ship Captain, Celestial Navigator, do you want these people to be on their medication…Marijuana…? ? ? Stoned in the Zone to the Bone? Not to mention molasses reactions.

    As baby aspirin precedes vaccines, antibiotics, bottled flu and cold treatments, over the counter pain killers, opiates, and fentanyl…pot does lead to “pot-heads”.

    Pot heads are so comfortably stoned and think nothing of it, except as a requisite to breathe in the morning, they just keep a joint or “roach” handy for a “boost” throughout the day…and evening. Meaning, many cannabis users, are stoned all day and may be so as well in their dreams.

    Is this what we want for the the young generations, already hooked on their violent little screens, forget thinking and solving problems when Siri and Google does it for them.

    Who needs Intelligence when we are making more and more Artificial Intelligence.

    Well, Intelligence requires daily, perpetual challenge and response. To set the challenge aside and leave it up to phones and computers, and the careless being stones, is giving up degree after degree of intelligence and if it is accompanied by being stoned, buzzed all day, there is a price to pay…and that on a wider scale is successful implosion of societal group intelligence.

    Ask the opiate users who did not go straight to the “big dope” by way of their unethical doctor, but who worked their way up to it via somewhat mild alcohol encounters of a few beers or glass of wine, then the 5th of vodka and bottle of tequila, cases of beer, and liters of wine, and cigarettes, but it’s OK, it’s deadly and health destroying All LEGAL…and from there it may be some get high pills, and what is now legal and not too toxic this movement to legalize getting stoned on pot, dope, and making one carefree…on the way to more experimentation and addiction to the opiates…namely the Big “H”…Heroin. Easily found on the north shore of Kauai and all the other dope epidemic zones.

    We just keep tolerating more and more toxicity. Cannabis is a chemical…not deadly but part of the chemical family that it is. Chemicals, natural, like pot and opium and then converted to heroin are still chemicals. Already they are making synthetic cannabis the same way they are making all the other chemicals of toxicity.

    The laboratories are burning the midnight oil, literally. Petroleum, 24 hours a day, 365, is being converted into chemicals to fill our foods with fake vitamins, colors, flavors, preservatives, the food itself, to be put in and on our foods through genetic modification, sprays and powders of insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, all suicide for us. The 99% of the world’s air, water, and land is polluted with chemicals all made from petroleum, oil, even our polyester clothes are made from oil, as well as our vitamins, 90% of medicines are made from petroleum, oil, and coal (tars); the fuels running our planes, trains, cars, trucks, and motored boats and ships are polluting the world with their exhaust. Often in some cities you cannot even breathe outdoors; and L.A. even issues warning to stay indoors. Even toxic tobacco has added chemicals to the cigarettes.

    All plastic is made from oil. All those electronic things you own…made from oil. Petroleum gets you lazily to the store, we take it all for granted, just like our born into language.

    The world has gone not only ballistic, but petroleo-toxic with PETRO-Chemicals. Creeping Chemicalism; and marijuana is growing in volume on the list and usage, and more and more of it won’t be smoked but ingested in pill form as another carcinogenic petrochemical; as all petrochemicals are Carcinogenic, cancer causing.

    Carcinogenic petrochemicals make you sick over time, decades often; you go to the doctor who prescribers you more carcinogenic petrochemicals. Even fresh foods and vegetables come with petrochemicals sprayed or soaked in…

    For the potheads, they’re only 1/2 here all day…they’re somewhere else the other 1/2…stone land. When you go there, like so many others you do not need to return.

    Are you talking to someone who’s “Glassy-Eyed” you might just be talking to a Stone-Nation-al.



  2. Robert Kauai August 26, 2018 2:07 pm Reply

    It’s so great to see people taking the initiative to help educate the Kauai community about the positive effects of medical marijuana after so many years of the opposite. I spoke with Ivy Lou Hibbitt, a Nurse Practitioner with the medical marijuana card certification service and she told me that events like these are becoming more common on the neighbor islands and that Maui in particular has hosted events featuring medical marijuana researcher Michael Backes. I’ve met Michael and his research is amazing (you’ll learn things about CBD you never knew) so I hope he gets over to Kauai to deliver one of his talks.

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