Iseri enters county council race

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    Lihue resident Shaylene Iseri, 54, is running for Kauai County Council.

LIHUE — Former County Council member and former prosecuting attorney Shaylene Iseri has filed to run for the council again.

One of the reasons the Lihue woman said she’s running for office is so that her two children, and all keiki, can realize their dream of returning to Kauai after college.

“We always talk about not just surviving, but thriving and that’s kind of how I feel, that’s what I want to try to bring in the kind of experience I have, the skills I have to make sure that I did everything possible to make the next generation be better than what we’ve had,” she said.

Because of her experience as an attorney, having the ability to look at both sides of an issue allows her to see different perspectives. Iseri, 54, said she can bring this ability to the council.

“It’s mostly working class families that are struggling to make ends meet and that really makes me think, am I doing everything possible so my kids can have a future here, with the type of experiences that I’ve been blessed with and come in contact with?” she said.

“We want everybody to have a better life, we want everybody to be happy, we want everybody to feel safe and I think that’s a common goal we all have, no matter what your background may be,” she said.

For 12 years, Iseri was Kauai’s prosecuting attorney. Currently, she is a defense attorney and practices family law. Fighting crime on Kauai is something Iseri is passionate about.

“I’ve seen it day in and day out and I see a lot of neighbor disputes,” she said.

These issues, she said, have to do with the breakdown of family and values.

“Hawaiians especially have all of these Hawaiian names, like kuleana, taking care, loving their neighbor more than you love yourself, making sure when you go to the ocean you only take what is necessary and not over, so you don’t take more than you need, you share whatever you have,” she said.

She wants to see Kauai return to a place where residents can live in a loving and trusting environment. If bringing those values back to our community becomes a priority, the sub-categories, such as affordable housing and preservation of the environment, will fall into place, she said.

“All of that leads up to your certain sense of values and expectations and if we brought that more in a public way as opposed to people knowing it from growing up and not having it implemented, I think it will move perhaps, the culture,” she said.

Kauai is a beautiful island and has unique qualities, she said, a rich culture that has struggled and gone through tribulations.

“What do we stand for as an island, what do we want, what kind of a message do we want to send to our visitors and what kind of message do we want to send to our children?” she said.

  1. Dale June 26, 2018 7:45 am Reply

    Do you enjoy Ke Ala Hele Makalae? Do you want to testify at council meetings without being berated? Do you believe a council person should not be biased? This person is not who I want in the council. A “loving and trusting environment” is not what she brings. Her record speaks volumes, please look at it.

  2. Joe Public June 26, 2018 2:41 pm Reply

    I believe she will be fine. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and she can’t be bought. I will definately be casting a vote for her, exactly what we need on the council instead of the ones that are “followers”

  3. Uncleaina June 26, 2018 4:21 pm Reply

    Didn’t she do enough damage last time? This woman is exactly what we don’t need.

  4. No_They_Didn't June 26, 2018 11:21 pm Reply

    Yukimura, Rapozo, or Rabozo, Kawakami, and the other Rapozo, for mayor, that leaves Mason Chock, Aryle Kaneshiro, Arthur Brun, Ross Kagawa, who are the incumbents? Mason Chock, Aryl Kaneshiro, Arthur Brun are the incumbents. Ross Kagawa(rotten speaker) is also an incumbent. Who is the best candidate?

  5. No_They_Didn't June 26, 2018 11:27 pm Reply

    Hint: Daralyn Palares is from the class of 1986. Waimea High School. She thinks by guessing code names on the internet, she will hit the jackpot ticket to popular and smart. Something ridiculous like that. Now that she’s made it big on facebook and family pictures. Just one of those bloggers who like to guess code name for fun.

    Actually, I don’t think the community cares. No money in guessing this. And for what? them. Just the night crew on the internet. Small amount though.

  6. vigilauntie June 28, 2018 5:32 am Reply

    What did she cost the Kauai taxpayers (in MULTIPLE workplace harassment lawsuits and attorneys fees; Tim Bynum’s civil suit) when she was prosecutor in 2010? I believe it is around $1 million. We cannot afford to have her in office again. Just google Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho and lawsuits. One hit reads that she was sued twice in one week…

  7. go green June 28, 2018 8:38 am Reply

    She sued us the tax payers For sex harassment then she married the the man who did it I remember your last deed you did for us. HISTORY

  8. E. Gemini November 23, 2021 2:58 pm Reply

    I guess I should finally come forward & tell the horrifying story of what she did to me & my family. I think first I will tell it to the students at the UH Manoa Law school for how NOT to be a prosecutor, then even tho the case was thrown out by Justin Koller ( My Hero), I believe the people of kauai should know who this person thats running for Prosecutor REALLY is, and the things she’s done in the past that Kauai residents may not be aware of.

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