Money awarded for Kauai

LIHUE — Kauai received more than $85.3 million Capital Improvement Project funding for fiscal year 2019 from bills in the 2018 legislative session.

That’s alongside bills that passed the legislature focused on flood relief, emergency services and pesticide control that will directly benefit the people of Kauai Island.

Notable CIP funding highlights for Kauai County include:

• $200,000 for renovations of locker rooms at Kauai High School

• $500,000 for renovations of the library at Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School

• $2.5 million for a new library at Kapaa Elementary School

• $500,000 for the Agricultural Learning Center at Kapaa High School

• $110,000 for air conditioning and photovoltaic panels at Waimea Canyon Middle School

• $500,000 for renovations of the library at Waimea High School

• $2 million for a new gymnasium at Waimea High School

• $250,000 for parking area improvements at Wilcox Elementary School

• $500,000 for a food service facility at Kauai Economic Opportunity Inc.

• $500,000 for a photovoltaic system at the Kauai Philippine Cultural Center

• $1 million for clearing the Waimea River mouth

• $2 million for site improvements at Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor

• $17.2 million for a ticket lobby and additional parking facilities for Lihue Airport

• $2.5 million for guardrail and shoulder improvements on state highways

• $7 million for the repair of Hanalei Bridge on Kuhio Highway

• $36.6 million for repairs along Kuhio Highway

• $2.6 million for Traffic Operational Improvements to existing highways

Kauai lawmakers were able to secure $35,000 in Operating Grants-In-Aid projects for Kauai nonprofit organizations. These grants are provided to local organizations serving the public and working to improve the state of Hawaii.

  1. Leilani May 9, 2018 5:33 am Reply

    Clean up the restrooms at Kapa’a. And other public restrooms.

  2. Charlie Chimknee May 9, 2018 6:30 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou,

    The State is providing 3 of Kaua’i’s Schools $3.5 Million dollars just for libraries.

    We wish they would elaborate on what the $$$ will go for. When you hear the word library you think of books. But this is a new era where books are becoming more and more obsolete as a single lap top computer can hold more than a library of information.

    Though the bulk of the $$$, $2.5 Million, Is for a new library building at Kapa’a Elementary being located it appears on a former outdoor recess, lunch, and after school play area for the children.

    It’s good to hear that $2.6 million is going to Traffic Operations, hoping that means the signals will be set to allow continual flow for at least 100 cars at a time to go from ABC Store in Downtown Kapa’a at least all the way across the Wailua River, if not the intersection at Industrial Park #2 without having to stop. This in itself if properly coordinated, might just spell the end of our traffic problem in Kapa’a, raising the happiness quotient by about 8 miles.

    The daily stop at every light is an economic slowdown and a heck of a lot of aggravation and lost time for residents and visitors as well, increasing dangerous use of cel phones as well in the “waiting lines”.

    Another $$$ issue that would be nice to elaborate on is the $500,000.00 for a Food Service Facility at Kaua’i Economic Opportunity? Is that like a restaurant is going in, or is that for teaching the restaurant business for our young people?

    The rest of the $$$ sounds like need with provision and gratification as a result. Mahalo for those we have elected and their colleagues on Oahu for providing us this $$$ for our needs and community improvement.



  3. No_They_Didn't May 9, 2018 4:36 pm Reply

    What about George Zegheti? HTA. Aren’t you going to pay some to them? Lifeguards, Carpenters, Construction workers, engineers, county crews. Hotel unions maybe. Improve those necessary sites. Nawilili beach.

  4. No_They_Didn't May 9, 2018 4:45 pm Reply

    The photovoltaic cells at Waimea Canyon will run into the million dollars. That amount is not enough.

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