Letters for Thursday, April 19, 2018

Please support swimming

The Idaho state board of education and the University of Idaho president met to discuss eliminating women’s swimming and diving, women’s soccer and men’s golf. While we would like to save all sports for our student athletes to have a broad range of sport to chose, I am writing to help save specifically the sport of swimming.

Our sport has been under attack for more than a decade, with many school districts and universities dropping the sport of swimming. Funny thing is that every Olympics, swimming is almost always at the top of most-viewed sports.

On Thursday, April 19 (today), the decision will be made to cut again sports from choices to be had. A Hawaii swimmer, Aimee Iwamoto from Pearl City Aquatics and Moanalua High School, was recruited to swim for Idaho and get educated there. She has been there two years and may lose her outstanding opportunity. Please go to https://bit.ly/2HezwVN and sign the petition to save our sport.

Orlando S. Anaya aka Coach O, Mokihana Aquatics

Yukimura did great job as mayor

As a 55-year-resident of Kauai, born in Honolulu T.H., it saddens me to read John Rita’s editorial about JoAnn Yukimura. Perhaps Mr. Rita was not aware that Mayor Yukimura was not in control of the supplies he mentions.

There was a military head who handled military supplies (water, tarps, MREs etc.) and was in charge of distribution, not Yukimura. Mayor Yukimura did an amazing job after the Iniki hurricane disaster.

I feel as if our local politics are following the lead of Donald Trump’s with his unkind, rude tweets and behavior. Politics in Hawaii in the past has been a polite, genteel business.

I am not a newcomer. Our family has been in Hawaii for many generations. My father was born under the Hawaiian Monarchy, a citizen of the Sandwich Islands. My grandfather was the first public accountant in the Sandwich Islands. Family members have headed Hawaiian companies like C. Brewer, Coral Hawaiian Tuna, Consolidated Amusement Co., Dole Pineapple and, of course, Henry Davis Audit Co., which was purchased by Hawaiian Trust.

My uncle was head of the Hawaii Republican party in the 1950s. (I am a Democrat). My late husband, Walter Briant, managed the County of Kauai Water Department for 20 years before co-founding Aqua Engineers. I started Portraits of Hawaii and now, my son, Norman LeGoullon, a KHS graduate, runs it on Oahu.

I hope Kauai residents do not follow the national trend of supporting unkind, negative politics. I hope that we can conduct the election for Kauai mayor and council with dignity, honesty, grace and kindness which reflects the real Hawaiian spirit.

Carol Ann Davis, Koloa

  1. manawai April 19, 2018 8:09 am Reply

    When reading endorsements, what matters the most is who doing the endorsing. Well, we all know who and what this endorser is.

    1. Steven McMacken April 19, 2018 1:13 pm Reply

      When reading comments, what matters most is who is doing the commenting. And manawai, guess what? You don’t hold a candle to Carol Ann Davis.

      1. manawai April 20, 2018 2:52 pm Reply

        That’s interesting. We all know who JoAnn is. We all know who Carol Ann Davis is, but you have no clue who I am. But don’t let the stop your wild conjecture.

        1. Steven McMacken April 21, 2018 4:11 am Reply

          Oh, I’ve read enough of your opinions to know exactly who you are, manawai.

  2. RG DeSoto April 19, 2018 8:25 am Reply

    Perhaps Carol Ann has forgotten that it was Yukimura who rejected the military’s attempts to land supplies via a Naval vessel right after Iniki. Only mounting public pressure forced her to relent.
    RG DeSoto

    1. Just Saying April 24, 2018 2:23 pm Reply

      Nawiliwili Harbor was too damaged so the Navy ship turned around and went out to PMRF to off load. With communication out for a long time RGD had only these legends to believe in. He’s believed them for 25 years!………Amazing and sad!

  3. Mark Beeksma April 19, 2018 10:25 am Reply

    Trump is certainly not genteel. However, he is kind to those who are kind to him. The Democrats have initiated unkindness against Trump and he responds with unkindness.

    If Carol Ann’s Dad was alive over 125 years ago in the Kingdom of Hawaii, that is a long time ago.

    JoAnn is a sweetheart. The rumors are that she did not expect Iniki to hit Kauai and was not proactive to prepare. No one else expected Iniki to change course and hit Kauai either. Kauai is safely behind the Big Island for the normal hurricane approaches, so the only way we are going to be hit hard is for a hurricane to change direction, like Iniki did.

    I don’t know if JoAnn is the best choice, but handling hurricanes is not the main job of a Mayor.

    1. Steven McMacken April 19, 2018 1:18 pm Reply

      This might be the first time I have heard the name “Trump” and the word “kind” used in the same sentence. “The Democrats have initiated unkindness”? Mark, take off the blinders.

    2. Just Saying April 19, 2018 2:03 pm Reply

      Right Mark, I’m sure we don’t know about all of trump’s kindness because Michael Cohen gave him $130,000 to keep quiet about it!

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