Nishimura files for County Council

  • Wally Nishimura

LIHUE — Leadership from the heart for Kauai residents is why Kapaa resident Wally Nishimura has filed to run for Kauai County Council.

“We need someone to go to work for the people every day and that’s what I want to do,” Nishimura said.

One of Nishimura’s goals as a councilmember would be to assist the homeless in finding jobs.

“I feel there’s a lot of homeless that want to work,” he said. “I see them come in (to his office) and ask if we’re hiring.”

He said he’d like to build a bridge between public and private companies to help them get back on their feet.

Nishimura said he sees the struggle that those who make a lower income on Kauai face. In fact, he himself knows what it’s like to have to work several jobs because it’s something he had to do when he was younger.

For that reason, he’s vowed not to raise taxes. Which is why managing the county’s budget in a responsible way is important to him, especially when it comes to the general excise tax increase approved by the council and scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, 2019.

“I’m running for County Council to hold the county accountable for GET,” Nishimura said.

He said he wants to make sure GET revenue is used for what it’s intended to be used for — to fix Kauai’s roads and traffic issues.

“I will make sure this gets done because I drive through the Kapaa, Wailua area everyday and it (the problem) has been ignored too long,” he said.

Short term, Nishimura said he would like to extend the contraflow hours.

“Traffic going west before and after work is horrible,” he said.

Long term, he said he’d like to create merge lanes onto the bypass and open the emergency road in Kapaa going west.

“I’ll also address the traffic congestion from Hanalei north and bring a solution that will benefit locals and tourists alike,” said Nishimura, who has a degree in business from Columbia Southern University.

And when it comes to the Transient Accommodations Tax, he will stand up for Kauai working to get the most for the community.

“The state recently voted to increase our TAT tax by 1 percent to help fund the Honolulu rail. Regardless of how the state wants to twist it, the project was over budget and completely mismanaged which turned a City and County of Honolulu problem into a state problem. If that 1 percent increase stayed on Kauai to fix our roads we would not have needed to raise the GET. I want Honolulu to pay back the outer islands for the tax increase.”

In government, nothing gets done, he said, so he’s running for office.

“My generation is dealing with this because we’re older now. We need to step in and take care of it,” Nishimura said.

  1. HaloHalo March 21, 2018 7:30 am Reply

    Shocked. Wonder if it’s because of his connection to Kawakami. I never saw this guy as much more than a self-absorbed meat head. County Council is nothing more than who you know.

  2. Dakine_Kekaha March 21, 2018 7:42 am Reply

    Are we expected to know how he is qualified for a Kauai County Council Member’s seat? Who is this person, his career background, his connection to the island…….would have convenient to read regarding Mr. Nishimura’s run for council. Now, I have to do the research myself. I often wonder about the thought process behind many of this newspaper’s articles.

  3. No_They_Didn't March 21, 2018 12:33 pm Reply

    Politics, somebody’s got to study it. I never heard of Wally Nishimura. But if he has a background as the other seven county councilmen or councilwomen, then he has an equal chance. Your mayor, few county council members, all bear that resemblance of playing sports at one time in their life. So if you want to be fair, Wally has an equal chance if he played football or basketball one time in his life. It is the way democracy is set up. They vote for the kids. That guy’s background was in football in high school. So it will serve him right, to win an election. Popular perspective on Kauai.

  4. No_They_Didn't March 21, 2018 1:14 pm Reply

    For fame and popularity again from the same group or caste of voters? I hope not. They vote kids growing up.

  5. Joe Public March 21, 2018 1:24 pm Reply

    Do you know that the State, NOT the County controls the highways on the island? Are you going to pay to have the merge lanes added or the Contra-flow hours extended?

    Go do your homework.

    1. Reasonable Solution March 23, 2018 1:41 pm Reply

      Please reach out to his campaign to provide pro bono consultation service. Your input would be important to a candidate who values information and realistic solutions.

  6. Lester Chang March 21, 2018 10:05 pm Reply

    If people are to get a grasp of a candidate, the reporter should have done a better job of explaining this person’s background. Every person running for a council seat will say the same things. The reporter should have asked more detailed and comprehensive questions.

  7. Person March 23, 2018 1:21 pm Reply

    Wally is actually a great guy. He’s running for office because he believes he can provide a real service to the community and not to join the good ‘ol boys club. There’s nothing positive about jumping to conclusions before you know anything about the candidate. Please run for office yourself if you believe there are so many problems in local government. It’s not fun putting yourself in front of the public for criticism but he’s willing to do it and willing to adjust his policy positions based on new information.

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