Letter for Monday, January 29, 2018

New blood means fresh ideas

Ross Kagawa wants to abolish term limits for the County Council members. Bad idea. Eight years is plenty. This job should not be a career, it’s volunteer service.

Too much “good ol’ boy” attitude as it is. New blood means fresh ideas. And boy, are they needed!

Raley Peterson, Waimea

  1. Jake January 29, 2018 6:30 am Reply

    Honestly, what the County NEEDS, is to abolish the County Council and Mayor, and solicit, interview, then hire professional business people with a proven track record to run the County’s issues, problems, and concerns.

    Instead, we get people that run on the “Born and Raised on Kauai”, former standout local baseball and football players, Trust Fund babies, and one convicted felon. Soooo, any questions as to why nothing gets done?…..Seriously?

    This is a complete waste of time. 75% of the population on this island, and the rest of the United States, actually WANTS term limits for politicians. This is a complete waste of County Council time and resources. Hire professionals, ….you know, people that have credentials, proven records, requisite business background, and be done with it. Oh but wait, ….these potential business professionals “will not have the interests of the local people in mind.” Give me a break.

  2. Steve Martin January 29, 2018 9:25 am Reply

    Raley Peterson….. I agree; however, would you agree that if we had the right professional people who knew what they were doing and worked together for the benefits of all citizens….. Would any amount of years matter? By the way “volunteer service” doesn’t mean you get paid nearly 70k a year to volunteer. Our problems with the council stem from the people we elect and the system of voting we have is the culprit for such problems because it’s a “popularity contest” election not a election to determine who are the best people for the job. Running our county is a business and the people who as you say are “volunteers” must be educated business management professionals in order to see the results of moving this island forward for the benefits of all residents.

  3. lawaibob January 29, 2018 9:32 am Reply

    Could not agree more, Raley.

  4. Sandy January 29, 2018 9:43 am Reply

    I am in total agreement! Term limits should definitely stay. Eight years should be enough to get whatever “promises” done. Things move so slowly around here as it is. If there weren’t any term limits, it would take triple the time to get anything finished!

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