Letters for Friday, January 5, 2018

Whale deaths not related to rat eradication

Representative Morikawa’s concerns that the Lehua Island rat poisoning caused the death of five pilot whales (TGI, Nov. 29) do not hold water. The total amount of active rodenticide (diphacinone) in the three bait drops was less than 600 grams, almost all of which was dropped on the island and not in the ocean. By extrapolation from known data, it would take about 200 grams of diphacinone to kill a mammal as large as a pilot whale. Furthermore, the whale deaths occurred one month after the last bait drop, and diphacinone breaks down in the ocean within days. It would be prudent for our representatives to take a bit of science into account before making public pronouncements.

Robin Clark, Kalaheo

Be advocates for peace

With the sirens going off recently, it was a sober reminder that the threat of a pending war might occur — especially with a couple of tyrants competing childishly about who is stronger, mightier, or better than the other — the harsh reality of knowing that we, here in Hawaii, are in the cross-hairs of nuclear attacks going hither and yon between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres on planet Earth — is nerve-wracking!

Now, more than ever, we need to step forward to be advocates of peace and harmony by promoting the essence of aloha which is a value and tradition of our host culture, the kanaka maoli. The blending of diversified cultures in body and spirit and in heart and mind is proof-positive that it is possible to build bridges of understanding and respect rather than walls which separate and divide us!

We’re a chop suey mixture of ethnic varieties with the tapestry of Hawaii’s history weaving us into endless ways we have been able to work and play together! Isn’t this the way it should be? Now, if only those tyrants would hurry up and fade into oblivion!


Jose Bulatao, Jr., Kekaha

Higher taxes no solution to Kauai’s problems

Aloha Mr. Mayor,

Thank you for taking the initiative to raise our taxes and having the wisdom to conclude future administrations will not possess your efficient, cost effective management skills. Well, except for maybe your disproportionate deployment of our county workforce to prune the Koloa bypass shower trees last week. Too many vehicles and personnel to count, and one guy with a handsaw.

I also want to thank Chad Deal for voicing his support of tax increases, to the County Council, from the standpoint of the government affairs office of the Kauai Board of Realtors. That is always very important to me.

Please continue to fund those expert traffic study solutions like all that Kaumualii sidewalk from Puhi to Lihue. For the genius who determined that particular necessity, witnessing the daily throng of pedestrian usage is what career rewards are all about.

I am grateful to have spent my taxed earnings on such essentials rather than something as frivolous as an expensive set of screwdrivers for whoever times the traffic lights.

William Hartsell, Kekaha

  1. Craig Millett January 5, 2018 9:02 am Reply

    It seems as though every time the politicians raise our taxes all we get is fatter politicians.

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