In strife-torn Myanmar, love trumps hate for a rare couple

AP Photo/Esther Htusan In this July 16, 2017, photo, Setara, right, holds her husband Mohammad's hand in Thetkabyin village camp, near Sittwe, Myanmar. The love story between Setara and Mohammad is extraordinarily rare in Myanmar. She was born an ethnic Rakhine Buddhist, and he a Rohingya Muslim. The Rakhine Buddhists despise the Rohingya Muslim minority in their country, and the United Nations has called the Rohingya one of the most persecuted people in the world. In Sittwe, the predominantly Buddhist state capital of the region, Setara tells nobody that she is married to a Rohingya.

THETKABYIN, Myanmar — In her dreams, Setara walks hand in hand with her Muslim husband through the streets of the seaside Myanmar town they grew up in. They visit old friends, share a meal with family, dip their toes into the warm surf of the Bay of Bengal.