Letters for Sunday, December 17, 2017

Preserve will cater to the rich

I read with interest the front-page article (TGI, Dec. 7) about the North Shore Preserve.

For the record: Many of my ancestors were put on preserves, then called reservations, and the government threw commodity cheese, rotting meat and vermin-ridden flour at them. Some members of my family still live on “preserves” and still receive commodity cheese. I’ve even eaten some while visiting my family. It’s become an “in” joke!

So will our mayor and/or members of the council provide commodity cheese to those living in the North Shore Preserve? Or will they step it up a bit and offer brie?

Personally, I see this new development as catering to the rich and off-island owners. My concern is that locals will be hired at minimum wage to tend these “gentlemen farms” while the owners sit back and reap the results of their labor.


Susan Campbell, Kalaheo

Elected leaders should oppose pesticides

Aloha. Can we just call an apple an apple and an orange an orange? Our people, land and sea are being poisoned. Our voted-in representatives are fully aware of the situation and choose not to do anything about it. Quite the contrary, they are blatantly allowing, if not encouraging, it to happen.

Are we going to go silently to slaughter or speak up loudly and protest this serious situation? What happened on Lehua Island is a travesty that could have been avoided. The seed company that dropped 10 tons of the rodenticide on Lehua needs to be held accountable.

Has Scott Enright, head of the Department of Agriculture, addressed not only the cleanup that needs to take place, but a huge fine on this company for killing our marine life? And the elephant in the room: Where are the pictures or proof of all the dead rats? There were plenty of fish trying to swim for their lives that could have been tested. Not the totally decomposed ones.

We aren’t that stupid; an inconclusive report on the cause of death of these fish and birds is a slap in the face. Come on, representatives, you know what needs to be done. Quit sticking your heads in the sand and speak up. The studies are in and pesticides cause many harmful health problems; it’s a known fact. The commercials are saying if you live or work in an area that has been sprayed with pesticides and have these problems, call this number.

Problems such as abnormal limb development (how horrifying), cancer, brain development problems, asthma, and the list goes on and on. We need a change to safer agricultural farming practices and we need them now!

Dustin Barca has a good idea of changing farming practices with pesticides to organic farming of crops like hemp that could bring a lot of money to our island without killing our people, land and sea.

Linda Bothe, Kalaheo

  1. ruthann jones December 17, 2017 5:58 am Reply

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Linda…..if only more people would take pause and intervene in the conglomerate that is poisoning our earth and sea.

  2. Charlie Chimknee December 17, 2017 7:30 am Reply

    Aloha Linda, to too many people the word pest-ICIDE just doesn’t ring the bell with it’s neighbor word: Su-ICIDE.

    The suffix “ICIDE” correlates with DEATH….something you’ll experience sooner with “ICIDE” than without.

    Another neighbor word is Rodent-ICIDE…what they used on Lehua Island.

    Can you imagine how hard little Lehua must have tried, and for how long, to poke her beautiful shaped body above water, knowing she could share her support of life above and below the Sea, with her big cousin Niihau and bigger cousin KAUAI…?

    And then only to be Rodent-ICIDEd (POISONED) by a few Fake Scientists, petro (oil-based) chemical companies, and a few gov’t bureaucrats…?

    How can those who understand our God of this Earth and Universe, and even those who can only still believe and are still just studying about our God…allow the ongoing deaths to God ‘s creatures, whether finned, feathered, hooved, clawed, or walking upright with speech, or even with forked tongue, allow “ICIDE” to continue to be put on and into God’s miraculous Earth’s Air, Water, and Aina, its creatures; and even devastatingly so, what must be a forced suICIDE upon its PEOPLE by Fake Scientists who put $$$’s over life.

    Were you hoping for maximum healthy longevity on this journey through LIFE…?

    Sorry your time will be cut short with these chemicals of every perversion, whether they are sprayed like candy on Lehua Island, or sprayed on our food, or put into our canned, bottled, or packaged food, and into our air, water, land and people; and magnified by the chemical drugs used in its inevitable outcome of Disease Care on un-medically educated innocent people, like “lambs to the slaughter”…you can’t expect to spray “ICIDE”and use and ingest the other fake scientist chemicals over and over and expect a different result. The result is unsustainable healthy life as the God of our Universe, our Honua, intended.

    The “ICIDES” do not end pests, rodents, etc.; just as chemical drugs and the surgeries do not end Diseases either for the individual or the population at large. We still have all the agricultural, food industry, and animal and human disease problems.

    What long lasting good have these poisons done for life and people on earth…? Nothing really.

    You ever feel like you been short changed out of your Right to a full Life…?


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