Letters for Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Be careful passing out parade candy

What a great parade! Amazing that this small Island can put on such a great show! My only concern was that the people passing out candy and goodies were seven feet out from the curb and young kids dashed into the street anytime a person with a bag approached. Not only did that block views, but mainly it was dangerous for the kids. One youngster was pulled back just in time before a vehicle went by.

Perhaps next year, the “goodies” people will stay at the curb — much safer.

Peter Sterne, Koloa

Drivers, please heed the signs

“Slower traffic keep right.”

Which part of that traffic sign is so difficult to understand? While those signs are posted in several places on northbound Kuhio Highway between Ahukini Road and the Wailua River, the fact is, it doesn’t have to be posted for it to be the law anywhere in the state.

Most states follow the Uniform Vehicle Code and require drivers to keep right if they are going slower than the normal speed of traffic, regardless of the speed limit.

The common violation is “impeding the flow of traffic.”

Hawaii Statewide Traffic Code

Part V. sec.291c-41(b) “Upon all roadways any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic, or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway, except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.”

Unfortunately, many drivers, especially here on Kauai, don’t know that this is a law, and seem to find it “entertaining” to irritate drivers behind them by refusing to move to the right lane of the highway.

I heard a few weeks ago that Hawaii was the worst state in the U.S. for “road rage.” Somehow that doesn’t surprise me. That distinction goes hand in hand with the worst drivers in the U.S., and the most inconsiderate and discourteous drivers.

I was following an SUV on Kuhio Highway a few weeks ago, northbound; no contraflow. She was obeying the speed limit by staying under 40 mph but totally disobeying the law mentioned above. It was very obvious that it was intentional. I found it interesting and very hypocritical that she had a sticker on her car that read “Drive with ALOHA.”

I think perhaps the true meaning of aloha needs to be reiterated.

While a big part of the aloha spirit is doing things for others without expectations of retribution, an even bigger part of the aloha spirit, which seems to have been forgotten, is not doing things or creating situations that may affect the comfort, convenience and emotions of others.

Or, perhaps more enforcement of the law could possibly reduce the incidents of road rage and possibly make a slight difference in the traffic flow on our island.

Larry Arruda, Kapaa

  1. Charlie Chimknee December 6, 2017 7:10 am Reply

    Aloha Larry,

    Let’s also Remind the readers that the 40 MPH speed limit was set on that stretch of Kuhio Hwy, at least by the Golf Course, because of it’s nickname gaining horribly so in popularity…SLAUGHTER ALLEY…! ! !

    Those 2 center line yellow stripes DO NOT PREVENT HEAD-ON COLLISIONS nor the GRIEF RAGE that follows for family and friends.

    Let’s all remember that at 40 MPH you are saving lives, including your own. And remember too, stay off your cell phone, they are known worldwide highway killers.



  2. Reverend Malama Robinson December 6, 2017 7:18 am Reply

    I was almost run down on the curb trying to cross Kuhio Highway with my service dog by 3 vehicles yesterday including a fire department suv. The crosswalk sign was allowing me to walk but these drivers were turning right on a green light and chose to ignore my very large dog and I, the law and I am shocked that

  3. Debra Kekaualua December 6, 2017 9:28 am Reply

    Neighborhoods off kuamoo, specificall Ahakea and Noni culdsacs, have drivers exceeding to 40mph in a 20mph zone, children on bicycles HAVE been hit and animals killed or murdered by one particular family coming out from their culdsac in vehicles or bicycles who aim at animals that escaped their enclosure, then just drive away, not guilty, except this time, more than just me, witnesses and license plates. KPD has YET to issue complaint on a knownserial animal killer.

  4. Steve Martin December 7, 2017 6:44 pm Reply

    ,this sounds like the same people who rudely ride on people’s bumpers who are doing 42 mph and then whip into the right lane to speed past them. I don’t care what lane you are in the posted speed limit is 40MPH. Why do people think that the left lane means I can go 50 or as fast as I want to drive. I’m glad we have a choice for those who drive 30, but many people are in a big rush and need to desperately get some respect for others. What we need is more police to park on those concrete pads along side the highway ticketing the speeders. Amazing how fast people will learn to slow down.

  5. Steve Martin December 7, 2017 6:53 pm Reply

    Peter stearne… Must be a newcomer. What you describe is what happens every year. Get use to it. What’s bad is every year when the parade ends people leave all their trash on the ground for someone else to clean up. So much for the respect the island receives

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