Letters for Sunday, November 19, 2017

How can we trust the candidates?

About 10 days ago our newspaper TGI had a front-page article about Lenny Rapozo’s decision to run for the office of mayor of Kauai at the next election. He has been known to run the Department of Parks and Recreation for many years. This made us think about the track records of the candidates in general.

When we have to choose who gets our votes, our decision should not be based on the frequency we see the candidates waving signs on the roadside nor on their campaign promises, but on the quality of service they have provided for the county in their current office. Why? Because the question comes up if one has failed frequently in the task his or her office was entrusted with, how can we trust his or her ability to handle the bigger task that he or she is campaigning for?

This should apply not only to the mayoral, but to all candidates. When it is hard to decide, the letters about the successes and problems published in TGI will give you a good guidance for your decision, for example the many letters about the dismal state of our county parks.

I am connecting this to another editorial published last week by TGI in which Mr. Gary Hooser gave the candidates several pieces of advice, which are good, but he forgot the main ingredient: the good track records.

I am sorry, but without that it is like baking a bread without flour. So, we’d better watch out at election time.

Kealii Kanahele, Kekaha

Many slip through cracks in island’s medical care

I read the letter to the editor from James “Kimo” Rosen about El Aina at the bus stop. I am concerned. I spent time talking withher. She was very bright. We talked about different things. I noticed her feet and asked her about that. She said the doctors atWilcox could find nothing wrong with her and she was released back to Kapaa.

She said walking is difficult and she feels safer at the bus stop because there’s more traffic. I have a concern. There’s adisease transmitted by mosquitoes called elephantiasis, which can cause swelling of the feet in early stages not unlike what ElAina exhibits. There’s also something called lymphedema which apparently is related to breast cancer.

Now I am not a doctor, but there’s definitely a problem. She said it came on since she’s been here in the islands.

On an unrelated topic, doctors in Kauai are very hard to come by. For example, I have Type 1 diabetes and there is noendocrinologist permanently here on Kauai. We diabetics have to depend on an endocrinologist who comes once a week tothe island, but one must set up appointments far in advance to see her.

From talking with doctors on the island, Type 2 diabetes is extremely prevalent here. Endocrinologists should be on all of theislands and especially on Kauai for the local population of 60,000-plus people.

El Aina appears to have slipped through the cracks here on our Garden Isle. How many others are slipping through the crackswith her?

Robert Dixon, Kapaa

  1. Jake November 19, 2017 4:31 am Reply

    “Born and raised on Kauai” is not a “qualification” for any elected official.

    Having lived on Kauai, more than another candidate, means nothing.

    Outstanding athletes on Kauai, that get scholarships at U of H, means nothing as an elected official.

    Your ethnicity means nothing as an elected official.

    Fact: On Kauai, qualifications, certifications, past work experience, degrees, mean nothing. It is all a popularity contest based on the aforementioned ridiculous island qualifications. Is it any wonder nothing gets done on this island? Elect the best and brightest, regardless of their ethnicity and popularity on this island.

  2. Charlie Chimknee November 19, 2017 8:01 am Reply

    As to Type II diabetes, and for that matter so many other of the Chronic Degenerative Diseases, like Heart and Vascular disease, and the increasing types of cancers, as well as the illnesses and deaths caused by doctors prescribing drugs that TV ads admit to their drug toxicity and lethality; why does the general public and government agencies continue year after decade to entrust those who profit from selling TREATMENTS, to bother themselves with Providing the public with the EDUCATION and KNOWN INFORMATION that has proven to prevent much of the $4 Trillion dollars a year spent on doctors, hospitals, petrochemical-pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies; resulting in no real health benefit to the public on our return on the $4 Trillion investment except for the yearly worsening disease statistics.

    Blind Faith in Disease Care has reached bankruptcy on the public, individual, and family health.

    An ounce of Prevention is worth a Ton of Cure.

    Disease Prevention is best served by Education starting in kindergarten and progressing in depth through high school graduation at which point every student will know more about their own body and its needs than any doctor.

    Knowledge of our bodies, and of food and chemicals and poisons, prevents disease and prevents the need for treatments and their nasty chemical and surgical side effects.

    The definition of STUPID is: You can’t expect to EAT the same things over and over and expect a different result with disease. Both Health and Disease come from eating, but how would you know what to eat without an education leading to the iIntelligent choice of food.

    Is there someone who could step up to the Dept. Of Education and make a change? Are there ethical doctors and dentists out there willing to trade in their after-the-fact Treatments for teaching Preventative Disease Education? Health Education prevents disease.

    You should Know well that the word PHYSICIAN means TEACHER…!

    Where have all the Physicians gone?

    Best to your Health, remember, it’s a Personal issue.

    It starts with 4 big words that are fun, interesting, and easy to learn about: Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, and BioChemistry; more than science they are actually: YOU…!

    Learn about the real you, prevent disease, and don’t take drugs of any kind; drugs and medicine are chemicals, they all have ill side effects.

    Health is a personal responsibility; your knowledge is your Health Care. Health Care prevents Disease Care.

    Don’t Wait…EDUCATE…! ! !


  3. kauaidog November 19, 2017 1:38 pm Reply

    Yes,and if certain political parties have their way the rich will gather massive monetary windfalls with this bogus tax cut. Folks, if your taxes go down by a claimed $1100 or whatever figure is thrown out and then because of the 1.5 TRILLION hole this blows in our national debt over ten years the same party will be looking for cuts in the budget. And guess where those cuts are going to come from? Yip, healthcare, HUD, and other programs to help the struggling. Personally I would rather keep paying the taxes I pay or even more IF we get improved healthcare for all.

  4. Sunrise_blue November 19, 2017 6:52 pm Reply

    Are the mayor or county officials getting paid, for what the job requires from them? If so, is that pay equal to the job itself and that supports itself as an important county function? Yes/no. If yes, how much is their pay. Tax payers money or CIP, state legislatures expense and spending money.

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