Letters for Sunday, November 12, 2017

Shootings must be stopped

I cannot stop crying thinking of those innocent children shot to death while praying to Jesus in that tiny Texas church. I know that little town. I think I went to a revival there. This shooting has got to stop. The devil is obviously living amongst us. Go to any civilized country in Europe and most countries in South America and you will be arrested and sent to jail if you possess an automatic weapon if you are not military or police. This madness has got to stop!

Our oh-so-decreasingly-popular president claims this is a mental-health issue, not guns! Of course the NRA was his biggest supporter. Please contact our Congress to halt the madness.

Carla Harringer, Kapaa

Vote for those who will oppose spraying of pesticides

Aloha, just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed the television commercials stating “if you have used Roundup and havebeen diagnosed with cancer call a certain number.”

Monsanto is being held responsible for its product. Finally, there must be enough evidence to show this product is cancer-causing. They go on to state that Monsanto alone sprays approximately 95 million gallons of pesticide annually in the U.S.

Add this to all the other pesticide companies’ activities and no wonder our cancer rates are up and reef and fish populationsaren’t healthy.

What is shocking to me is the lack of any elected representative to say or do anything. Not a peep about the damage thesecompanies are causing.

Our Westside population has begged our mayor or any representative to help stop the spraying of pesticides near their homesand schools. Nobody is doing anything about it as far as I know. That is sick. Now we even have commercials stating if youuse Monsanto products you could be diagnosed with cancer. How horrifying for these taxpaying residents.

What about the other pesticide companies that are in our islands? At least five that I know of. All doing the same thing,poisoning our people, land and ocean for profit.

Looking over the prospects for our next election is frightening. Nobody I see on the ballot is going to change anything. In allthe islands there is only one voice that is willing to stand up to these poison machines: Gary Hooser. He is for the people, notthe money. We need to vote for people like Gary and any other representatives who are willing to defend the people, land andsea from these pesticide companies.

Linda Bothe, Kalaheo

  1. Pete Antonson November 12, 2017 3:39 am Reply

    Nobody has sprayed within miles of a school for nearly 10 years now. As usual, a big bunch of baseless baloney!

  2. manongindashadow November 12, 2017 8:16 am Reply

    Ms. Bothe, “how long have you been living here on Kauai? ” and “Do you have any health issues from these present sprayings?”

  3. manongindashadow November 12, 2017 8:38 am Reply

    Ms. Harringer, It was sais that, “the shooter was not suppose to have purchase a fire arm.” Because of paper work mess up he was able to buy one.
    There are many illegal ways a person can buy a fire arm. Such as, “there are irresponsible people who buy a automatic hand gun/automatic rifle legally (because they pass all background checks) and don’t want the weapon anymore. So they sell it or just give it away to a friend.”
    I’d rather live in a place where one can have a weapon of their choice and use common sense in being responsible for that weapon.

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