‘Ww’ is about achieving wholeness, in all aspects

The gift of handwriting is its innate capacity to unify all expressions of yourself, body, mind and spirit, ultimately experienced as wholeness. The rhythmic, unifying, balancing, transforming, and harmonizing movements involved in handwriting are its active attributes, all related to wholeness.

Striving for wholeness is to be the sole and purest intention of each person. This principle is the basic archetypal teaching of the letter “Ww.” All the letters of the alphabet in their own unique way are channels for some aspect of wholeness to be revealed and expressed as your reality.

The letter “Ww” appears like two vessels or pillars unified. When you write the letter “Ww” with awareness, you activate harmony and balance within you. These key attributes of wholeness are repeatedly emphasized by a number of the alphabet letters.

The archetype of the letter “Ww” reiterates that wholeness applies to all the aspects of yourself related to your body, mind and spirit.

It calls your attention to remember that there are laws of nature to be honored and respected for this holistic quality to be experienced. The letter of wholeness also emphasizes that all the laws related to your physical form, mind and spirit have to be honored simultaneously.

When the laws related to the physical form are respected, the glands and organs function at their optimum allowing for renewing life currents to further activate and enhance the vitality of the whole anatomy.

The archetype of the letter “Ww” emphasizes the importance of honoring the laws governing the mind. You are asked to remember that thoughts are powerful. It tells you to educate your mind with the help of your spirit, to give life to thoughts that are respectful, encouraging, inspiring, thoughtful, and renewing. When you choose thoughts that are of a pure quality, you awaken more areas of your brain/mind to receive the wisdom and knowledge that resonate with wholeness.

When your mind and body are in harmonic resonance, responding intelligently to the events of a changing world, your spirit is strengthened and an inner wholeness is expressed in daily life.

A final reminder of the letter “Ww”’ to achieve wholeness is to pursue your highest potential. Included with that reminder is a calling for more silence in your life. This inner serenity is most important for renewing and transforming your whole nature. Meditative silence strengthens your spirit and allows the conserved energy to be at work, subtly transforming biological systems and the mind for achieving the desired wholeness.


Angeline Welk of Princeville is a professional handwriting analyst. She writes this regular column for The Garden Island and maintains a Website at http://ourliving alphabet.com She can be reached at alefangel@gmail.com


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