Letters for Tuesday, September 26, 2017

• No longer a Seahawk fan • No way to hide the fact of Kauai’s overcrowding

No longer a Seahawk fan

Growing up in the Northwest, I have been a Seahawk fan since they started in the old Kingdome. Now, I am a free-agent fan. The Seahawks’ decision to stay in the locker room during the national anthem is disrespectful to those who have died for our freedoms.

Colin Kaepernick (CK) started this ruckus by sitting during the National Anthem last year. Why? Apparently, CK was seen wearing socks showing pigs in police uniforms.

CK wanted to criticize the police, but he chose to disrespect our national anthem. He criticized a whole nation, who offered him $126 million to play a game. Besides sitting, he was sometimes kneeling, which is normally a symbol of submission and honor, even worship. Now, CK is out of a job.

President Trump joined in by criticizing those who kneel to disrespect our nation. Trump seems to miss the point that kneeling is a sign of respect. The liberal media joined in to criticize Trump. The liberal media seems to miss the point that using airtime to show Trump defending our national anthem is only going to help Trump win again.

This whole story is so completely convoluted. You can’t make this stuff up.

It is a free country. Those who want to protest are free to do so. Those who want to fire them for disrespecting our nation are free to do so.

Fans like me are free to find a new team that does not disrespect its own blood-bought liberties.

Mark Beeksma, Koloa

No way to hide the fact of Kauai’s overcrowding

Thank you Larry Arruda for your high-tech info “… our outdated signal ‘system’” (TGI, Sept. 25) — on how to improve the traffic mess on Kauai.

I think I’d like to back up to Margaret Mead once more. Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up. Another very wise woman, a local resident, reminded us once, many years ago, that the number of people allowed in an elevator is a legal determination. That makes sense.

What also makes sense, and is almost always ignored, is: You can only pile so many people on one small island. More people. More cars. More traffic jams. More foul air. More ugliness. More concrete.

Overcrowding. Overpopulation. These seem to be dimensions everybody ignores. We don’t see them. We don’t talk about them, hear about them, or factor them into the equation of existence.

The county could practice high tech baloney up the lagoon — advanced electronics, advanced signalized intersection control, whatever that is — but if we continue hauling more cars and more people into this small island, it will not work.

It cannot work.


End of statement.

Everyone should take the time to find and read about rats — sigh — in Dr. Edward Hall’s book The Hidden Dimension.

That’s us. Two-legged rats living in that space. Right now. On Kauai.

Please, someone, take the time to discuss this non-tech issue?

I’m a very sweet old lady and I’d rather not show up at a meeting with my faithful shillelagh and start a fight.

Bettejo Dux, Kalaheo


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