Letters for Sunday, September 17, 2017

• Fixing our roads can be done on an equitable basis • Treatment of Japanese Americans a sad time in history • Congrats to Doctor Sparks

Fixing our roads can be done on an equitable basis

It has been said many times that we have roads on Kauai that are worse than some roads in Third World countries. It is true, and they are dangerous, too. The county’s response is that we don’t have the money to fix them quickly. There is a solution, and it should work perfectly. We just have to follow the example of the federal government.

Did you notice that when you buy your airline ticket the final price includes the base airfare plus four additional charges: federal excise tax (7.5 percent), flight segment tax ($3.70 per segment), passenger facility charge ($4.50 per segment, but capped at $18 per ticket) and Sept. 11 security charge ($2.50 per segment, but capped at $10)? These fees are collected from every passenger, even when they fly with an award ticket.

Well, as we are told the Sept. 11 security charge is collected to finance the operation of TSA to assure the safety of the planes and the passengers. Yes, that sorrowful event of Sept. 11, 2001, is remembered on every airline ticket.

Since our roads need fixing, we should localize the idea and add a “Jan. 16, 1893 fee” of $10 per day on every car rental to complement the additional fees the car rental companies collect from the renters. This fee should go then directly to a Kauai Road Safety Fund. How is it equitable then?

Well, Sept. 11, 2001, was an ominous day for the Americans and it is the date of a heinous crime. Jan. 16, 1893, was the date of the illegal overthrow of the constitutional government of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the United States — another heinous crime in history.

Remember, President Bill Clinton admitted it in the Apology Bill! You see, we’ll get the money on a truly equitable basis, and it will be collected for the safety of the travelers.

Janos Keoni Samu, Kalaheo

Treatment of Japanese Americans a sad time in history

In response to Mr. Custer’s letter (TGI, Sept. 3), he is correct in stating there was a lot of hatred, ignorance and racismdirected to patriotic and hardworking American citizens of Japanese descent following Pearl Harbor. However, to legitimizethis treatment of our fellow Americans by stating “but it was war” is morally indefensible.

Executive Order 9066 impacted the lives of 117,000 people, two-thirds whom were native-born Americans. This order tookfrom Americans of Japanese descent their homes, their livelihoods and their civil liberties. This was a repugnant time in ournation’s history and we should be ever watchful that it never happens again.

Noreen Steinmetz, Kapaa

Congrats to Doctor Sparks

Congratulations Norma Doctor Sparks on your appointment to the UH Board of Regents. It is my opinion that your credentialsoverqualified you for a seat on the County Council.

Now, rather than spending time exhausting crucial constructive resources, you will have the rewarding opportunity to providemeaningful lifelong benefits to a deserving and contributing factor of Kauai. Your family should be very proud.

William Hartsell, Kekaha


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