Say no to growth, stop the madness

OK. It’s time. In fact it’s past time to do something about the crowds on these islands.

Just spent four days and three nights on Maui. OMG! I mean, we already have some major problems on Kauai but Maui is much worse. Have you seen what they’re doing at Kahului International Airport. Obvious plans for big growth. I wonder where they plan to put all the cars. The two-hour drive from the airport to Lahaina will likely end up a four-hour drive, if you can get there at all.

If we don’t do something now to stop the growth on Kauai, we’ll be just like Maui, only worse, because our roads have a 100 times more pukas than Maui roads. How come?

These islands, all of them, cannot handle more people. The general plan for Kauai talks about “growth.” That no can!

Gotta stop and stop now.

Not controlled growth.

Not planned growth.

It’s gotta be no growth!

It’s all about money! More people equals more money. That’s all some authorities think about. More, more, more! One track mind! With blinders on.

More people mean more cars.

More cars mean more traffic.

Our gas for our vehicles is all imported to Kauai. So more gas needed on Kauai.

More traffic means more maintenance to our roads needed.

More than 90 percent of the products that we consume on Kauai is imported. So more people means more food needed to be brought in. More people, more food consumed means more human waste to get rid of. More sewage treatment needed. More trash for our landfill.

More people means more potable water needed. A lot more.

Where do you think the money is going to come from for all the “more” that’s needed?

Wake up now folks! It ain’t gonna come from the state.

As if it’s not bad enough that we’re all going to be paying for that rail project in Honolulu for the rest of our lives. We’re also going to be paying for the greed of some existing authorities.

Don’t think that Kauai is not affected by the extra taxes charged in Oahu because we definitely are. Much of our consumed products here on Kauai comes from Oahu. That extra tax is already added in. We’re paying for that fiasco whether you want to believe it or not. And whether our genius Legislature increases the TAT or the GET, we are, and will be considerably affected by any increase.

Stop the growth and the madness now!

Let’s figure out a way to make it all workable with what we now have.

Maybe we can get back some of our sanity and be somewhat like the home sweet home in which many of us grew up.

Let’s stop the population growth and fill in the pukas.


Larry Arruda is a resident of Kapaa.


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