Letters for Friday, August 25, 2017

• How are our driving skills?

How are our driving skills?

Is driving or operating a vehicle an honor or a privilege, and how do we rate ourselves? Good, bad, or aahh, mediocre? We should wonder.

I am by no means a great driver, but as much as I can, I try to abide with the rules and the regulations that are posted on the highways and the roadsides, and try to remember what I have learned and studied before getting my license many years ago.

And too, I try to be as courteous and considerate to others, but still have the thoughts of driving defensively. What I mean are simply these things.

One, if it isn’t broken, try using the directional lights or use hand signals. This will at least give the other driver an idea as to what you want to do and where you want to go.

Secondly, when driving from a merging lane to the main lane, just because you used the directional light doesn’t give you the right to just zoom and cut right into the car ahead of you. Think! You’re only letting the driver know that you want to get into the lane, but must first, get the acknowledgment from the car you’re going to cut in front of. You just don’t have that right to just cut in front of him. That directional light only signifies your intention.

Thirdly, when two cars come to an intersection and both cars are going into the same directions, the one going to the right has the right of way, not who got to the intersection first.

Fourthly, because we some times are not focused on our driving, although they are not excuses, we tend to make some mistakes. Yelling, screaming and/or showing that the other person is number one with your middle fingers won’t help matters. Human natures make us do or say things very unpleasant. And too, when coming to a stop sign, it means to apply your brakes and come to a complete stop and not dashing out into the main highway. When all is clear, than proceed.

I know that school will probably be out by the time this letter gets out, but in the future, or even when kids are on the bus during the summer months, another thing I’d really like to stress is that, when approaching the school bus either from the front or the rear and the stop sight is out, it really means to stop and wait until the kids are safe and the bus sign is cleared. I see idiots, and I mean idiots, passing the bus. Where did they get their licenses? Someone should watch those kinds of drivers.

Like me, I know you have come across people who did what I just mentioned, and boy, do I really want to give that person a piece of my mind. You wondered where and how they got their licenses and how quickly they’ve forgotten how to drive safely and cautiously. But it happens.

Wouldn’t you agree with me that we should also drive with aloha? Yes, we should. But the aloha works both ways, too.

What am I trying to say? Let’s be nice. And above all, let’s drive defensively.

What? Is driving an honor or a privilege? You decide.

Ray Domingo, Hanamaulu


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