Letters for Monday, Aug. 21, 2017

• Stand your ground • Unified union can be great • President not doing well • Passiveness led to missile threat

Stand your ground

Thank you, Michael Mann. I always enjoy your letters. Your viewpoint and comment Aug. 12 was perfect.

It reminded me of a writer I admire, Studs Terkel, an historian, sociologist and exemplary journalist. He won the Pulitzer Prize for his nonfiction book, “The Good War,” in 1985. I’d like to quote him: “Unless we tell a chieftain whoever he may be — president or whoever the hell he is — unless we tell him we disagree with him, we’re not being an active citizen in a democracy.”

And so, as I was strolling through the mall, my mind a thousand miles away — thinking of the “Idjit” who thinks the White House is a dump and much prefers Mar-a-lago or some other rats’ nests — I accidental brushed into a most unsavory character — I mean when had the guy last bathed? — who, unfortunately, recognized me.

He stood boldly and directly in my way and, with a voice that shattered brass, proclaimed, “Yeah, Bettejo? Well we’re gonna fire and fury the biscuit heads before they fire and fury us back.”

Well, I stood my ground, my faithful shillelagh at the ready, and announced sweet as honey from a bee, “And you, sir, are either insane or stupid. Probably both.”

When l shifted my club to the ready, he took off like a streak. Obviously little old ladies when accosted are supposed to faint. Behind me, the crowd who didn’t laugh as the bloke ran off, clapped. I love applause.

Bettejo Dux, Kalaheo

Unified nation can do great things

The Democratic Party’s front-page story on “mobilizing, seeks unity” goes contrary to the article that states “The DemocraticParty of Hawaii is gearing up for the statewide Day of Resistance” following the “nationwide summer of resistance.”

We are people of the same country. The key thought process should be coexistence. This is how we accomplish greatness as aunified nation and pass progressive legislation in our county, state and federal levels of government.

Bronwyn Farias, Kapaa

President not doing well

Mr. Beeksma, (TGI, Aug. 8), you go right ahead and keep convincing yourself that Mr. Trump is doing all kinds of great and wonderful things for our country. The rest of us know what’s actually taking place. A complete farce.

Also according to you, if someone speaks out against the president, that automatically makes you a liberal. Assumptions are one of the many attributes of the close-minded, ignorant Republican.

Annoy Republicans. Think for yourself.

Ka‘aona Kipuka, Lawai

Obama’s passiveness led to missile threat

In response to the local comments about the North Korea missile threat, “if we had another outcome in the last presidentialelection, thing would be different.”

Apparently, they don’t realize the past administration’s lack of backbone led us to this situation, not the currentadministration.

Passive administrations allow rouge countries to get stronger.

Trump may be a little crazy, but so was Obama.

The “let’s all hug it out” has not worked, time for a different approach.

Let’s see what the adults can do. History will judge.

James Dittig II, Roseville, Calif.


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