Letters for Saturday, August 12, 2017

• School bus situation ridiculous • GOP created ‘anti-PC’

School bus situation ridiculous

I cannot understand why and how the Department of Education awarded the school bus contracts to the lowest bidder who knew that there were stipulations and requirements to be met, like having the buses and the drivers, and perhaps, a place to store those equipment.

Why, before the school year started, that they, the awardees, decided to inform, I guess, the DOE that at the last minute, they didn’t have the required school bus drivers to cover the routes ? Were the bidders aware or not that the drivers with CDLs, or Commercial Drivers Licenses, be also endorsed with an “S” or School Bus Endorsement? Weren’t or didn’t the bidders know before hand that if they were given the contract to run the school buses, they must meet the DOE requirments?

Then why, why, and more whys did the DOE permit the awardees to let them work out the problems now, inconveniencing the parents, finding ways for the kids to get to school, taking and putting them on county buses, and having the kids finding excuses not to go to school because the buses were too full and did not stop for them, and also penalizing students to be tardy, or in this case, not marking them tardy because of this stupid and uncalled form of a situation. It never happened before, so why now?

Get some investigations going on now and find out how this became an issue and a big mess.

Stop playing politics and do something right for a change.

Ray Domingo, Lihue

GOP created ‘anti-PC’

JoAnne Georgi, in response to your recent letter “Please Say ‘no’ to hate letters,” would you mind defining which letters you deem to be “hate” letters?

I have a pretty good idea (i.e., anything which shows a dislike for the Ijit-In-Chief or anything which could be taken as a rebuke of modern-day “conservatism” (it is not conservatism at all), but I want you to just come out and say it so it is clear.

It seems to me that you are trying to decide what constitutes correct speech. Surely that isn’t the case from a card carrying Republican such as yourself? Please remember, the GOP created “anti-PC.” You’ve fought for the ability to speak your mind freely and without check for nearly 30 years.

Now that you have created the monster, and put the worst example of an anti-PC practitioner into the highest office in the country, and arguably the most important position in the world, you want to try to tame that monster to use for you own “conservative” purposes. I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way.

The GOP should have thought about what they were asking for before they asked for it. Thanks to all of you, anti-PC talk is here to stay. If you want something different, you need to stop talking about it, and actually change your own behavior to erase “anti-PC” from the lexicon and denounce the idea of it. You are Ozymandias, and there is much to despair.

Michael Mann, Lihue


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