Trump simply not a good president

I’ve been agonizing about how to write this. It’s sometimes hard to make a point, when the dynamics of your subject keep morphing into something that is hard to fathom and difficult to follow as far as why.

It’s been said the only thing holding back government is politics. That’s never been more prevalent in the White House at any time in our nation’s history.

I was at our friend’s annual July 4th party with the circle of people I only seem to see on that date. The subject of a recent letter of mine that appeared in TGI came up. I, of course, was on guard in case any of my peers should take issue with my comments. When I asked how they felt about what I’d said, they all voiced their concurrence. They referred to me as “the voice of reason.”

I appreciated that moniker as it does appeal to me. I try to state my platform as neatly and cleanly as possible. I expect split reviews as a matter of course, since that is the American way. But the American way is being derided within our own ranks.

It is definitely time for all those in any government position to say that enough is enough!

It is becoming more and more difficult to ignore the insanity that spews out of Washington from the lips and tweets of our leader (that is using the term ever so loosely).

He has demonstrated over and over again the disdain he has for anyone that is not like him, which is rich and white. It is so much easier to list those that he likes than to try to compile a complete list of those he doesn’t like, since it seems to be almost everyone else.

Unless you are wealthy, like he is, you are just a worker. And unless you are white, well, in his world……eh, you get the picture. He has mocked so many classes of humanity, yet still refers to the “people” when he’s talking about who he is doing so many good things for, from his agenda.

But, that’s just his way of placating the populace he relied on for votes. He has many hidden agendas that are his real goals. Oh, and by the way, in case you’re still wondering who I’m talking about, it’s Trump.

His rhetoric is becoming more and more unstable and not just unbelievable, but also extremely dangerous. In the news right now is the threat of using nuclear weapons by North Korea’s Kim and he is equally as off-balanced as Trump. Plus, Russia is reacting to possible sanctions on trade, which is putting us at odds with them too.

My question is how long do we, the American people, have to wait for the obvious outcome of his actions before we can act? It’s so easy to see where all this posturing from these world leaders is likely heading. But do we have to wait until thousands or even millions of people are needlessly killed, before we collectively put a stop to him? There is already so much controversy in his administration and he seems to thrive on it.

More and more, his actions mimic those of a dictator. He isn’t worried about going to jail for his actions. He feels free to continue the current way he does business, even as his approval rating is slipping on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of people out there that just follow party lines, no matter what, and I feel sorry for them, as they are just being led in a direction that they are needed to be led.

And as far as those that actually agree with his way of doing things, it’s difficult to try to appeal to you with reason. I know, I’ve tried. What I’ve found is that people who have the same moral compass as Trump are cheering him on saying “finally, someone is doing something.”

Most of them seem to have similar feelings about world issues and people issues. I wonder: where is their humanity?

Yes, he is trying to divide the country, take away hard fought for rights of many groups and individuals, show his power over the weak, control everything in his path and make all his friends and business partners (and himself, of course) richer and more powerful. I don’t have to try to point out all the strange things he does, there isn’t enough room here.

But, by now, it should be perfectly obvious to anyone paying attention, that we are on the road to war in the not to distant future. Who we might be in a war with is still up in the air. Because of all the silly tweets going out to the world each day, it’s hard to tell exactly who is friend or foe at any given moment.

Trump just seems to infuriate anyone and everyone without any regard for consequences. And keep in mind, he thinks he’s doing the right thing all the time!

We may never know the exact details of how the last election went down. But, our nation made a grave mistake by letting Trump be sworn into the office of president of the United Stated. He has forever tainted and degraded that office and thrown a gray shadow over all the history our country was built on.


Jack Custer is a resident of Kalaheo.


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