Letters for Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017

• Traffic must be managed better • ‘Lucky Stiff’ a great show • Councilman off target regarding union employees

Traffic must be managed better

Regarding the ongoing input to our traffic situation. The only thing that could be worse than the red tape of state and local governments actions concerning solutions to our traffic,is the construction and it’s delays that will be created during the next five years, “that may” alleviate our traffic congestion with no guarantee’s from government.

Much common sense will show it to be a no-brainer guarantee to cause more congestion than we currently have now. It definitely doesn’t take an expert on traffic to see what happens when you build more lanes, roads, and infrastructure to ease our traffic.

There is no research that allows one to believe that building more roads and lanes will make the traffic better. Instead we are shown evidence that building them will open the door for more development.

“Build it and they will come.” If we want to keep Kauai the way it is, then we must handle our traffic congestion solutions in a different direction. We need to make decisions on better management of what we have existing.

We must work, live, and play for the needs and concerns of the existing island and it’s environment, rather than change the island to something it’s not.

We must create a better public highly sophisticated transportation shuttle system,more efficient,better services for residents, those in need of handicap services, and all of the transportation needs of our visiting friends. These solutions and others will prove we can better manage our growing traffic congestion.

Steve Martin, Kapaa

‘Lucky Stiff’ a great show

If you want to go out and have some fun I highly recommend seeing “Lucky Stiff,” the musical comedy showing at the PuhiTheater Thursdays through Sundays until Aug. 13.

Tickets are available at HawaiiChildrensTheater.com. It’s uproariously funny and entertaining. Don’t be sorry you missed it.

Lynne Mack, Kapaa

Councilman off target regarding union employees

As a proud HGEA (Hawaii Government Employees Association) member I want to thank Randy Perreira, HGEA executivedirector, for his letter regarding Councilmember Ross Kagawa’s remarks about government workers and how we are paid well.

Just a reminder to the councilmember, you came to the HGEA hall asking for the union’s support in the last election tosupport you for re-election, and we gave it to you.

Now your true colors come out, your statement shows you are no friend of government workers or unions, and when the nextelection comes around I and all government workers who supported you will have a different opinion of you.

I suggest you should choose your words wisely as a “seasoned” politician, should you intend to have government workerssupport you.

Unfortunately, I am one worker that will never support you in the future, should you choose to run for any office again. Youreally need to think about the remarks that flow out of your mouth and the impact they have on the working people and theirfamilies you lash out at.

Do your homework first, gather the facts, and then present them to the community, be it pro or con, instead of blurting outthe “fake news” regarding government worker’s pay.

Paul E. DeRocle, Koloa


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