Letters for Sunday, July 23, 2017

• Hooser ‘attack’ unwarranted • Let’s not spread Fake News

Hooser ‘attack’ unwarranted

After 26 years reading The Garden Island on a daily basis, and countless times thinking I should write a letter about some nonsense or the other that I read, Saturday’s “opinion/editorial” by John Dreisch finally pushed that button.

Although I personally viewed Dreisch’s “opinion” as a rant packed with uncalled-for venom, old-as-the-hills political propaganda, and plain stupid statements (all very mainstream these days), what really drove me to write is that The Garden Island published such a direct and personal attack on a well-respected resident.

Gary Hooser is no longer a politician, and no one, politician or not, should be attacked this way in a community publication for writing from a viewpoint that is in fact shared by many on Kauai.

John could have presented fact-based opinions and political positions, or expressed an opposing point of view that might start a civil discussion or debate. Instead he launched into one disgusting diatribe after another, against Gary Hooser, against Kauai County, and against much of the rest of the country. There was no “opinion” stated, and no point to it, other than damage to his integrity. I certainly will never view John Dreisch in the same light again.

Most disheartening is that The Garden Island newspaper chose to publish the most shameful attack on a local citizen I’ve read in a supposedly community-oriented newspaper.

Ben Herr, Kapaa

Let’s not spread fake news

I am not a supporter of Donald Trump, but I am a supporter of truth and of facts. So let’s correct Marjorie Lewis’ “facts” (TGI, July 21):

“Trump (is) basically a failed business man.” That’s laughable. The Trump corporation owns over 500 business entities worth$3.5 billion. If that’s failure, let me fail. Fake news.

“The $14 million his father gave him …” Fake news. It was a $1 million loan; Google it.

It wouldn’t even come close to $3.5 billion if “invested in a good interest-bearing account.” Fake news.

“His statements bear no facts.” Kinda like “if you like your doctor, you can keep him.” Or, “Benghazi was started by a YouTubevideo.”

The 3 million that voted for Hillary were in New York and California, there was zero “gerrymandering.” Fake news.

“He has not accomplished one promise he made” except for nominated a Supreme Court Justice that he promised to do froma list he published prior to the election. He has rolled back countless EPA regulations that he promised he would do, he justgot funding to build the wall, which he promised he would do. So again, Marjorie, fake news.

“During the Gipper’s term, unemployment was at an all-time high.” A simple Google search will show that he inherited thehigh unemployment from Carter, and after he took office it dropped dramatically. Again, Marjorie, fake news.

Let’s keep the debate honest, shall we?

Jeff “Gordo” Gordon, Hanalei


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