Letters for Wednesday, July 19, 2017

• Mickens is on point • Kauai more about aloha than conflict

Mickens is on point

I would like to give a shout-out and big mahalo to Glenn Mickens for his 25 years on Kauai and care for the aina with his weekly attendance at the Kauai County Council meetings.

He spends hours of his time investigating, writing depositions and giving testimony on the growth of this beautiful island, trouble with infrastructure and traffic, as well as building more homes for increased population on the island without having solved the existing traffic problem we have now with local and tourist traffic.

Just drive down the highway and see for yourself, get on the side roads and feel the holes and bumps. Glenn, thank you for your precious time and care for Kauai. I agree with your issues and yes they need to be addressed!

Mahalo nui.

John Cooney, Kapaa

Kauai more about aloha than conflict

In response to Gary Hooser and John Dreisch:

Okay, Mr. Bold Ideas, you’ve succeeded again. Gary Hooser’s intentional provocations generated the negative response fromJohn Dreisch. These dishonest provocations are right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” The strategy is to be as bold asyou can, and provoke an emotional reaction, then pick up whatever crumbs are generated. Gary has probably alreadygenerated a response to Mr. Dreisch’s emotional reaction.

The issue is that this negativity is not Kauai. Our values are much more positive and responsible. We know we’re all on a smallvessel called Kauai, Hawaii, Earth. Our values appreciate our diversity, and the common responsibility we share for making oursociety positively sustainable. Our shared cultures all recognize the spirituality of all living things.

The “HA” of “Aloha” is the breath of life. In other cultures, words like “Chi,” “Ki,” “Godliness” and “spirituality” represent thiscommonality of all living things.

We are all human, subject to the temptations of the “Seven Deadly Sins.” We forget that we all benefit from the “SevenHeavenly Virtues.” On Kauai, more often than not, we choose: Chastity over Lust; Temperance over Gluttony; Charity overGreed; Diligence over Sloth; Patience over Wrath; Kindness over Envy; and Humility over Pride.

The debates that Gary Hooser foments are divisive, intentionally. Mr. Dreisch’s angry response is a win for Gary’s tactics.

I suggest Kauai is more about Aloha than conflict. We really are more advanced than politically divisive labels and namecalling. Namahoe and Hokulea are unifying examples of the world we live in, the values we promote, and the responsible liveswe live. Mahalo Ke Akua!

Michael C. Curtis, Koloa


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