Letters for Monday, July 17, 2017

• Careful who you call ‘local’ • Don’t tear down another’s ideas without offering your own

Careful who you call ‘local’

In response to Mr. Domingo’s article (TGI, July 10): I guess you didn’t get the memo, huh. Those people (transplants) you refer to in your article are the “locals.” They’ve met the following criteria to deem themselves locals:

1. Lived here for six months or more.

2. Tamba hat and/or decal.

3. Paddle canoe for either Hanalei or Koloa Canoe Club.

4. Learned hula.

5. Stupid trucker hat from any of the following establishments: Progressive Expressions, Nukumoi’s, Poipu Surf Co. and Hanalei Surf Co.

6. Have a mindset like “Kauai/Hawaii owes you something for having moved here.” Newsflash! We don’t!

7. Put effort into trying to change Kauai instead of letting Kauai change you.

8. Look down at actual locals and treat us with such disrespect it’s ridiculous.

9. Hawaii driver’s license and state ID card (gotta get that kamaaina discount.)

I have more but I think most readers will get the gist. Oh and by the way Mr. Domingo, some of us aren’t “grateful” for what these people have done or continue to do to Kauai or any of the other islands. So please speak for yourself.

Ka‘aona Kipuka, Lawai

Don’t tear down another’s ideas without offering your own

I just read John Dreisch’s letter in the aptly titled “Other Voices” and I felt the need to respond to his attack on Gary Hooser.

I went back and re-read Mr. Hooser’s column to try to identify the source of his scorn, and all I read was Mr. Hooser’s ideas to try and solve the lack of affordable housing on our island. Mr. Dreisch quickly turned it into a list of right-wing talking points and Clinton-bashing without any offer of solutions of his own. No mention of the fact that we need to diversify our economic base to change our over reliance on tourism. For the most part, tourism-related jobs do not pay well enough to help solve the affordable housing problem, but that is probably another discussion.

It is not surprising that Mr. Dreisch identifies himself as a “Reagan guy” since he did more than any single man or entity to destroy the middle class in our country. Please, Mr. Dreisch, it is a typical Republican method to tear down someone else’s ideas when you have none of your own. You seem well-versed in the “whining and lying” that you accuse Mr. Hooser of doing. Your “people” now control all branches of the federal government and we are all reaping the “benefits of that.” Nobody likes a sore winner, sir.

Allan B. White, Hanapepe


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