Letters for Friday, June 30, 2017

• Collective bargaining is necessary to protect workers • A perfect Kauai will be elusive

Collective bargaining is necessary to protect workers

Regarding the good and bad of Gov.’s veto list. SB 410 Relating to Collective Bargaining.

I am a union member of HGEA, unit three, a state worker. If not for collective bargaining I would not be entitled to sick leave, vacation time and other benefits that my union has fought for every contract negotiation year. To say that my wages are more than fair is false.

I qualify as low income, single person, under HUD guidelines, wow, more than fair wages, who wrote this article without checking the facts, our contract now is in the hands of the County of Kauai to cast their vote, they are the last county to cast their vote, they have a public hearing on June 28 and cast their vote in July, already into the new fiscal year.

The Kauai Council is holding up the entire state on contracts, why is a good question to ask and expect an answer as many are on their way out of their terms, so who cares, right.

If they vote no, no state worker will get a small raise, such is the advantage of the worker holds your article portrays.

One last thing, if the Garden Island paper is going to publish these types of articles please have the courage to have a name/names who wrote it in order to respond to the writer.

Paul DeRocle, Koloa

A perfect Kauai will be elusive

Eureka! Mark Jeffers letter treats us — through his keen insight — with “creative ideas” for forging a more perfect Kauai.

His final solutions to our island’s insurmountable problems are breathtakingly straightforward. Too much traffic? Answer, one car per person. Also, no new cars or roads.

Too many houses owned by a (privileged) few? Answer, one house per person. The profit motive has no place in the housing market!

Droves of pleasure-seeking tourists cramping our style? Answer, reeducate us locals that a little surliness rather than aloha toward travelers would dampen the thrill of an island experience, thus thinning their ranks as the word got out.

The mountainous garbage problem? Forced recycling inculcated through ceaseless indoctrination from childhood to adult so we’ll do our duty machinelike without complaint.

Over being American? Secede! We’ll break all ties with uncle Sam and enter the hallowed halls of the “World Community.” I’m not sure what exactly that is or how one joins, but it sounds glorious! Perhaps we petition, but then where to send it?

Mr. Jeffers’ astounding roadmap to perfection is swell in theory, but perhaps a little bumpy in execution. Incredibly, there are persons amongst us who’ll object to his enlightened directions. These grasping individualists might view them rather as dictates threatening their unholy ownership of multiple cars, homes, freedom of choice, and a violation of their Constitutional rights.

If instead we were bound to Marx’s communist manifesto governmental masterminds could rule, but alas, it isn’t so-yet. Ah, back to the drawing board. Happy Fourth!

Steven Souza, Koloa


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