Letters for Tuesday, June 27, 2017

• Let’s discuss the issues, please • State taking its time with refunds

Let’s discuss the issues, please

Well, Kimo Rosen (letters 6/29), I agree that we should strive for more measured and less hostile political rhetoric: Aim for a discussion of issues rather than hostile name-calling and retreats into symbolism.

However, I dispute that the cause either of incivility or the recent shooting is the “many Americans not accepting Trump.” It was Trump, not his opponent, who threatened to reject an unfavorable result in the election. The monotonous “he won; get over it” reply to all disapproval of Trump is pure Breitbart, implying that the criticism is sore losers’ whining, thereby ignoring the stated objections to Trump’s conduct and policies.

This distract-from-the-issues-and-attack-fiercely-on-personalities approach was the hallmark of the victorious candidate, so he must share his portion of blame, especially as, even in victory, he hasn’t toned down, but continues ad hominem attacks.

I’m not sure how reciting the Pledge of Allegiance fits your purpose; both sides have an equal right to claim to be patriotic and suspect the other side doesn’t understand or respect fundamental American institutions. If the “one America” you think is the solution is rallying around xenophobic patriotism, recall Samuel Johnson’s comment.

So, demonstrate civil discourse. Any time you wish to discuss a political issue – What qualities in government and/or a leader make a country great? Should health care be routinely available to all without disruptive financial consequences? How serious is global warming and what action, if any, makes sense in light of the science? Can coal or other pre-robotics manufacturing jobs actually be restored, and if not, what should the government do? What is the proper role of religion in American government? Should public schools provide free breakfast and lunch to all students? – I’m all ears and ready to participate. I don’t think America will become less factious, but an argument rather than a quarrel is a good step forward.

Jed Somit, Kapaa

State taking its time with refunds

I wonder how many TGI readers out there are expecting a State of Hawaii income tax refund and have not yet received it. Imailed my return in just before the deadline which was nine weeks ago so I checked online at the .gov website. The one thatasks for your Social Security number and the refund amount.

The refund status I get is: “As of this date, your return has not yet been processed into the system, or the information youhave entered is incorrect.”

The response also tells you that if it’s been more than eight weeks, then you should call in. It had been more, so I called in.

After waiting on hold for about half an hour, I finally get to talk to a lady that obviously does not enjoy what she does. Shetells me that it could take a total of 16 weeks. But that I should call again in two to three weeks.

I then asked her if there was any way for me to find out if my return was even received by their office. She told me, only if Imailed it in as registered mail. I didn’t.

I have to assume that it was received by them since it was not returned to me. The envelope did have my return address on it.

I also found out that the state will not be paying any interest on refunds till after July 20.

I wonder how much interest and penalties one would pay if you had to pay more income tax to the state and didn’t pay it tillJuly 20.

I’m curious as to how many other taxpaying citizen in this state have not yet received their refunds and I wonder what thetotal of all those refunds is.

You think maybe they used our money to help pay for that rail system?

Larry Arruda, Kapaa


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